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  1. hammjoel

    Trying to build pc , so lost

    If you are not 100% sure please use the included "q-connector" it allows you to connect your case headers to the motherboard easier. With the error message If you have yet to add any software it might be easier to reimage from scratch. (Note only do this is you want everything erased and to start over again in Windows. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_install-insiderplat_pc/how-to-perform-a-clean-install-or-reinstall-of/aef0ae63-2117-41ee-a8ea-4a3181625b08 When you see your HDD to install windows you can delete the partition to make sure it is all unallocated space. For Ram installation on your motherboard: I dont know what LTT forum memeber feel about this website but I used https://ninite.com/ to install everything you need to get going fast. you will still need to download Drivers for: Intel: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ Nvidia: https://www.geforce.com/drivers motherboard drivers: https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Motherboards/PRIME-Z370-A/HelpDesk/ -> select Drivers&Tools **Note that you do not NEED to update the bios as this can be scary for alot of new builders**
  2. hammjoel

    Unacceptable IPS Glow?

    @SolarNova O my you are 100% correct I was thinking about Backlight Bleeding. I do not know how I got those mixed up. Terminology aside the rest is the same. Guess I was being spooked by a ghost
  3. hammjoel

    Unacceptable IPS Glow?

    This looks to be typical ghosting that most monitors have. If it distorts color/blacks most companies will allow RMA. When I used to send in named brands for a Company some brands where nicer than others. Acer from what I remember allowed under 10% of screen ghosting. For their higher priced monitors they could be more lenient. I would definitely check with them by chat/call. If recently purchased I would contact Newegg and get them to replace it.
  4. hammjoel

    Optimal Temperature

    Temperature is dependent on ambient temperature. If your room is 20°C (Sorry Canadian here) a computer running at 40°C is pretty good (10° difference in temperature) . You really only have trouble when the CPU is starting to hit 100°C (212°F). If you chassis doesn't have room for anymore fans and your still at 35°C you still have alot of room to play with in terms of temperature. The screenshot says its in Fahrenheit. But alot of times software temps for CPU are never 100% accurate.
  5. hammjoel

    Comptia A+

    If you looking to get into IT. A+ is a great place to start as many Service Desks love A+ and ITIL. you could always buy the textbooks for the course they are sold in many book stores and amazon. https://www.amazon.ca/CompTIA-Certification-Guide-220-901-220-902/dp/125958951X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=N27X50EWE2DL&keywords=comptia+a%2B&qid=1552337703&s=gateway&sprefix=comptia%2Caps%2C162&sr=8-1 I work in IT and oversee people who do hiring and A+ does stand out for entry level positions. The exam itself isnt "Difficult" if you have lots of experience fixing and looking at software for computers. But there will be alot of legacy stuff you will need to know. Alot of companies will have old hardware and you cannot just ignore usable technology. Note that if your looking to go into IT, where are you looking to go into with your career? Networking? Server administration? IT companies that I communicate with usually want someone that will evolve and grow with the company. Edit **Not relavent for poster**
  6. Could it be due to some windows update? Source: https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/287310-latest-windows-10-update-kills-performance-in-some-games
  7. hammjoel

    Help me help a friend out

    Alienware/Dell support is usually very kind and knowledgeable about strange requests like this and will try their best to assist with some of the answers. What you would need to know is if the Motherboard is standard sizing and that its using standard power connectors. If they are using proprietary power connectors I would be wary about upgrades to a cpu Since the power connector would be built to hold only that power draw. If anything there are cheap power supply's out there that could replace theirs. Next you would need to know the socket its using for the CPU as only cpus with the same socket would be compatible. Once you confirm its able to be replaced and have the socket type and name someone here would love to assist with recommendations. If you are currently using a gtx 980 that gpu is still pretty powerful, if you wish to upgrade I would recommend buying 2nd hand as the new market is priced very high atm due to the RTX FEATURES, and the 10 series no longer being made. TL;DR gpu looks ok for gaming until next generation (or buy 2nd hand). For CPU ask Dell a few questions to confim what can be used/upgraded and if the mobo can support the new cpu.
  8. hammjoel

    My RTX 2080 is Under-performing! Help!?

    From another thread. Thank @191x7 "Could it be related to this? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/microsoft-update-ruins-gaming-performance,38761.html" Also from same thread @Xkillerpn "Check gammers nexus channel they have tested 2080ti with issues and those fixed clocks was one of them. Give it a look"
  9. hammjoel

    My RTX 2080 is Under-performing! Help!?

    Do you have any bench-marking software? Try running software and have a monitoring software open to see if the gpu is being utilized. Also note that with games like gtaV there are big differences in performance depending on what is being rendered at the moment. Alot of reviews/benchmarks are done at specific spots. You could also try reseating the card and the power connectors.
  10. hammjoel

    LF Large Hard Mousepad

    My desk isn't the best tracking for mice. Also its an older desk it would rip apart the bottom of mice.
  11. hammjoel

    LF Large Hard Mousepad

    Currently using the Steelseries QcK Hard mousepad. I am looking for a extra large hard style mousepad. I do not like the large cloth pads and its 100% only a personal preference. Are there any large mousepads that fit this sort of description. I also do not want it to just be a large sheet of metal or other surfaces that are not really made for mousepads. I am looking for more an actual polyethylene surface that is overly large.
  12. hammjoel

    Indirect drama bleedover?

    Awesome work from the LTT team to keep that schedule so consistent. Always nice to get home and see that LTT video waiting to be watched.
  13. hammjoel

    Walmart OP Chassis

    Since Walmart has started to pull down its Overpowered line of gaming computers, I wonder if buyers are willing to sell the chassis? I love making troll builds examples being old 90's Alienware chassis build with windows XP or Antec 900 version 1 with Vista and Dual 260's in SLI. (Been trying to find Old Voodoo chassis, or the old DangerDen Murderbox) I would love to see some of those computers get parted out for a good price. Most people try to sell old Alienware chassis for $100's. I know the chassis itself isn't very special and is not well designed but its always funny showing up to a LAN party with this strange chassis that grabs attention.
  14. hammjoel

    Trying to buy Old versions of Razer mouse

    Its the lazer itself not reading correctly. At times the mouse jumps going straight up. Software shows that the mouse is sending signals saying its moving up at a extremely fast rate. This happens maybe once every 1-2 hours. Tested on another computer and same thing happens.
  15. Just purchased the Razer Naga Trinity. It's weight with the MMO attachment adds quite alot of weight to the mouse. I used the Naga chroma and Naga 2014 before and loved them. The only issue I have with Razer is that their products do not last that long and i'm ok with that for mice. Is there a place to purchase the naga Chroma/2014 edition that doesnt cost 2X the price in Canada? Note that im not a fan of the Logitec one since it has an extra button for ring finger and the corsair one weighs even more. inb4 the Razer hate. and I agree 99% of their products either dont last or are very overpriced.