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  1. I tried a 24" screen and there was no difference past msaa 8x, while on 27" with msaa 8x image is very pixelated and there is even that shimmering effect, something like pixels overlapping which is really annoying. Although names and npc names are impossible to read with camera set a bit further at msaa 8x or lower.
  2. I rly had no idea what that is. It's just that at 1080p at my screen size (27") image looks very pixelated and nameplates are hard to read without at least SSAA 4x and it's completely smooth at SSAA 4x + CMAA
  3. I've tried running with lower AA and in most cases it helps. I think I'm about to get a 24" display to run with only 8x msaa. In other cases, between 8x msaa and ssaa 4x + cmaa there was 2fps difference, which is something that makes me rly confused.
  4. I could benefit from a better cpu for 3d modelling and rendering which is something I do a lot, so I will get one for sure. Although, I think that my gpu can't handle it since it runs at 100%, but it would be weird for a 980ti not to be able to handle wow on ultra in all situations?
  5. Not sure about that since my friend with 4790k has around 30fps more in big fights and towns. + we're on biggest realm EU
  6. I will be getting one this summer. Still towns aren't my problem yet it's being around lightning effects and idk if u play WoW, but Garrison is taxing my gpu a lot for no reason.
  7. I'm mostly having last core taxed more than others in populated areas, while I can still keep around 80fps in these.
  8. The problem is WoW doesn't require anywhere near 8GB of vram, while Strix 980ti is faster than a Titan X, just has less ram, as far as I know
  9. I was having similar drops in Warlords of Draenor but only in certain situations and also in GTA V
  10. Hello there,I will begin with listing my pc specs:CPU: Core i5 4690k @4,5GHzGPU: Asus Strix 980ti (just running in OC mode)RAM: G.Skill Sniper 1866 8GBPSU: Corsair RM850SSD: Samsung EVO850 250GBEverything runs fairly cool, CPU is around 50-60 °C and GPU sometimes goes all the way up to 80 °C but never above.I am experiencing some real fps drops in areas with a lot of lightning effects in WoW: Legion - Alpha test, although my CPU doesn't go above 50-60% at these times. I was wondering what's the problem, my GPU runs at max all the time due to high AA that I have to use because I am playing on 27" 1080p display. My fps is dropping to low 70's which is a huge deal since it's very close to 60, while it was around 120 before.Settings: http://prntscr.com/amu6cq
  11. I also use an external usb drive for large data that I have to access more often
  12. If I was using it 2-3 times a day, I would just keep it spinning all the time, but there are times when I don't have to use it at all for couple of weeks or maybe even like 2 months, so I don't want it to make noise if it doesn't have to. I also never know when I'm going to need it, and if I will just have to transfer 1 file from it or 10GB of files, so I really do want to leave it off but have it accessible without opening the case, if that's possible?
  13. Hello folks, what I was trying to do was manually or automatically turn off the HDD in my system for the following reasons: 1. Silence 2. Extend the lifespan I have a HDD that I only use for mass storage - big documents and CAD models. Also I have to note that I use it very rarely, like once in a week or sometimes just 2-3 times a day. I use SSD as my main drive and I keep everything I access regulary on that drive. I've tried using the power plan option to turn off HDD after 6sec of it being inactive, but although the drive isn't being accessed at all, it takes up to 10min for it to turn off (stop spinning). I was also wondering if using the 6sec time to turn off HDD could impact my SSD's performance, or it will never go inactive due to the OS being installed on it? It would be awesome if there was an option to turn it off manually and then let it start spinning when I access it, or leave it completely turned off untill I access it and then turn it back off manually. I'm using a define r5 and my system is unhearable, at least for me, in every scenario except gaming and editing/modelling. I am also using a Maximus VII Ranger so I was wondering if there is an option I could use in the bios or some of the board's software? Win 10 enterprise x64 Thanks in advance.
  14. In other words, I could just get something like Asus z97-A which would give me all the features I wanted, room for a second gpu in the future and still save me a 100usd?
  15. Up to 300usd I guess, I don't really need things like Maximus VII Formula...