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  1. Its because new egg sells them for 679$ but i think there out of stock and the only other supplier sell them for 879$
  2. unless you are just swimming in money Please dont buy the 1080 yet these prices are ridiculous the msrp is 600$ not $900 (the card you linked)
  3. Whats your budget? mouse pads really aren't different from company to company its usually just the size and if theirs a wrist wrest on the mouse pad that changes the biggest "innovation" ive seen on a mouse pad is probably the rgb mouse pad that luke talks about in this video
  4. They wont at least not for a generation or 2 they're strategy is if you want a touch screen get an ipad pro
  5. In terms of speed probably a mid ranged 3ghz i3 but this cpu is a power hog (150 watts a pop) and doesn't support basic features that are needed if i were you i would go for a e5-2670 they perform around the same as a i7-6700 (a little slower like 3-4 fps) while still being 80$ and supporting modern features
  6. They are from 2007 and were unsupported in 2009 thats very not modern. (THATS 10 YEARS AGO) They don't support ddr3 are on a 65nm process (compared to the 16nm of this year) Will defiantly bottleneck the gpu Not sure but probable no support of pci express 3 these are mainly used to upgrade mac pros form 2006-2007
  7. Those cpus are way to old finding a motherboard that supports them and any modern features is near impossible and if you do find one it will cost a an arm and leg if you want to go for a good cheap xeon go for a xeon E-5 2670 they go for 80 dollars they support modern featurs and there mother boards are relatively easy to find. Also your cpu will bottleneck the gpu. Your cpus don't even support ddr3
  8. Hi, I was wondering if I could use this cpu on this motherboard. Im asking because Intel ark says the CPU is FCLGA2011 but the motherboard is LGA2011 but i have seen people on youtube install this cpu on LGA2011 Motherboards. Are they the same socket or are they incompatible
  9. This idea seems like it would be successful , if you do it right. You have to make sure there is enough of a market for custom pcs where you plan on setting up shop and also remember that once a customer buys a computer from you he won't come back for a couple of years (unless they are a extra enthusiast but if they are they would probably want to build it themselves ) to get customers to come back you could also provide repair services. For building Pc here are some thing you should provide: Things that are hard with out proper equipment and training like Hardline water cooling or painting computer parts Being able to design any Aesthetic a customer might want Sell more then just pc get peripherals to Professional Pc advice Decorate your shop with a 'gaming theme' (leds, cool logos, computer cases all around) Good Costomer service
  10. If you have 200 go for the gtx 1060 3gb or a rx 480 they both have a msrp of 200$ you are just gonna have to wait for them to be more available but trust me those cards blow the 950 and the 370 out of the water
  11. then its (probably) just a bios problem. Just keep using that software since it works
  12. It might be a power issue are you sure its plugged in to the pci port all the way and the power plug is in all the way is your psu capable enough to run you comp it might be some kind of quiet mode that turns on when the gpu is not under load or the fan is just broken
  13. Read this article : http://loudestportablespeakers.com It lists the loudest speakers and why
  14. I thought they were very very difficult to program and even when they do get it to do something its a simple task
  15. skylake is the name of new intel cpu architecture and the cpu number always starts with 6 if it is skylake your cpu is a older architecture named broadwell with a cpu # that starts with 4
  16. The only thing i would change to your build is to add an ssd , they make a world of a difference in almost every task. It will speed up every task that isn't gaming
  17. I Think he wants it for the 144 hz refresh rate and all the 144z 1440p monitors that i know are 500$ +
  18. Hi, I need help picking a new GPU setup for general gaming and VR. I have a Gtx 970 atm but I want to upgrade What should I do? Here are some of the options I'm considering. -Buying another 970 and putting it in SLI -Selling my 970 and getting 2 AMD RX 480 in crossfire -or also selling my 970 and getting a higher end single GPU like the 1070/1080 With VR in mind Which of these is a better option especially considering selling my 970 is a real hassle?