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    San Angelo
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    Aviation Line Serviceman


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    ASRock z97 Extreme4
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro 2x4GB
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    Asus GTX 970 Strix
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    Apevia X-Cruiser3-BL
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    Kingston 120GB SSD and Seagate 1.5TB Green
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    Corsair CX600
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    Acer H236HLbid
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    Cooler Master GeminiII M4
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    Logitech Z213
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    Windows 7 HP
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  1. Sabertooth. You can see it on the Mobo heatsink, albeit fuzzy
  2. If you want it to be beast, I would suggest you switch over to the blue/green side. Not being a fanboy, AMD makes some good quality stuff, but Intel and Nvidia are quite usually much more reliable and have better support for their hardware and software. They don't always come out on top in performance, but for the most part they either do or they are neck and neck, and they also have two giant pros over AMD: 1. Better support for hardware software/less ghosts in the machines and 2. Way less power draw equaling greater efficiency and lower temps.
  3. No not bad at all. The 970 gaming is a good board! But if you wanted to change it up you could go for something like the ASRock 970 Extreme series. Whatever floats your boat. but right now you have a good build. I would honestly only change your GPU. Get a 970 or a 290 or something
  4. I guess you could sell your 8150 and pick up and 8350 if you just wanted to keep your system kind of "up to date". It is the newer model of the 8150. It's base is 4.0GHz with a 4.2 "overdrive" or boost. The caches are set up a little differently I think.. Not sure. It's pretty much the exact same processor but newer and a bit higher frequency. Of course you would get a new warranty with it though and it will (well, should) last you longer since it would be brand new.
  5. This will be my last post I swear!! Check this out. And if you don't care about USB3.0, Here is an option
  6. Here is what I've thought up for a good HTPC. You can DEFINITELY get a different case like a fractal design mini or Cooler Master ITX cases are damn good. But I wanted a disc drive in mine so that ruled out a few cases. Also I really like silverstone's design for an HTPC case
  7. He could save a few dollars if he went with a G3220 and some cheaper (but still good) ram like Kingston or Crucial. You also probably wouldn't need any heat spreaders on your ram since the system wont really be under too much of a load running movies and stuff.
  8. Everyone know Alienware sucks and is way overpriced... $349 should be the actual retail price for this thing not a discount....
  9. Oh okay cool! haha.. I grew up Xbox soo.. I just know how those look and what they are compatible with (not much) and how they connect and stuff.
  10. yes. wait. no. Idk. the one tat has the PS1 slot on it! the original that came with it. I dont know if ps2 and ps1 are compatible
  11. I was just saying, I didn't/don't know if a PS1 had female RCA connectors in the back, I was assuming he would plug the RCA connectors in the back and run the HDMI end to the monitor. I know they didnt have those back then, I even said it in my post.