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  1. Let's make a thread about the getoist (is that even a word) things you have done tech related anything with tech being part of it works. My getoist thing is once I wanted to buy a Bose speaker (for a gift) that cost 320$ and obviously I did not want to pay for the full price. So I asked if there was any discounts or if I could match the price , and there was nothing. Until one nice employee showed me that he could buy it for 180$ because he was a employee, and so I asked if I could buy it from him (outside the store) for 200$ and he said yes. So at 10:30pm I meet him in a gas station (just like a drug deal) and I gave him the cash and he gave me the speakers then we walked opposite ways to our cars and drove away
  2. Which one of those most match the 970
  3. I'm trying to save for a GPU with the power of a 970 for 200-300$. Is there any AMD card that matches this,or is there a way to get a 970 for that price range?
  4. The only clue is " slightly more expensive then a next gen console"
  5. How much do you think the Hololens will cost?
  6. What about the mounts like for the mother board
  7. As many of you might know the case that Linus used for his oil cooled pc stopped selling and is nearly impossible to get. So I was wondering if there is any replacements for that case in case I decide to build one my self. I looked every where on the Internet and I found nothing.
  8. That's what the homeless guy that gave it to me said
  9. Is there anyway to "combine" multiple processor cache together?
  10. It's only for the testing not for practical use