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  1. Assigning tickets to an escalation group differs greatly depending on the company and their practices. They could want certain KB's listed that where used for troubleshooting, some could want templates used. Others might want only specific information. It depends on the escalation groups requirements to fulfill their job quickly and efficiently. This also changes depending on if your company is contracted as a Service provider or an internal service desk, the attitude for tickets and information used can be greatly different. 


    The only way to learn Tickets and how ticket creation works is to get experience. As most of the popular ticket systems Service Now or RemedyForce are customized to the clients needs. They can look and act drastically different making basic "How to" hard.

  2. AIO coolers are all pretty much perform within margin of error with each other. Pick the one that fits the budget and if you can hold a 240mm rad in the PC case. After that pick one that you enjoy the styling of and if you want rgb or not. After that you cannot go wrong.

  3. Most of the RBG software is bloated and is not worth running. I usually build around 1 look and RGB is kinda a gimmick. Much nicer to see a build built around 1-3 colors instead of rainbows and Christmas everywhere all the time. 

  4. YouTube is turning into the same thing as major television network channels. Where every show has to abide by the advertisers. Since YouTube users want to make the advertiser money they must follow the rules that they put down. As for this story in particular I would seek advise from someone who works in how copy rights work for their music. Youtube has been known to always side with the larger companies until proven otherwise so no surprise there. I find it silly that YouTube has just turned into a TV channel you can decide what to watch next, where most channels are boring stuff you can see on TV, bland stuff that isnt what built youtube. Too many just looking to make payday like Pewdiepie instead of making fun videos that they enjoy making to share on the internet. The internet has turned into the new wallstreet where everyone wants to make the big jackpot lol. 


    Not saying I dont watch youtube but you can tell a huge tone shift from its early days where I would make videos about game consoles and at times when I couldnt fix the old consoles Smash them into little bits. Props to anyone who can find the Xbox smashing video that got our old group on MTV for an interview about "Internet Videos" about smashing electronics. Ah the good old days, where creating videos to share was just something to do after school. 480p highlights lol.

  5. Unless the manufacturer specify channels to use then yes. In this case both look to work fine. You can confirm 100% with Gigabyte support but most likely the answer would be the same. Since both are allowed they should both work just fine. A2/B2 is is on top if you could that as an order but I don't think it will give u "extra" performance. I usually try to use the farther away slots as it allows more clearance for tower coolers if you have ram with large heat-spreaders. 

  6. YouTube is starting to see what Television channels see where advertisers run the show. You want to make that YouTube money then you have to follow the rules. Most big YouTubers are no longer making videos for fun and see it as a great way to make alot of money and care very little about their audience. They will cry hollow tears because they were able to do what they want and get advertiser money. Now that YouTube is so large it can have an impact on developing kids advertisers and Google are going to start coming down hard. YouTubers who are here to make money will adapt and stop complaining once its normalized. The people who this is affecting most are channels where they target young kids but want to keep up the appearance of a jackass star where they try to not be accountable for anything. 


    Note this is not everyone and some channel have some standards. But there are alot of creators where the sole purpose is to try and get as much money off a clickbait video scam as possible and I'm glad to see this come to an end.

  7. 1 minute ago, TheSLSAMG said:

    It's pretty normal for the industry. Some major keyboard manufacturers require you to cut the cable off if you're RMAing so they can avoid paying the shipping costs. I know for a fact that SteelSeries requires you to break off the left and right mouse buttons if you need a replacement.

    makes sense. Alot of companies are never going to repair the product so it would be a waste to pay to ship it back just to dispose of the product. 

  8. As someone in IT, There would be no reason not to reset browsers and such on a device that is company owned. They might backup the files on the device as they could contain information that is owned by the company in question and could be used by the next person in X position. But the device itself out be factory reset as there would be no reason NOT to. This is very common practice unless there are reasons for keeping the machine untouched. resetting browsers and deleting temp files for them should all you need as resetting the browsers should remove any automatic passwords. I recommend never saving passwords to anything that isnt work related on a work device, as the device in question is for business. 

  9. Unless the software you use has built in dashboard software you would most likely need to create something for yourself. There are a few guides online for putting together simple HTML5 where its pulling data from other sites. You could use Linkedin and create account that follows big tech people from Bill Gates, to companies like Meraki/Cisco and have the TV refresh showing articles they link. Alot of big tech users have some great articles to read and have great information. My company has multiple tv's on the wall we put in intel compute sticks and have them showing custom made dashboards but 1 shows new tech articles/security articles for users to catch up on. 

  10. HELP US PAPA Corsair Nick....im all srsness do we have tests with all stock settings? A baseline temp test to make sure that everything is acting normally. Make sure the motherboard settings are stock and that the fancurve is set to stock settings. If you have the original cooler you could put that on. If it's the Corsair cooler then the stock heat sink temps should be able to handle stock temps... Is there other temp software to try like realtemp, make sure its not some weird software bug. 


    Hopefully you get it working ok as that cooler is awesome and on a 3600 sounds like a beast for gaming and overclocking :)

  11. Once I saw Netflix becoming big I called that other providers would try to all create their own. Thus creating the problem with generic TV services all over again. The reason I live Netflix now is because it covered alot of grounds. Disney+ will have only disney stuff and be for kids. I want something that I can watch with my kids and Watch on a Friday night with a date. HBO has a few shows but enough for me to have a separated subscription. This is the same with most of these subscription internet channels. Too much greed instead of trying to make great shows that put the name of the company on the map. 

  12. Both Intel and AMD processors have parts or assembly in China. So we are now out of the Common processor companies. So we must find a Processor that isn't manufactured in China and find a board that also has 0 parts made in china. and so on....That is more a political video then trying to make computer technology content for someone to watch. instead find a company X that coincidentally doesnt have a major trade with China and see if they make some cool computer related hardware. Have LTT review/talk about that product.

  13. Looks more like a late 90's early 2000's movie now instead of some weird "tryharding" movie (I shuttered when they did that "OVER 1,000,000 steps today" as he looks at his wrist). They got rid of the gangsters paradise and had a better flow for what the movie is. The look itself is much better and doesnt fall as quickly into that "uncanny valley" of effects. Since he looks more cartoonish and I wish he stood out more... Jim Carrey looks like he will still need to carry the movie and the trailer added more of his personality. I dont know if its a theater watch for me but I can always get the nieces and nephews around to watch it (maybe in theaters as some are sonic fans from playing my old Sega genesis).

  14. @spartaman64 

    My example was for car insurance in my province which isnt 2000% difference... Plus an analyst looked at the reasoning for the Apple card:


    Without access to the Goldman Sachs computers, it's impossible to be certain of what is going on. The fact there appears to be a correlation between gender and credit doesn't necessarily mean one is causing the other. Even so, the suspicion is that unintentional bias has crept into the system.

    That could be because when the algorithms involved were developed, they were trained on a data set in which women indeed posed a greater financial risk than the men. This could cause the software to spit out lower credit limits for women in general, even if the assumption it is based on is not true for the population at large.

    Alternatively, the problem might lie in the data the algorithms are now being fed. For example, within married couples, men might be more likely to take out big loans solely using their name rather than having done so jointly, and the data may not have been adjusted to take this into account.

    Also the bank behind the apple card addressed it:


    Apple Card only offers individual accounts and it is possible for two family members to receive significantly different credit decisions, a Goldman spokesman said. “In all cases, we have not and will not make decisions based on factors like gender,”

    Since the family had only finances together it could have singled 1 of the couple out and seeing that they would then have 0 financial information as it defaulted the information to the 2nd spouse, Since they shared ALL banking information the apple card could have seen 1 of them as having no information thus this would explain why 1 spouse had higher credit then the other. 

    This would be seen when a teenage signs up for his first credit card. I would only assume their limit is 10 times less then someone who has stronger financial information. This could have been why this happened. Did the couple put their names in order when signing documents? Was the first name chosen and the husband coincidental signed first? There is alot of variables to consider. To see if there is a giant disparity for sexes would be difficult as you would need a blind assortment of users where the ONLY difference is the sex of the user which would be hard to do as finances are never that easy...

  15. 6 minutes ago, spartaman64 said:

    except as i said insurance companies are not charging men 2000% more on their premiums if that was the case you can be sure lots of people will be demanding something to be done about it. if women are just getting like 5% lower credit limit then i wouldnt think its a big problem but 2000%? that is just ridiculous 

    Where are you getting 2000% for my example? I said Men where charged higher but I didnt specify 2000%? Im sure if someone was charged $1000 a month for being Male someone would notice? if you take anything to the extreme to make a point it will work. Banks hate X race as they charge 2000% interest for First time home buyers of Race X. Of course someone would be mad about that. The twitter post that started all this says "10X the credit limit" without any information or proof, since putting any could put financial information on the internet. I am sure he is hyperbolic over the amount difference, and the actual amount is most likely within reason. 

    There could have been an issue with the algorithm but again. We are talking about Apple who said that battery life degradation is a feature. I wouldn't trust them anywhere near my finances.....

  16. 1 minute ago, spartaman64 said:

    but why do men get into more accidents? the insurance companies should figure out those factors and use them. and in fact they do take into account a lot of those factors like how much the person drives and charges people who drive more more. so men are being double charged. also i dont think men are being charged 20 times as much as women for car insurance in canada while here women are getting 20 times less credit limit than men

    Insurance companies are exactly that, a company. They do not care about what is causing the accidents or how to stop them. They give that information to either the government or companies that do want to look into reducing the causes. We pay insurance companies for exactly whats in the name insurance in case we do have a accident we do not have to pay and go into extreme debt for what could be nobody's direct fault. They too need to make money as they are not a charity. I just think there are much better things to look at then how insurance/bank calculations could be considered "Sexist"... This has been around for so long and people complain because the Apple credit card is doing the same thing lol... Just silly to single them out....

  17. In Canada (At least in Sask) Men under 25 and Single are charged higher then their Female counterpart for car insurance. This is a normal fact that when you take in account all accidents and insurance claims that these statistics come out. This isnt inherently sexist its taking known numbers and calculating the chances based on the information provided what the outcomes could be. This isnt 100% for everyone as everyone is different but statistics are statistics. This is how Credit/insurance/banks has always been? Why cant I get better insurance rates and credit loans based on others information are they shaming me based on my financial history or how likely I am going to pay them back?...