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  1. Until now I've been using my Macbook Pro as a glorified media storage device. It's only got a 512GB SSD and I've filled it to the brim. Looking for some advice on portable USB externals that can be used by both OSX & Win10 that will be used to store media & play on my TV. Particularly information regarding the pros/cons of different types of connectivity, SSD vs Traditional external and so on. Probably looking at at least 2TB with a budget of $150/200 max. If you have a recommendation, feel free to just link it and I can look into the specs myself, cheers.
  2. Short and sweet. Is there a go-to software for uninstalling the bloatware (video editor, xbox game bar and so forth) on Win10? Had to do a fresh install and now I have all the crap on my system again.
  3. @GOTSpectrumOk, so even "Reset this PC" was ignored. It started the process then restarted the PC and she booted as if nothing had happened.
  4. Now that you mention drive health, I was getting a SMART SSD failure error for my boot drive. I disabled SMART for now to check in Windows if I was having any issues in terms of noticable performance (excluding the potentially unrelated memory loss issue). I have pretty much all important data on my other drives/cloud so I might go ahead and reinstall windows (keeping files), then if the problem persists fully wipe and do a clean install. I assume if I select NOT to keep my files it will only wipe my C drive, and NOT the other two drives correct? *Also, I tried to install the C.D.Info and it failed, as well as Malewarebytes haha.
  5. Updated my profile just now. Everything is the same besides these new parts: GPU RX 5700 XT & H100i Pro CPU Cooler.
  6. You should see them on my profile/ in my signature
  7. Could also potentially be a virus messing with the HD controller?
  8. Yes? Like I said, any changes I make in Windows don't seem to be saved/remembered after I restart the system for whatever reason. Maybe I can try reinstalling windows? Is it possible to do that without loosing all my installed programs etc?
  9. @GOTSpectrum I thought this might happen, but after I installed the GPU drivers they disappeared after restarting. Would you advise trying to update the BIOS then trying ther GPU drivers again? That's the only possible solution I can think of that would be causing this short term memory loss problem to happen.
  10. I ran it twice for both Nvidia and AMD as previously I'd previously just tried to install them over the top (woops). Seems to have worked as far as I can tell. Going to install the new GPU drivers and update the BIOS, hopefully that will fix the weird issues stated in the original post.
  11. GOAL: Boot into SAFE MODE > Run DDU to remove old GPU drivers > Install new GPU drivers > Update BIOS > Hopefully have my monitor running at 144Hz again and games above 1FPS. ISSUES: - Any changes I make seem to revert or are forgotten during restart (MSConfig settings, pinned tabs that have been closed reopen, any form of entering Safe Mode, programs I've set to not open on startup.) the list goes on. - DDU need to be in safe mode to run. - All forms of entering Safe mode aren't working (Via Windows settings, holding shift at login>restart button, command, MSconfig menu, F8 spam etc.) I've had almost zero issues with the system for the last 5yrs until I replaced the CPU Cooler and GPU. Is this normal?
  12. Seems like DDU requires Safe Mode, and I can't seem to boot into it, I've tried using F8 spam, via the windows settings, holding shift then restarting etc. None seem to work. I've looked a bunch of tutorials also. Is there a new way to get to safe mode in 2020 or is there another issue? Might be related to what's happening in windows with the (previously closed) browser windows and taskbar icons reappearing after restarting my PC. Is it possible that the PC is forgetting that I selected boot into safe mode? The safe mode option is unchecked in msconfig after restarting too. I'm out of time to work on the PC this evening, will try any suggestions tomorrow.
  13. Bruh I'd never heard of DDU before now, not the "logical" thing to do for everyone mate.
  14. Not yet, will try other avenues for now as @narrdarr suggests, then look at reinstalling Windows
  15. Forgot to mention, yes I did check the mounting pressure, Firm enough to ensure no movement of the block, but not torqued down more than neccessary, same as I'd done with my original AIO until the pump failure Will update all of the above then post an update.
  16. Slowly trying to isolate and resolve a few issues after installing a new CPU Cooler & GPU. I have most of them resolved but one is still sticking around. I have normal FPS in Windows, but when I launch a game it runs at 1FPS. I've since updated my display and GPU drivers with no change. I've also check under display adapter properties and it's set to 64Hz (Used to use DVI but new GPU only has HDMI & DisplayPort), I am however on a 144hz panel, just limited by the HDMI cable and am obviously only expecting to see 60FPS in games because of this. I read a forum post where someone was experiencing the same problem and updating their BIOS solved it for them. If you guys think that's a good next step I can go ahead with that, although to my knowledge it's usually a last resort. My BIOS version is from mid 2015. The new GPU is a RX 5700XT, so I can see how they might not work well together haha. Thanks for any feedback/suggestions. Much appreciated. List of possibly related issues & solutions I've tried: Problems 1. GPU not displaying in HW monitors. 2. Windows Update failed 3. I disabled Discord launch on boot and the setting was reverted after restarting the PC. Also pinned tabs in my browser reappear after I unpin and close them > restart the system. Solutions 1. Removed GeForce Experience, Nvidia Drivers & other companion software 2. Installed AMD Drivers 3. Disabled SMART in BIOS to dodge Disc failure message on boot 3. Updated display drivers
  17. Ahh, I thought it was the SSD mounting pressure haha. Do problems usually arise from to much or too little pressure?
  18. Disabled SMART in the BIOS. Got into Windows no further errors displayed. I feel like the SSD is fine as I've had no problems with it in the past and it's never been physically damaged etc. Will observe closely and potentially look at getting a new drive if the problem persists. I don't have any data stored on the drive other than Win10 & programs so I'm not really worried. It'd just be a pain in the ass haha. Thanks for all the suggestions folks, will update if there are any further changes.
  19. Essentially: "SMART detected HHD/SSD failure 2: Corsair Neutron XT SSD WARNING! Please back up your data and replace your hard disk drive. WARNING! Your HDD/SSD might crash at any moment. Press F1 to Run SETUP." I can't get past the BIOS, the PC just restarts and shows the same error. All the devices are still showing up in the BIOS and on the warning page. Was having no issues prior to installing a new GPU & CPU cooler. I was getting a CPU fan speed error prior to the failure warning because I'd accidentally put the CPU fan on a chassis fan header (silly me). After shutting the PC down and fixing that problem I got the failure screen.
  20. Replaced the cooler, now seeing 27C idle temps :) Unfortuately I'm now I'm getting SSD failure warning and I can't boot to Windows - YAY... Going to start a new thread about this issue but feel free to chime in here if you're reading this and have some ideas. Essentially: "SMART detected HHD/SSD failure 2: Corsair Neutron XT SSD WARNING! Please back up your data and replace your hard disk drive. WARNING! Your HDD/SSD might crash at any moment. Press F1 to Run SETUP." I can't get past the BIOS, the PC just restarts and shows the same error.
  21. Bios shows 60-70C, iirc idle temps were around the mid 40s when I built it. My friend says that he had a faulty cooler that showed the same signs (one hot pipe, one cold) and the water wasn't being cycled properly. All signs are point to the cooler/pump, going to order a new one as I'm pretty sure the system is over 5yrs old at this point and probably not worth the hassle of checking & returning. Thanks for all your help guys, will post an update once the replacement arrives if I'm still experiencing problems.
  22. UPDATE: I've re-mounted the CPU cooler & replaced the thermal paste as directed. My Idle temps are ~50C, but again as soon as I boot a game, it instantly jumps to 100C. Radiator is cold to touch, I don't know how long under load it takes to warm up though. One of the AIO tubes (assuming that it's pumping out) is warm to touch, the other (assuming that it's pumping back in) is cool to touch. Going to check idle temps in the BIOS, but as you say @burh4n it could be the pump has stopped working. If so, is that fixable or would I have to get it replaced/buy a new one (If I can't find the warranty card after moving several times xD). Will update again with BIOS temps.
  23. I have my CPU cooler's light set to go red when temps hit above 85C. I noticed it was red as I had Terraria going. I checked the CPU temps with CPUID Hardware Monitor and the package temp was in the high 90s. I've been observing the temps in different games and it's hitting 100C I've checked all the fans are still working and the air coming from the exhaust fan doesn't feel hot at all. When alt-tabbed on a game the package temp returns to ~70C, then back to 100C as soon as I tab back in. Does thermal paste ever need replacing? If so could that be the issue? What's going on here?
  24. So what you're recommending is 5700XT? Hahaha.
  25. No I'm no sure, I just assumed as the video card was a compromise already when I built the system. Will check usage next time I'm working.