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  1. blazeface

    How to send a soon dead HDD?

    If you got it recently don't you have the bag it came in
  2. blazeface

    Arma 3 life mod HELP!

    I am making one and we have custom mods as well as used ones from armaholic
  3. blazeface

    Arma 3 life mod HELP!

    Each sever modified the data files so that's why they are all diffent
  4. blazeface

    Looking for friends!

    That's cuz I am a idiot my name is [HVGK]Blaze
  5. blazeface


    It is only on pc and it runs fine on any good computer
  6. blazeface

    Low fps on LoL

    Or is This the first time because some other if you parts could be the problem
  7. blazeface

    Low fps on LoL

    Have you ever used that computer for lol
  8. blazeface

    new build cpu cooling question (5960X)

    I once missed applied my thermal past and the cpu over heated but it was not messed up but it might have been partially cooled I would find a cheap cooler just in case
  9. blazeface

    FinalMouse Giveaway

    My dog drooled on my m 65 and randomly changed dpi and stuff like that so new mouse would be a bless
  10. blazeface


    How is it a port
  11. blazeface

    GTX 960 ? Why u got it ?

    I build computers for people and we call then home work computers tell him it allows your computer to do calculations better and you need it for an advanced math class
  12. blazeface

    EK announces waterblock compatibility for Quadro M6000

    The quadro is much better then the Titan when it comes to the enterprise level
  13. That is fan boy to the max. Amd isn't the best in cpu's but they do function well
  14. blazeface

    For 1440p gaming which GPU would be better?

    Get he fury really fast bandwith