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Everything posted by potatoproduction

  1. Ya San Andreas was really fun especially with all the cheat codes
  2. Mine is Csgo I've played 200 hrs of it because it's the best shooter I know I run it at 200fps at high settings 1080 p
  3. What is your favorite video game and why . Also what fps do u run it at with what settings
  4. Your like the only person who said something helpful
  5. I got it and the screen 4 $150 it has 2 xeons and 8 Gb of ram the only thing that is horrible is the GPU
  6. Scince OSX Lion u could change the GPU to any other gpu
  7. I need to upgrade it so I can use it as side gaming machine/rendering machine apart from my main rig
  8. I want a Msi 970 to put in my old Mac Pro but I think i will have trouble installing it. The 970 needs a nvidia driver to be put into the Mac (the driver must be there before i can put in the Gtx 970 or it won't work) so I herd if you installed the one from the nvidia'a website the driver wouldn't let you switch to it saying my computer "is not compatible " and it has to detect a nvidia graphics card for it to switch but the 970 won't work without the driver . Please help me
  9. Agreed I don't understand why people keep bashing on Apple there not the worst out there....
  10. You shouldn't get a titan x unless u want bragging rights just get 1-2 980 ti same power or even more power cheaper
  11. Mine was when i had got a $5 mouse from Microcenter for my new computer just to start . I got used to it and used it for 3 years and it surprisingly lasted that long flawlessly. Until last week the scroll wheel broke , I opened it up and turns out the plastic broke and was unfixable. So I bought a new mouse that was much better in general but I still haven't gotten used to it and is really annoying to use
  12. Let's say I have a Quadro for my workstation could I use it to game just as a side thing? Or would it's performance be to bad for gaming?