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  1. That is such flawed logic and based in zero fact, amazing. By your logic, its only fanboys and hipsters who ever buy new things then? For any brand? Or does this crackpot theory specifically apply to Apple since they have more "fanboys and hipsters"? Yea, lets get real. Apple has the capacity to market their products and normal people notice. How many Moto 360 or G Watch R commercials have you seen? Zilch. Apple? They market. So people like my dad who don't have a finger on the pulse of tech will know they exist. Apple didn't outdo Android Wears total sales in a week because of fanboys and hipsters... What madness kind of logic is that?
  2. Good thing MSI is keeping the "2legit2quit" gaming image alive. God forbid that high end equipment not be plastered with red and black gaming motifs just to keep the kids entertained.
  3. Yes, normal consumers who buy their products are fanboys and hipsters. The average joes that are ranging in age from teenagers all the way to senior citizens are fanboys and hipsters. IS that this sites default response to good products having good sales? Because fanboys and hipsters were responsible? Is it too hard to grasp that normal people walking into a mall and seeing the store just happened to want it because, and I know this is a shocker, it is simply a good product? FFS.
  4. One thing that MS is trying to get publishers to do is "cross buy". By a console or PC version, get the corresponding platform included in the price. Doesn't that make sense? Seems logical, IMHO. Why should I have to buy a game twice to enjoy it on both my platforms? I hope they roll this out to their first party games as well.
  5. That is a very flawed sample size, based off people who only consented to email tracking. Of course overall demand has dropped. It happens for any product. You get 2-3 months of solid sales, then once everyone who really wanted one has one, you get normalized demand. The Apple Watch is reliant on newer iPhones, and it isn't cheap. You have a far narrower market appeal than with most Apple products, so less continuous sales. But the numbers they give are flawed. Apple was selling millions of phones per week at launch. Now they're probably at millions per month, demand levels out. But you could also say "Apple iPhone 6 demand has dropped by 80%" since launch.
  6. That quote says it all. People get so worked up and upset over the content he produces and who he caters to, in an almost pathetic manner. Free choice. You can watch and support ANYTHING. I myself don't understand baseball and the people who love it. Doesn't mean I go on rants about baseball and how stupid it is. I myself like hockey, doesn't mean everyone likes hockey, but thats okay. Why are people on the internet, especially on this site and this thread, so hell bent on hating this man for producing content that isn't for them? Do you same people go off on Robert Downey Jr. for making around 100 million off Avengers? Do you? Cause I wager not everyone here likes Marvel or comic movies in general, so are you upset that he made that much the same way you're upset that this man made almost 8 million off YouTube this year?
  7. Intel, along with Nvidia and IBM, have the benefit of being so heavily in use by HPC - something AMD doesn't have on any level. They make a hefty amount from supercomputing and the contracts they land from that...AMD fell behind on that front.
  8. I don't understand how the people on this very site hate a YouTuber who panders solely to the preteen and child demographic. Only on the internet do people complain over a content provider who provides a niche that doesn't matter to them. His content isn't for everyone! That's the point. He knows that his style is loved by KIDS. He is NOT trying to gain the favour of older teens or adults. So why do you all get so personally offended over how successful he is and how much money he makes? He found his niche, developed a style that worked for the audience he was trying to capture, and it seems to have worked out pretty damn well. Do you guys also complain about TV shows that pander to children? How about TV shows that pander specifically to adults? Or to teenage girls? Or to the elderly? Cause that's all this guy does. He makes it for a specific audience, so why are people who he doesn't even care about getting upset at his success? A lot of this thread is the jealously of narrow minded Individuals who can't grasp how he is so successful and why he still is relevant. He found something he enjoys doing with an audience that is receptive and he makes millions more than everyone here for doing it.
  9. Looking forward to stocking up on high speed CF cards and HDDs more than anything. Hoping some 4 or 8 bay Synologys are discounted if possible, 2 bay doesn't cut it anymore.
  10. Nintendo has some serious branding issues.
  11. Most editors do not work with native content... They go right into servers that store the content for everyone to use, and the Mac Pro has said gigabit ports for that specific purpose. Editors commit changes to shared drives, not their personal ones on their own computer. Akin to how LTTs setup is. PCIe blade drives aren't proprietary, just that no one is making anything bigger than 1TB right now for a consumer drive and at the price points you're not saving anything anyways. You aren't forced into buying any TB enclosure apart from the more niche components like a RED ROCKET or mass storage NASs, I'd still argue that most editors are working off servers and the beauty of Thunderbolt especially now that Intel is less stingy with licensing is that you can have external PCIe enclosures for anything and still chain your monitors and add one.
  12. I think for mobile devices it's a welcome addition since the apps can be more finely coded and efficient. 60FPS playback on desktop and laptop is fairly demanding, even with my Google Fibre levels of speed, 4K/60 has massive stuttering and immense loads. Google really needs to work on optimizing desktop playback under HTML5, right now it's all over the place.
  13. Sony had an early lead with their cheapness but now that MS is embracing cheapness with 350 price tags for a base model (even the 1TB model with a few games is 350-400), Sony is feeling a squeeze. The real insult was when they raised Canadian prices and MS didn't on the One. The greed was very apparent on that one and quite sad. Sony may have led the starting but they seem to be making every decision possible to let MS get more sales the easy way.
  14. How did this go from ET to 9/11?... Anyways... If aliens did exist, we'd shit ourselves at the reality that some advanced race that has interstellar/intergalactic capabilities is at our doorstep. How we see ants is how they would see us. We're really nothing to them. Maybe an annoyance. God help us if they have A gigantic magnifying glass.