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  1. 02ocastle

    Corsair 600T Special Edition White WaterCooled

    Click on it lol
  2. 02ocastle

    GTX780! But which?

    Yeah I think the classified's better, but either will be sick!
  3. 02ocastle

    A nice case?

    Any particular brand in mind?
  4. 02ocastle

    GTX780! But which?

    Ah ok, but my opinion still stands lol, i've always used EVGA
  5. 02ocastle

    GTX780! But which?

    I would say the EVGA ACX Classified, I personally don't like the stock cooler at all!
  6. Are you sure it's not just interference on your speakers?
  7. 02ocastle

    GTX 770 Crashing - ANY GAME

    Try uninstalling the Catalyst driver, it may be conflicting.
  8. 02ocastle

    keyboard and mouse stop working after windows boots

    Install the mobo's chipset drivers with another mouse/keyboard (like Kuzma said) if you have them, PS2 if possible.
  9. 02ocastle

    2 PC problems!! Help me!

    On you're nvidia control panel, in the PhysX section, make sure the GPU is selected for PhysX and not the CPU
  10. 02ocastle

    black screen?

    Sounds like you could be overheating.
  11. 02ocastle

    Unspecified Printer

    Yeah, you're going to need to install the driver for it, most likely from the HP website, like colonel_mortis said.
  12. 02ocastle

    FX8350 temperature with stock cooling fan.

    50 / 65 degrees are perfectly good temps, up to like 85 will do no harm!
  13. Yeah, most mechanical drives spin up fast on post/boot and then slow down but the vibrating is weird.
  14. Could be going bad. Is it screwed down properly?
  15. 02ocastle

    FX-8150 OverClocking

    Try using Real Temp.