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  1. You don't lose hours or items in any game even when u uninstall steam . it's all stored on there servers so when u redownload the game u have the same hours and items u had ure last session (As long as u have a steam account of course)
  2. You could melt out valuable metals ie. Gold Coper Platinum
  3. Search on online shops(eBay) the Mac Pro case not a dead Mac Pro
  4. What's you favorite or dream headset or ear buds? Mine is the new lg artimities spectrum headset I don't have one but it would be nice to get one.
  5. Have you watched chappie?It takes about the same kind of thing In a really cool way
  6. I have a Mac Pro 2008 I got it for 200$ (it was second hand) it has 2 quad core Intel Xeon and had a horrible GPU so I upgraded it to a Gtx 970 (optional) I got to try final cut x and it works on el captain really smoothly
  7. That is true. Could you do a "quantum encryption "
  8. As u probably heard , scientists in Australia made the first ever quantum computer. So I was wondering , what could quantum computers do that's quicker than classic computers? I know they will help in big application like finding the factors of 500+ diget number(which is impossible for a classic computer to do) and will help in medical drug tests. But is there any uses for like us? Could it render faster? Game faster? Browse and office work faster? Faster internet? Or is it just for huge scale uses?
  9. The design he chose wasn't the best but it wasn't bad, it was interesting and (somewhat)innovative which I think is what this contest was about but the runner up on the other hand.... Jk
  10. Or you could just pay lord gaben $3
  11. I wonder how much times will Linus cheat
  12. What does AFAIK mean sorry just never heard it before
  13. How could you , everyone else is saying it has no display outports
  14. Could you use the Nvidia tesla for gaming or does have the same or different problem as the Quadro ? It would be interesting if you could leverage all that power
  15. While browsing the nvidia website I saw that they had multiple GPU series. Can someone explain there propose and if there is a AMD counterpart. The series I don't know are: Tesla Tegra NVIDIA GRID NVS Legacy Thank you for your time
  16. There's a app for it. It's called tapatalk
  17. I was wondering what u guys use for posting/viewing on this forum . Please vote here http://strawpoll.me/5599953 (You can vote both options) I use a phone