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  1. I think then your better off going with the 15 in the extra horsepower will be very nice and you can always get a bigger backpack
  2. What about this not sure what it costs in Denmark though
  3. It depends on what you use it for and what you prefer, do you like/need more power and utility with a bigger screen but less portability or do you like/need more portability and a touch screen but less power
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a sub 50$ ATX Case with a side window for my new build ( http://pcpartpicker.com/p/NGhMP6 ) and I was wondering if you guys have any good options . The best thing i could find is this. Thank you for your help
  5. You probably won't need your glasses unless you can't read without them
  6. Why is it terrible? Isn't it just more speakers in different angles?
  7. So I was wondering does surround sound give you an advantage while gaming( I Mainly play csgo) and is there a difference between virtual and actual surround in terms of sound and is the difference between 5.1 vs 7.1 surround significant? Thanks for your help
  8. You could use a random word generator which would make it impossible for the hacker
  9. They could've eaten that violin
  10. In a dishwasher? Wouldn't it make your food soggy?
  11. So I've heard tons of people talking about how there CPU or GPU heats up so much that they can cook an egg or toast toast on it. Is this just an exaggeration or is it accully possible? Ps:Linus you should make a video on this
  12. As long as they have a reason allot of people buy nvidia cards for no reason with a less price per dollar then and cards just cause they are bias
  13. I find that being free to play is a bad idea Since now the games will be full of in app purchases and micro transactions that will make the games hard to enjoy. Instead of paying like 10$ at once you'll be paying in the ex of Pokemon go $.99 for 5 poke balls etc
  14. If that is true them how can you explain this video? Just curious http://youtu.be/_yEu2R1gYSs
  15. Why only that much ? That seemsOddly specific...
  16. Does anyone remember when/how long ago that wan show was?
  17. I was wondering what Linus's Son uses that helped him learn reading quickly. He mentioned it in a WAN show but I don't remember what it was. I have a little sister beginning to read and a program like this would help allot.
  18. I need a free standing mic. I got a razer usb headset (now regretting) and the mic is horrible and it is hard to understand on skype and ingame chat. I need it to be not the best quality but decent for Skype and gaming. Is there a way to fix it or is there a decent mic for 20$ usd or less(btw I don't have a microphone jack so it needs to be usb) Thank you 4 your help
  19. I got a 8 in Orion reflector for 300$ USD I don't know how much that is Cad Here's the link http://www.telescope.com/Telescopes/Dobsonian-Telescopes/Classic-Dobsonians/Orion-SkyQuest-XT8-Classic-Dobsonian-Telescope/pc/1/c/12/sc/13/p/102005.uts I got a special deal on Amazon tho...