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  1. Annoyingnerds

    My thoughts on the M50/M50x

    Recently I got the ATH-WS770iSGM imo it's a fairly great headphone even though it doesn't scream professional like the M series but it's still very good, with decent sound staging and because I'm a bass person so I love it, but I want to hear your opinion on it
  2. Annoyingnerds

    My thoughts on the M50/M50x

    What about when compared to the M40?
  3. Annoyingnerds

    Is the Lenovo 100s really any good?

    yes exactly
  4. Annoyingnerds

    Is the Lenovo 100s really any good?

    But is there like a microsoft word replacement in the chromebook, and which chromebook are you discussing?
  5. I'm looking for a secondary laptop to do my writing assignment, watching movies, light gaming, but also light enough to be carried around. Now, I want something that got similar performance to the macbook air but not as expensive as the macbook air. Why I like the macbook air? it's simple, fast, and light but it's expensive AF, so there's no possible way I would dip all of my cash on a macbook. I've looking through several brands and laptop but what I think the best is the Lenovo 100s and the Chromebooks why do I say chromebooks well it's because most of them offer similar performance with similar parts. The conclusion is I need a light laptop that offer the same comfort as the Macbook but not as expensive as the macbook, I'm open to opinion
  6. Annoyingnerds

    Why is the gtx 1060 "more powerful" than the RX 480?

    I'm with you
  7. Annoyingnerds

    Is the y700 a good gaming laptop

    I don't suggest you to buy any lenovo gaming laptop it's not bad but it just won't last you for long, I got the Y70 and it's great at first but now it's just crappy in some way. Go buy the Acer aspire V nitro, I don't know is it cheaper or not but just go check it out
  8. Annoyingnerds

    Why is the gtx 1060 "more powerful" than the RX 480?

    Have you heard about PhysX? Yeah because of that
  9. Annoyingnerds

    High ping on Internet

    Right, whatever it is, it's fixed now. Thanks for your opinion it would probably help me when dealing with the same problem in the future
  10. Annoyingnerds

    High ping on Internet

    So the problem is with me and the host?
  11. Annoyingnerds

    High ping on Internet

    I had this weird internet problem, where I got a really High ping connection all of the sudden, I'm talking about 100-200ms latency which slows my internet so much. But, the upload speed increased significantly. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Here is my result when I type tracert in the command. Tracing route to google-public-dns-a.google.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 76 ms 11 ms 8 ms 3 89 ms 70 ms * be8-pe04-cg03.fast.net.id [] 4 83 ms 1646 ms 14 ms be8-cg03-pe04.fast.net.id [] 5 65 ms 77 ms * lynx-static-116-68-231-13.lynx.net.id [] 6 89 ms 85 ms 77 ms fm-dyn-111-95-246-130.fast.net.id [] 7 42 ms 31 ms 28 ms 8 27 ms * 129 ms 9 113 ms 120 ms 131 ms google-public-dns-a.google.com []
  12. Annoyingnerds

    GTX 1060 BEST VALUE CARD?!?!

    Few days ago probably last week I made a topic that talks about Nvidia newest and freshest 10 Series, Which you can see :Here. The problem is I don't know who's Nvidia's target for the GTX 10 Series, and then the 1060 launched and it literally blew people's mind by it's performance and price. I like to compare this card with another Value card (No, it's not the RX-480) which is GTX 970 it's predecessor which still counted as a usable and valuable card for the price as of 2016. GTX 1060 Launched at a shocking price as low as $275 for the Founder's Edition and $240 for the MSRP. Now, those price are surely made for value gamers who wants the best frame per buck type of deal, not like what happened to the GTX 1070 and 1080 which you could see more at my older post. Now, I've tried to search for benchmarks of this card and comparison with other card especially the GTX 970. and this is what I came up with: And this is Linus' Video: Now the question is, "Is it really the best value card for the price?" I've open up a strawpoll for this topic alone,which you can click right HERE and please give your reason in this topic/post
  13. Annoyingnerds

    Pfister 811 on GTA V

    Too late, I bought a Voltic
  14. Annoyingnerds

    i5 6500, 6600 or 6600k?

    Yeah I know, put some ketchup and cheese on top wrap it in a tortilla like a burrito.
  15. Annoyingnerds

    Nvidia GTX 10 Series, Who is it for?

    This is just in The GTX 1060 would launch for $249 MSRP, and $299 FE. What you guys think?