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  1. Up until the Iphone 6 Linus used an Iphone 4s (If I recall correctly) over all android phones as he likes the form actor and that it integrated with what he was using daily. I bet if Apple stopped copying Samsung and made a phone that he could use with his hands I would bet that he would consider switching. His recent escapades with some Apple products are true stories he dealt with. I would be a bit salty if I purchased a $5000 apple product and they cant fix it even if I wanted to pay them. 


    The clickbait titles are here to stay since more people watch the videos with those titles and this is the same with the images. This is just an evolution of youtube videos, If you do not like it your in the same camp as many others but we are not the majority. 


    The product placement can get old i admit but its so they do not have to bend to the will of products. If they buy the product you know its more likely a review without "talking points" read off a sheet of paper. Products sent to them or sponsored reviews are more a showcase and if they use it. I'm not agreeing with the product placements im just playing devils advocate as the constant "purchase the shirt at ____.com" gets old after the first joke in a video let alone multiple. 

  2. Unless you are going from old intel no name paste to the highest end non conductive thermal paste the drop in temps is maximum of around 5C(margin of error could be big depending on how its applied and how much was applied). There is not a big difference in temperatures based on only replacing thermal paste from newer coolers as alot of vendors realized that the cost of better thermal paste is usually worth it since it helps with reviews thermal tests. The only way that thermal paste to really change temps is if your delidding the CPU or using liquid metal. This can be dangerous as its very conductive, but that would be the only way to see actual temp drops of about 10-20C. 

  3. There is no way to know what spec are needed to play the game. But since Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be on consoles keep in mind that they must have a playable version on those since alot of the sales will be generated through those means. As long as your pc is better performing then the current generation of consoles I wouldn't worry too much. It all depends on how much better you want to run the game. They will make the game look "good" on consoles so they can brag about the better graphics so one could assume a 1080ti will do just fine with 2077.  Now can you play at 4k 144hz with max graphics while sitting on discord streaming 1080p to twitch and watching netflix on a 2nd monitor. Maybe not, it all depends on your personal preference on performance and your personal tolerance to fps/graphical settings. If you want to make sure you can do all those things put down the $$$ and get the best of everything once it comes out to have the best possible PC when Cyberpunk comes out.

  4. 1 minute ago, veldora said:

    When I do sign up for my courses, I will look to see if the language is there to learn, the medium used for learning isn't really an issue as most of my learning has been from books, but that's just because I read a lot outside of school classes.

    Signing up all depends where you are going. My local university allowed anyone to sign up for language classes as they are not something like high level physics used for doctoral candidates. I would assume going to their website and seeing if they have courses for the languages you wish to learn. note that like any schooling this could be costly. There are also online places that teach language but I cannot verify how these work or the results. I can only speak about my own experience since I was going to school anyways I needed some courses so I filled it with languages I already knew and could brush up on. 

  5. 1 hour ago, TechyBen said:

    Ah, so not only a risk of sticking an old print in place on the screen (grease/dirt imprint) but also registering the protector AS yourprints. XD

    I dont have a way to test and prove this is the case but as someone who has installed over 1000 of these for people that when you had covers for the back they always had a cutout for the finger print reader. Now that there are in screen finger print readers 1 could wonder if that gel with the plastic is having an affect on the scanner and its picking up hardend gel/plastic instead of your fingerprint. This would allow anyone to open the phone as the gel/plastic isnt moving and it technically correct according to the phone.  

  6. This isnt a Samsung thing this is any under screen finger print reader. If you have a screen protector it can mess up the under screen finger print reader. Since alot of the protectors have almost a glue like substance this could reflect light and interfere with the scanner. So if they had the protector on before they scanned their finger print it could cause an issue. Since the scanner is scanning the screen protector substance and its not changing according to the phone its always correct so as far as I see the scanner is working? 


    Example of glue like substance that could easily interfere 

    This is what BestBuy uses (as far as I am aware) where there is a fluid that keeps the plastic to the screen. 

  7. There is no 100% correct answer as learning can be different for everyone. 1 person might be awesome just reading a book to learn something while others like to sit in a classroom and have an instructor teach them. Usually the best way for language learning is to have been taught it while you are as young as possible. It has been shown that young kids have a much better grasp of learning languages and retaining the information faster then someone over 20+. Since this is not really an option the way I keep up with my 2nd and 3rd language is to take classes or converse with people who speak the language daily. There are usually university/collage classes that allow you to take the language courses to learn the language. I am a big classroom learner and learn way better then being on my own trying to memorize a book/course.


    Good Luck with however you choose to learn, Language is a great tool and learning it is fun. 

  8. Being mad at only at Blizzard is weird. Yes they made some choices but its nothing that alot of Companies are doing right now. Tencent is a large player in mainland china gaming. They own shares in Activision Blizzard, as well as Epic games, Grinding Gear Games, Bluehole, Riot, and have given over $150 million in funding to Discord. So if your actually wanting to vote against this seemingly transition to another market then you might want to stop playing Fortnite, Pubg, League of Legends, and stop using discord, and this is only naming a few of what Tencent owns shares in. 


    Not going to go anymore political into it then that. my argument isnt that Blizzard did the right thing or the wrong thing. Its just silly to focus the anger out on them for 15minutes until the next thing. Either fully fight for your beliefs or wait for the 15 minutes of fame to die down. 

  9. If you still have the box for Windows the Code should be able to be reused. Another way is to open a ticket with Microsoft at https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus/. You can email them and explain that you purchased a new motherboard and that you need your windows key to move over to your new motherboard. Note that you still need to know your windows key. They allowed myself to move my key and I cannot guarantee that for everyone. But the easiest way is to have your key set to your Microsoft account as others have advised. 

  10. last time I was in the US I was baffled that everything used strip swipers instead of chips. In Canada its VERY rare that someone needs to swipe my card and when they do Mastercard/Visa calls me asking whats happening. But everywhere I went in the US they swiped the card and its very easy to skim a cards number from swiping it. Most places in Canada have touch now and thats just as easy to skim numbers from. I use my wallet that doesn't allow people to walk up and tap for card information. 

  11. 11 minutes ago, ClippTube said:

    @GodSephI did install windows 10 from a usb

    Sorry, to confirm you would install memtest86 onto a USB stick and boot into it. Memtest86 has its own bootable os that allows you to test RAM without booting into Windows. This will allow you to rule out RAM as the issue. 

  12. Ima put down CyberSix and see if anyone remember that show lol. I watch the normal stuff like Southpark, GoT and such. But I try to find hidden gems that people tend to overlook. 

  13. inb4 thread locked.


    This is going to be derailed quickly. This is a troubling situation where Blizz is in the right to block any user as they are a private company and political outbursts can hurt the company image regardless of what the outburst was for. But on the other hand the political statement was meant to empower a belief the user had strong opinions on and is a very hot topic currently. Either way Blizzard would have been affected and the user most likely chose a bad time to voice such an opinion in an inappropriate time.


    There is alot to this I do not have enough knowledge on so please do not tear this to shreds. Im wanting to see both sides before hopping on either sides bandwagons. 



  14. I remember when I was young playing nothing but my N64 and if my mother thought I was playing too much she would walk to my room unplug the thing and that would be that. I would be forced to go outside with friends. Why has this changed...I am not a parent so I do not understand how parents when I was little had complete control over this but now they feel powerless? I am sure like myself alot of us complained about losing video games if they were taken away but eventually we got over it. What is it about today that makes this different? It seems like graphics are better but they are still just video games. they are not a necessary right, they are a privilege and kids should know this?

  15. The notch is a transition between having larger bezels and having a camera either in screen or in another location. Its an in-between technology that is hated. It seems like a very poor compromise to what should be changed. It is hated that since screens have existed they have either been square or rectangular for the most part. All content is created with this in mind and programming for it is very easy as dimensions are set. Once you introduce a strange anomaly where dimensions now have extra parts can really cause issues. 


    Companies currently like to have a yearly phone release and have small incremental upgrades. This causes them to try and fit in non finished technology so they can be the first one out with it. There is a difference between being on the bleeding edge of technology and buying a limited Galaxy Fold and having every new phone have a notch that will go away very quickly as camera companies learn how to put a camera behind the screen. So instead of having the same phones out for a few years where they will perform 100% ok they release small incremental updates every year and to make it look different every year but keep their same overall look is difficult where adding a notch increases screen size and lets them brag about having a bigger screen. This is why I believe there is so much hate for a notch. 


    If you want something to hate on please open a thread about how every phone is made to be very delicate and everyone puts these big ass bulky cases on them. Why cant they be built to last and have a delicate version instead of watching everyone buy this breakable piece of technology and put ugly AF cases that make the phone 3X bigger. 

  16. I do not believe their office has any sort of store front. I would recommend messaging at LTT someone for a better explanation. I would bet that you are not able to physically go to their office for a pickup as its not a store nor do they make the clothing in their office. This would lead to a bunch of BC people buying stuff to have an excuse to go to their offices.

  17. As other have stated it all depends on the product and company that sent it. Sometimes they send our review units that get passed around to all the reviewers and sometimes they send out 1 unit for everyone to keep. It could be a combination of those examples. Alot of websites/products wish to pay the reviewer in hopes of a better review. LTT so far has shown their integrity on this front (cannot 100% confirm or deny) where they do not allow companies to try and skew the reviews for monetary gain. Examples of this are those new ads on youtube for wish where youtubers are saying how great the products are and stuff. I guarantee that buying all your clothing/electronics on wish would not be as great as the videos try to suggest....

  18. I know that feeling. I drink alot of soda pop around 7-8 cans worth a day if not more. I do brush regularly and go to the dentist 2 times a year. I am a calorie counter and have been slimmer my whole life so I feel lucky in that regard. I cut to drinking coke zero as this is not as bad as regular but I wouldnt be able to cut it out of my diet. My personality is very addictive and watching my parents drink themselves into an early grave led me to not do drugs/alcohol as much as other people ( I still drink but very seldom). I find that unhealthy foods or eating too much was the source of my weight gain. Having smaller portions and eating better food ( better products from local farmer markets) where I would eat slower and chew longer would help me feel fuller from less food. Where I used to snack lots on chips or stuff before bed now will make me gain 1-2 pounds a day if I did that now. There are websites that give weekly food choices and tell you what to buy to make it and its low on fatty foods and calories with easing into smaller portions. 


    I hope you find a good alternative and fight back gaining control over your body weight its a fight for most of us. 


    Good Luck.

  19. I would guess that you might need to do soldering as the bios chip would almost certainly need to be removed to flash it properly. If the card is inserted into a computer the chip needs programming to know what it is fundamentally and erasing everything would make it a blank. Thus I would assume ( I could be wrong) then when these fake cards are being purchased they have the chips removed and flashed with the 'fake' gpu flash to try and scam people. This also stops easily reflashing the boards to the proper gpu. If you watch youtube videos about people buying these fake cards to test them I have not seen one where they could get the original bios back on the GPU. If someone finds one please let me know as that would be a nice knowledge video. 


    If you check bios flash devices like https://www.amazon.ca/Programmer-CH341A-Burner-EEPROM-Writer/dp/B01D4CXYJE you would need to know how to remove the chip from the board and solder it onto the writer and then back onto the GPU. 

  20. I used to work for a company that did computer repairs and something like this can happen from time to time. I would hope that to keep the customer happy they would replace the damaged parts since they would most likely be covered since they are in business repairing computers. It would be silly to assume that nothing ever gets botched. I doubt this was an intentional error and they are making sure they check all their basis to make sure its not someone trying to pull a fast one with them. Explain the situation and with all the photos/receipts of the repair and just let them know that you are looking forward and what can be done since the evidence shows that a faulty install could be a leading cause to the issue. This way both parties are not playing the blame game, where it doesn't help either of you get what you want. You want a working computer and they want to make sure you are a happy customer (i can only hope they want happy customers lol). As a ex-computer technician (moved on to more business stuff now lol) I never blamed the customer (even if its their fault) its much better to take the claim on the business end and find a resolution the client would be happy with. Wether that be a new cpu/motherboard or whatever both parties agree upon. 


    My personal experience is that its much easier to get what you want being understanding that they have to make sure what all happened and that you just want a resolution to this issue. Listen to what they want and if that doesnt satisfy you then play hardball. I do not know what all was said but I know that going in guns blazing saying you will send them to court usually will get undesired results. 


    Good Luck and I hope you get this all figured out. 

  21. Sounds like parts are broken or damaged. I wouldn't waste money on a "maybe I can fix it". If you are someone who repairs and solders graphics cards for a living....Maybe you could repair it but most likely chips on the card are burned out or damaged to where they would need replacing. Strong no for that recommendation.