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  1. Unlike RAM cashe is so low u cant actually test it very well and I dont know any programs that can do that (cashe as storage) although I do know there is a piece of software to utilize RAM as storage which is significantly larger in size.
  2. I know the point is to benchmark it and not to use it at all. to do it just for the sake of testing.
  3. Well as we all know Linus did and still does raid "benchmarks" for different disks including the 128 ssd raid array. I thought that he could do a benchmark for several DDR4 RAM sticks configured as storage running in a raid 0 array, with high bandwidth sticks you'll be able to achieve massive speeds and crush the ssd raid array. Perhaps you could do it perhaps not but I'm going to order some DDR4-3400 sticks to test it myself, Thought it would be a great video to watch I would certainly watch it. Linus is love Linus is life.