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  1. Metro

    Swiftech X2 vs EK Predator AIO

    The EK Predator 360mm is not overpriced, it actually has quality parts in it, unlike other AIOs
  2. Metro

    What is your favorite CPU AIO Cooler?

    EK Predator 360mm, I got 5930K 4.4Ghz 1.36V and I get 54-60c when gaming.
  3. Metro

    ASUS PG348Q update

    Hello There has been an update on the monitor It features 60hz and 100hz, using the Turbo button and it now features ULMB http://rog.asus.com/465372016/gaming-monitors/ces-2016-rog-swift-pg348q-mysterious-new-rog-24 Thanks
  4. Metro

    picking an ultra wide monitor

    Let me start Coil whine Not reaching 100hz Scan line issues (where you see lines on the screen at low FPS) Settings being reset It has had two recalls Issues now fixed Wake up issue Colour banding I would wait for the ASUS PG348Q, it should be better, as ACER QC is awful
  5. Metro

    Why are there so many damn monitors!

    Why buy ACER monitors when most of them have problems.
  6. Metro

    Why are there so many damn monitors!

    It has not been fixed, just look at Overclock.net, there are still many problems with it.
  7. Metro

    picking an ultra wide monitor

    I would wait for the ASUS PG348Q, do not buy the ACER Predator X34, due to all the issues. Once the ASUS PG348Q comes out, then decide what you want to do
  8. Metro

    Why are there so many damn monitors!

    There is only one, do you mean the only one with the most problems and recalls IPS is worth it, however due to the PG279Q and XB270HU using AU Optronics panels (ACER) they have awful QC on them, with results in large backlight bleed and IPS glow. I would get the Dell S2716DG or ASUS PG278Q Do not by the ACER Predator X34 or XB270HU, as they have many problems.
  9. Metro

    280mm corsair vs 280mm kraken aio

    Corsair has the new H115i coming out soon (280mm) so you might want to wait for that cooler, I think it has a thicker radiator than the H110i GTX
  10. Metro

    Asus ROG Swift (279q vs 27aq) advice needed

    Great joke Well Battlefield will be good for high refresh rate monitors. However due to the PG279Q using the AU Optronics panel (ACER) you should choose the ASUS PG27AQ, if you really do not want above 60hz
  11. Metro

    Asus ROG PB348Q - 34 inch 21:9 1440p 100hz

    Many games use more than 4 cores, however Ashes is more demanding on the CPU, so it uses a lot more cores.
  12. Metro

    Any idea when the ROG Swift pg27aq will come out?

    The UK has it in stock
  13. Metro

    Asus Vs. Acer

    It was a joke How about you start comparing panels not made by AU Optronics, they should stop making panels, as AU Optronics has awful QC and they are the reason all these monitors have problems. I think LG should take over and start making them. If you look at monitors not made by AU Optronics you will notice ASUS monitors are good Also comparing the ASUS PG279Q and XB271HU is not really possible, as they are different panels and AU Optronics (ACER) made them, so they could have used the cherry picked panels, this could be why they are different panels.
  14. Metro

    Asus Vs. Acer

    Well ACER QC is awful, which is why the ACER Predator X34 has so many issues, one of the issues is not getting to 100hz, so I expect the XH 1440p monitor has the same problem with 165hz He might have ordered four of the ASUS PG279Q, however he only opened one of them. Also why do you keep comparing the PG279Q, when it is an AU Optronics panel (ACER) and ACER will get the cherry picked panels. How about you start looking at other ASUS monitors, not designed by AU Optronics. Also if you read the link you sent, it will show the AU Optronics panel in the ASUS PG279Q is a different version to the XB271HU "So I've been curious about all these AUOptronics panel models used in these monitors: XB270HU: M270DAN02.3 PG279Q: M270Q008 V0 S2716DG: M270DTN01.5 XB271HU: M270DAN02.6 The PG279Q definitely being the odd-ball." http://www.overclock.net/t/1554247/build-log-vegas-2015-chromed-copper-tube-gaming-system/160
  15. Metro

    Asus Vs. Acer

    You mean 155hz, as it is an ACER monitor
  16. Metro

    Asus Vs. Acer

    The XB271HU might be better because ACER got cherry picked panels, as AU Optronics (ACER) make them so they can select the best ones (out of the awful panels, which is most of them) why would ACER give ASUS the best panels. ACER has a two year warranty in the UK, however ASUS has a three year warranty There are a lot of people on Overclock.net and the ACER forums saying that ACER support was awful
  17. Hello THE ASUS PG348Q is finally up for pre order, early February release date, time for me to buy it. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-pg348q-rog-swift-34-3440x1440-ips-g-sync-100hz-gaming-widescreen-curved-led-monitor-black-re-mo-089-as.html
  18. Metro

    Asus Vs. Acer

    I would get the ASUS PG279Q, longer warranty and better QC. However the panels were made by AU Optronics (ACER) and they have awful QC, that is why some of the ASUS PG279Q (including ACER versions) monitors have a large amount of backlight bleed and IPS glow.
  19. Seems it is not 100hz, as Anandtech said nothing about it http://www.anandtech.com/show/9923/dell-demonstrates-30inch-4k-oled-display
  20. It seems that it might be different from the ACER Predator X34, as the ASUS version might do 100hz out of the box and not the "up to" 100hz on the ACER Predator X34, where many people did not get 100hz on it.
  21. I would like to know how they have due this, due to being impossible with DP 1.2 (could have used Dual DP 1.2) I will ask them now.
  22. Can I ask, why are we only comparing the 270HU/271HU, when they both have bad QC. All AU Optronics panels have terrible QC on them. Dell has made the 1440p TN 144hz Gsync monitor. It seems the ASUS PG348Q might do 100hz out of the box now, according to PCper, even if it does not, it should be much better than the ACER Predator X34 (due to all the issues with ACER QC)
  23. We do not know if the ACER Predator X34 issues are down to the panel, as ACER managed to fix two of the issues, so that just shows you how bad ACER QC is, also the 271HU has more "cherry picked" panels in it, as AU Optronics (ACER) made them, therefore why would they give the best panels to ASUS. AU Optronics is ACER, you might want to look it up, the 270HU has not been fixed, might want to look on Overclock.net, many people are reporting that they still have problems. ACER ruling the nest, is that a joke? If anyone it would be LG, Dell or Samsung. ACER is at the bottom, due to all the QC problems.
  24. ACER has better QC, what are you on about, ACER are on of the worst monitor companies. You seen how bad the XH 1440p monitor was, it had so many returns. You know how many issues the ACER Predator X34 has, about 6 issues. It has had 2 recalls. The ASUS PG279Q has a large amount of backlight bleed and IPS glow due to AU Optronics (ACER) awful QC on the panels.
  25. Metro

    Anyone at CES 2016

    Hello Just wanted to know, is anyone here at CES 2016 Thanks