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Status Updates posted by comicsansms

  1. I consider going from a R9 290 to a R9 280 an upgrade

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      i am confyushion!

    2. Bananasplit_00


      Care to explain why?

    3. comicsansms


      Because now I can play games, without my GPU throttling to 450MHz

  2. Only a little cursed



    1. Tech_Dreamer


      that kinda vertical small slim PC case with a dell sticker was my absolute dream PC case back when i was a wee little thing.

  3. It's a tough choice. Do I want Swagger Skirts (1959), or cafes with good coffee in Degraves Street? Why can't we have both?



  4. Changed my forum username. It's still the same little bitch you all love, but now with a slightly sleeker username

  5. It REALLY annoys me that computer OEM's, tend to chose to install "English (US)" for PCs sold in Australia, same with the windows install media. Yes, I know there's not an "English (AU)" version of windows out there, but can't they at least use the more correct out of the 2 options?

    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. manikyath


      can be worse.. when we update windows around here, the chance exists that it randomly adds en_us and nl_nl on top of the nl_be we actually want.

  6. Fucking centrelink. My claim has been approved, but they have fucked it up, so it is wrong, and gives me basically no money. I am fucked

  7. Lol. Begger for a charity - any change?
    Me - don't have my wallet
    *Grabs out card payment machine that he was hiding*

  8. Using waifu2x to upscale a 1080p image 4x. I'm using it on my laptop. The CPU (i7 3720QM) has been at 70% CPU usage, with a turbo boost to 3.4GHz on all 4 cores for an hour and a half now. Not bad turbo speed, but fuck it's slow to use CPU to upscale.

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    2. comicsansms


      Fuck, the handle on the hills hoist looks really good. The Hills hoist looks really good. You can now tell that it is a photo, and not a drawing. Before it looked like it could be either.

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      is that it's actual name? like waifu 2x?🤣

    4. comicsansms


      Yes, and it's a beastly piece of software

  9. My former University had locked my account, so I couldn't apply. They have just unlocked it, so I can now apply for next semester. Keen to going back next semester.


  10. OMG, I am so buying a Probook 6475B now. Going to make an Elitebook 8475P.



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    2. TopHatProductions115
    3. comicsansms


      Yeah, all Intel based HP Probooks/Elitebook are pretty easy to install Mac OS on. High Sierra worked really well on my 8470P, but I decided to update to Mojave, which fucked up the computer going to sleep, as well as wifi card drivers. I honestly couldn't be bothered buying a new wifi card, so haven't fixed it yet.

    4. TopHatProductions115


      Send me a DM and I'll see if anyone in the Hacintoshing community has a fix yet.

  11. Fuck, i think I found the most useless adaptor. It converts standard SODIMM DDR2/DDR3 to be compatible with MacBooks. The thing is, MacBooks use completely standard DDR2/DDR3, and where the RAM is in a macbook, it has narrow height tolerance, since it is next to the battery. So this adaptor, if you want to use your laptop, you cannot use it, and the adaptor literally does nothing, since it is just a riser. - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153452314405



  12. The Melbourne Minecraft map is pretty decent tbh. I am not sure how big I was excepting (probably the entire hottle grid, which it is unfortunately not).


    It is decently big; Between Lonsdale, and a lot of Southbank (North/South), and between Elizabeth Street and Russell Street (West/East) (spoiler for that represented as a map)



    Tweet with the download link to map:


    1. Tech_Dreamer
    2. comicsansms


      Because it's used as a tool to teach a school children about Melbourne. In school, I never had excursions to the State Library, Town Hall, Royal Botanical Gardens, Shrine of Remembrance..., but this allows the students to have a concept of what they're being taught, as well as getting them engaged with what's being taught, without going to Melbourne.


      The task is fairly simple. A lot of Melbourne landmarks are all along Swanston Street/St Kilda Road, so it makes sense base it around that

  13. Oh wow. That's cool. Shame it's Minecraft bedrock edition, so I cannot play it


    1. Ryan_Vickers


      Are the maps not compatible between java and bedrock?  That seems like a huge oversight to me.  Though when looking back over the history, I guess it's not too surprising.  For a long time, the native version that's now called bedrock was a toy compared to the Java version, much like pocket edition.  These days they're basically at feature parity though, despite some differences in operation.

  14. I reckon there's lots of different classes or styles of Hipsters.


    The common Hipster, also known as the Brunswick, or Hetro Hipster. They live a house in Brunswick (The Hipster suburb of Melbourne), with their GF, and they have free-ranged chickens in the backyard.



    (Thomas and Ella from "Please Like Me". Watch it, it's a really good TV series).


    The vegan hipster. Are very cute and gay. They make sure it's known they're a vegan, and also wear Sea Shepard t-shirts to show how much they care for the environment and animals and shit.


    The bogan hipster. They drive a Holden VY Commodore SS, and drink normie brand craft beer (Little Creatures, Furphy, Pirate Life...). They're a bogan, and know it, but they also want to feel indie, different and in-charge.




    Then there's the Coffee/Beer enthusiast hipster. They go to all the hipster cafes and bars, and all they talk about is good coffee and good independent craft beer. They do this because they want attention, because they feel like they don't have much redeeming features apart from that.

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    2. handymanshandle


      I'm surprised that people don't GTO or Vauxhall-swap Monaros.

      I know a lot of people do their VF Commodores with Chevy badges (don't worry, people Holden-swap their Chevy SS's over here and they also flash the infotainment system to the Holden one if they aren't lazy) and badge swap their G8s with Holden badges.

    3. comicsansms


      Monaros are fairly rare. Like the people who bought them were enthusiasts. You're forgetting sports sedans are very much a thing in Australia, so they make little sense. Also Vauxhall is far from a prestigious brand. (I once saw a 90's Holden Barina/Suzuki Swift with an Opal badge swap. Like lol).


      I really don't understand why people badge swap commodores. Like the only reason why they bought a Commodore is because of the brand. The people who bought Commodores or Falcons aren't flocking out to buy another fun rear-wheel drive car like a Kia Stinger, they're instead buying something else, or aren't buying new.

    4. handymanshandle


      I know Australia has a performance sedan market. America's market is too far up its ass with shitty turbo 4-banger crossovers that literally look the same to get anything decent.


      As for badge swapping, it's because "iT's CoOl". Like people who badge swap their fucking Mazda Protege with the Familia badges.

  15. I'm in the Limbo of my ADSL has been turned off, and my NBN FttP hasn't been connected yet...


    It's progress though. Let's see how decent my 50/20 plan is. The 6/0.6 I was getting through ADSL before was pissweak.

  16. Yeah, google suggested replies just cannot handle a binary response...


  17. Built a PC for work today. It's for Autodesk Inventor

    • I9 9900k
    • Quadro RTX 4000
    • 32GB DDR4 (2*16GB 2400MHz)
    • Samsung 970 Evo 500GB




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    2. kameshss


      Did you checkout 970 evo Plus?

    3. kameshss


      I'll be building similar setup for my friend.

    4. kameshss


      Oh, I just looked at the image. It's a Plus :) nvm.

  18. Fuck. I just read up on shit bearing the Woolworths name, and wow. - Mind just fucking blown by the lack of originality in the store naming front.


    F. W. Woolworth is an American company, which formed Woolworths Group (UK). 


    Australian entrepreneurs decided they'd make a supermarket, and was going to call it "Wallworths Bazaar", as a play on words with the UK supermarket chain, then a friend told them to register the company as Woolworths, as a joke to see if it'd get through. And it did, starting Woolworths Group Limited (AU).


    Woolworths Holdings Limited (ZA) was founded, because one of the founders of Woolworths (AU), told a South African entrepreneur they should use the name too.




    In 1964, Woolworths (AU) founded a department store,  they called it big W. W standing for  Woolworths. In 1998, Woolworths (UK), decided to make a big supermarket, so called it big W. The W, also standing for Woolworths.



    Other notable related shit.


    Target (AU), had nothing to do with Target (US), and was originally named Lindsay's, then Myer bought out Lindsay's, and renamed it to Lindsay's Target (and eventually, Target).


    After Myer bought out what is now known as Target (AU), they merged with Coles, and was eventually demerged with Coles. Myer later decided they'd merge with their main competitor - David Jones. But at the last minute, David Jones cancelled the deal, and then got bought out by Woolworths Holdings Limited (ZA).


    So Myer, which was once owned by Woolworths Group Limited (AU)'s main competitors (Coles Group). It's main competitor (David Jones), was bought out by another company baring the Woolworths name (ZA), instead of merging with them.

  19. Wow. That's amazing and I love it.


    1. Stefan Payne

      Stefan Payne

      That is racist, sexist and not inclusive. And transphobic because her man is not trans.



  20. That just looks off. A Comeng with Connex livery (At Brighton Beach Station - Sandringham Line), in an American TV Show, set in New York.



  21. One of the German waitresses at the place I work at, assumed I was German, based on my accent.


    I sound pretty Australian.

    1. VegetableStu


      German-Australian accent...



  22. I'm part of the Mobile Myki test (Melbourne public transport card with Google Pay).



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    2. comicsansms


      Because Myki is 4 years older (2009). Anyway, the new VIX readers are really nice and very quick. Credit/Debit card payment is/was being trialled on E class trams.


      The biggest problem with debit/credit card payment, is that trams and buses aren't static, so will not always have phone reception, so won't work, and that all the old readers will need to be replaced.

    3. Droidbot


      yeah with buses they're planning to make them handled at the end of the day (or so I last heard)


      with trains, light rail and ferries they're handled at point instantly the same way normal card transfers are

    4. comicsansms


      Having the touch on stations at the platforms of light rail stops, significantly increases the cost of making more, new stops or moving existing stops (temporarily or permanently). I really don't like that.

  23. I put about half a dozen monitors in the kitchen at work, for people to take (for free). Just before, a guy came up to me and bitched that it didn't come with VGA and power cables. WTF? It's fucking free

    1. manikyath


      if they bitch about free stuff... they dont deserve the free stuff..


      i got a fixer-upper 4:3 display from work where the LCD isnt sitting propperly inside the frame for whatever reason.. dont hear me complain about a free display.

    2. Ryan_Vickers
    3. minibois



  24. We bought HP 3 Probook 645's last month. One died. The HP service guy arrived here just before. The RAM apparently fell out

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    2. Bananasplit_00


      yah we got a I5 6200 and some useless power graphics for the low low price of €1500

    3. manikyath


      meanwhile we look at our HP RMA rates compared to our microsoft RMA rates...


      we have more MS RMA's than HP RMA's, and the number of HP devices is like 50x the number of MS devices..

    4. comicsansms


      I'm really not surprised