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  1. Most likely Stadia will be a small test by google to see the early adopters impressions. Much like google glass Stadia and streaming games from a central location isn't ready for the mainstream yet. With the introduction of 5g the speeds itself can handle the bandwidth its more the latency between the service provider and the user. Since we are so used to instant or near instant movement having a delay could be breaking for these providers. In the future I do believe its inevitable as this allows companies like google to control the content it releases. This allows control over what games it allows/what you can do with the content (no modding for example) and they get the data of what games you play, when you play games, etc... Until the time when it is very much available for the mainstream and performs/cost effective to a PC I will keep my custom built computers.
  2. I would love to have all my music providers, and TV providers all in one easy to manage app. The issue is that brings us full circle to the main problem again and again. I also like the competition since all these services compete for our money they bring out better and better shows instead of the plethora of sitcoms we had in the 80's and 90's where 1-2 where good but the rest where just awful (IMO). Just sucks having to change streaming app to watch the one or 2 shows I want to watch.
  3. Great business idea, Package streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, etc into one sub service with a layout that allows connections to all of them...Did we just move TV packages to the internet.....Isnt this the same thing but a different medium lol.
  4. Try running HDtune to see if you have any sectors that are faulty. What are you using as a Drive? Sata HDD, Sata SSD, NVME m.2? that message could mean Windows is having issues with either the HDD or Ram. you can also try memtest86 to see if Ram has any bad sectors.
  5. This board is brand new, but it's worth trying. I believe I may have extra cmos batteries around. I did updated the board to the latest BIOs version. There is always the chance the board was sitting around and you got a bad battery? If its pretty new depending on the time you have owned it either replace it or see if you can RMA. But then your out a board which sucks. I say try battery since its a $4 troubleshooting step and go from there good luck
  6. You could always try replacing the cmos battery. Is there an update to the BIOS for your board? This could be an issue with that specific board and firmware. Windows could be automatically updating its time based on network information.
  7. Purchase the one that fits your build or the company you trust. All the 3rd party coolers perform within margin of error of each other. Some people live by certain brands.
  8. All the companies listed are large enough to have their own streaming service and provide their own personal content to give incentive. You have to look at it from their point of view. They can either share the profits and live by the rules of Netflix or they can create their own which they have 100% control and can make 100% of the profits. Disney has ALWAYS had massive controls over its content so its only natural to see them bring their own streaming service. They purchased a channel just so they have control over it. The same goes for major creators like HBO. They have created massive successful shows and they could sustain their own streaming service. Everything is going the way of streaming services since its a constant stream of income. It also provides realtime data on what is popular and what people are watching. Video game creators will go the same route, we see EA as an early adopter. Google has Stadia coming out where you just subscribe for a gaming machine. This is the future where we will just have screens and all the power/content will be in the control of the provider.
  9. I have a few smart watches including a few Samsung ones. Great smart watches but you have to want the integration of having notifications on your wrist as a main selling point. If you are someone who regularly takes phone out of pocket to see everything you will find that the watch doesn't contribute enough to warrant the purchase. If you are a watch connoisseur that could be a reason just to own one or two. I have friends who spend way too much on watches and they HATE smart watches as they are almost useless as regular watches. They bring very basic design bands and housings, and the watch face is just a screen and not a "REAL" watch face. Since I am in alot of meetings there are alot of times I cannot just whip out my phone to check messages so this is great with the smart watch as it lets me see quickly what the message is and its great for quick peeks into my emails ( I receive alot of them). Its also great for tracking my physical activity as it has sensors that allow for this built in. The integration is great with Samsung phones/gear watches as it has apps that make it easy to configure and track stats you want. All in all it was a great purchase for my use case.
  10. As someone who worked for GeekSquad I can shine some light on any questions people have about Geek Squad practices and such. I will not give information out about specific partners since I no longer am employed with them and cannot confirm or deny who they all partner with. The Diagnostic tool they use is a custom piece of software built on what I assume is a basic Linux disto/windows boot disc. When booted into this custom OS from either the Network/USB/CD (depending on the computer in questions capabilities or what is wrong with it) it will boot into this OS. From there it allows the agents to use many tools and software for troubleshooting. When I was there it had software for full hardware testing and multiple antivirus/antimalware tests. The antivirus/malware had multiple companies as it wanted to grab as much info as possible. You can run a complete scan allowing agents to plug in multiple machines in this virtual environment and it will send the logs to a central location where the techs can then look at this information. Once they have more information they are decide what to do after. The reason for the diagnostic price is for multiple reasons. 1. GeekSquad is there to make money when you bring a car to a shop they can charge you to look at it the same way regardless if there is something wrong or not. You are in theory paying someone who is trained to look at you pc. 2. It stops everyone from rushing GeekSquad and people pushing "quick fixes" where something that can be fixed in 5min (hijacked webbrowsers I never charged for) this leads to people wanting more and more for free. So this allows them to put a wall up for that. Note that not every GeekSquad has the same people so I can only communicate my experience and while I was there I tried to bring a professional and easy fix to all clients since GeekSquad doesn't always get the best reputation.
  11. I understand that eventually (unless something remarkable shows up) everything will go to a Subscription service. As this keeps customer retention and allows control over the end product. We can look at early adopters like EA where you can pay for a subscription for their games. If you stop paying you lose all the access to the games (as far as I know). If they decide to no longer support BF5 then BAM you no longer have that game. They would have control over if you can mod any of their games. This to me is a deterrent as I like to own games. This can be done for pretty much anything. There are already ways to order groceries where you pay a fee and they deliver you the perfect amount of food for your order and they choose meal plans for you.
  12. In Canada taxes change depending on province and they can be as high as 10-15%. From tripsavvy.com/sales-tax-in-canada-1481667#targetText=The goods and services tax,for a good or service. Province or Territory Total Tax Rate Alberta 5 percent British Columbia 12 percent Manitoba 13 percent New Brunswick 15 percent Newfoundland and Labrador 15 percent Northwest Territories 5 percent Nova Scotia 15 percent Nunavut 5 percent Ontario 13 percent Prince Edward Island 15 percent Quebec 14.975 percent Saskatchewan 11 percent Yukon 5 percent
  13. Steve Jobs pushed Apple into the direction they are at today. His charismatic attitude and passion for what he was doing assisted with what made Apple big. When he teased the Iphone his personality carried that conference. yes there was a piece of technology but nothing that we havnt seen in some iteration before. He pushed the apple team to make great looking products that just worked and worked with each other without any hassle.
  14. If the email that was sent to wasn't signed up with linustechtips.com I don't know how they would have gotten the password that wouldnt exist? Could it be a phishing email? Is the email sender legit? are there are fishy links in the email (do not click links unless you know where they lead and are safe)? Is the sender list a distro group where its being mass sent out and the email field is just being autofilled?
  15. I have personally fallen in love with my LightStrike LK Orange linear switches. They are found on Bloody keyboards. I used to use only Ducky keyboards and Cherry MX Blue for typing and gaming. Now I use my Ducky's for work and I use my bloody for gaming. I would hate to write out an essay or report using the bloody keyboard as the key's have VERY short travel and you can mistype quickly. But for gaming it feels much faster then normal keys.
  16. AIO's are down to a science where they are all in a margin of error. The best way to see performance is the area to dissipate heat. so a 360 rad will perform much better then a single 120mm rad. For AIO's they all have similar size rads as they want to make sure its compatible to most popular chassis on the market. I dont believe I have seen any with double thick radiators or any with ultra slim ones. Pick the one that fits your case then based on that choose which brands you like/dislike and pick one that looks nice.
  17. Kinda silly on Intels part. Do they watch the reviews? Yes there is usually a segment with Cinebench since it can be used as a standard baseline where its more of a level playing field. But alot of reviews then show in game benchmarks. This usually has Intel in the lead since they have higher clock speeds on single threads and have drivers for each game. This can heavily skew data just having game benchmarks since when a reviewer looks at the CPU it could be using prerelease drivers which could have a negative impact on performance. Its silly of Intel to ask reviewers to change what they are doing since its the consumer who likes to see cinebench scores. instead of fighting against what their consumers are doing why not work with them? Its about time that Intel had to actually work for their position as the "Top gaming cpu's".
  18. Unless you get a very good deal on the card where its only a fraction of the price listed I would buy a new card instead. Alot of games/software have little performance boost while utilizing SLI.
  19. I am 100% with banning of cell phones. They were becoming popular when I was in highschool and in my senior year the first iPhone came out. Every phone was banned from class and if it rang or you where caught using one the teacher took it away where you would have to grab it from the principal after school. This to me is 100% fine as I felt no need to be in constant contact with my parents nor did they find that they need to be able to get ahold of me 100% of the time. My parents are also VERY far left and still would want me to be independent. In university I majored in Social Work and helped out as a guidance counselor for a high school. Alot of issues where ones created by having phones on in the classroom causing distractions where the students focus more on their online presence than learning in the class (note this is for classroom cell use only and not having the cellphone).
  20. Is there a mousepad that is Large like some of the giant roll up ones but is using a harder surface like https://www.amazon.ca/SteelSeries-Professional-Gaming-Mouse-Black/dp/B002J9G5AE? Im not a huge fan of cloth pads, using hardpads usually has smoother travel with less friction (It can wear out mouse feet faster). I do not want to use my desk as it's treated wood with finisher, and buying a metal sheet doesnt track very well at times. What are the largest Hard mousepads available ATM?
  21. I understand the hate on razer as I love the MMO mouse the Razer Naga. I loved the 2014 model and the 2014 chroma as it added rbg. I hate how they made it into the trinity and almost doubled the weight since its design. These naga mice only ever last 1-2 years MAX where I still have old Logitech mice from 10 years ago still working perfect. When the new version of the mouse comes out they make sure its impossible to get the old versions ( I have tried everything and cannot find new Razer 2014 NAGA where they are not $500). But My Razer Megladon headset has lasted so long its actually astonishing. I got my Megladon from a CS tourny back when it was released as a promotional prize. It has fallen off my car going highway speeds 2 times and still works perfectly. It is well worn and still sounds great and the microphone works very well even compared to headsets today. They are also very comfy to boot. So Not all products last this long or take this kind of beating but my headset has taken everything and works perfectly.
  22. Test 1 thing at a time and go from broad issues to more specific. Test to see if your pulling too much power. Run something like prime95 and furmark at the same time and see if thats when your computer restarts. Then test 1 at a time to see if its one part restarting, you need to know where the issue is occurring before you can find solutions. You can also test ram by creating memtest86 usb stick and booting to it and running some tests. its pretty obvious how to use it once you watch a youtube video or 2. Motherboard is usually the hardest to test, usually you will want another system or a friends system to test this. Prime95 - tests CPU Furmark - testing gpu Memtest86 - test ram example test 1: Get a baseline - you computer can sit idle without restarting. Run both cpu/gpu tests to pin the computer and see if computer restarts next run cpu test by itself - did it restart? run gpu test by itself - did it restart? example test 2: Get baseline - your computer can sit idle without restarting. boot into a memtest86 usb and run ram tests I cannot say that any of these tests will not hard your cpu as I do not know if its the cooling being the issue. Example if the cpu cooler isnt on properly or the thermal paste is dry for example. you could also go and reseat the cables to make sure things are connected properly, I have fixed a few computers in my day where I opened it up and a cable was just not 100% clicked in right and it's really hard to troubleshoot a 9/10 plugged in cable. Good luck.
  23. Do people still do door to door lawn mowing/snow shoveling? I know my area (gated community go me for working hard) The kids almost weekly come by because they know id rather pay them $10-20 to mow and shovel than me go out and do it. This is Canada and I am not sure how the USA is on that sort of thing. I did that when I was younger and also a paper route and it paid for my original xbox and first pc back with pentiums lol.
  24. LinusTechTips-TechTips?