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Everything posted by potatoproduction

  1. What do you have to do to turn a comp into a router
  2. Does anyone know what parts have gold in it and which ones have to most?
  3. Isn't it like making a supercomputer with multiple computers
  4. What does that mean , sorry I just haven't heard of that before
  5. They probably wiped the data off for security but I haven't checked
  6. Most r ddr 2 Older CPUs from at least 5 years ago The graphics are all shit integrated graphics except for 2 which have a some low end nvidia GT gpus
  7. Well a small insurance company recently went bankrupt and had to move out of there office , while they were moving they found that they had 9 computers they had no use for and were about throw them away , so I asked if I can keep them and they said yes. So know I have 9 random low end computers and monitors . I was wondering what I should do with them . Should I use them for something or should I take out the most important pieces ( cpu, ram etc) and melt the other parts for valuable materials like gold or should I sell them for like 50-100$ . The most "powerful " of them had a Celeron and 2 have windows 95
  8. It's a old Apple cinma hd display that I got for like 25$ it's has a refresh rate of 60 hz
  9. It makes your refresh rate higher (hz) for ex 60 hz to 75 hz
  10. I was wondering is Over clocking a monitor safe and how does it work? Also how do you do it?
  11. Even tho this is nothing compared to what you guys do but I changed our schools graphics card settings so everything was bright purple , no one could figure out how to fix it.