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  1. Hello Thanks for responding, do you own the Platinum Matrix, what is the out of the box speed and are the fans quiet at 80 percent fan speed (not silent) Also what temperatures do you get while gaming Did you do any memory overclock Thanks
  2. Hello Does any have one of these GPUs, what is the fan noise like and what was the out of the box boost on the Anniversary edition (someone said it was 1509Mhz) also what were your temperatures during gaming and at what fan speed Thanks
  3. Yeah, the Lightnings only had 200 produced for the UK
  4. I do not want to flash a new BIOS, if I am having to return them (even with dual BIOS) so I need to keep the warranty The retailer is giving me the option I was more looking for suggestions between the two GPUs, as I have tried so many different things, thanks for your suggestion though
  5. I have asked MSI, they do not have any more and offering me an upgrade
  6. I have no clue, 100 percent fan speed all the time, not possible to change, also my monitor DP does not get detected when you turn on the PC (sometimes it does) tried different DP ports as well, still does not work, used a different GPU, my monitor DP gets detected
  7. Hello If both were the same price, for air cooling, which could you get Kingpin or Matrix (what would give better temperatures and lower sound when in SLI) Kingpin is 72 percent ASIC My Lightnings are broke and MSI does not have any more Lightnings, so I have to find a replacement Thanks
  8. It is not on any US websites at the moment The monitor is great though, using it now
  9. Yeah, even when at 0 percent in MSI Afterburner
  10. Yeah and making sure the cables are in correctly
  11. They are at 100 percent, I can hear it during BIOS, idle and gaming It is 30c and 25c, even when you select 0 percent in MSI Afterburner, it still runs at 100 percent
  12. Hello My GTX 980ti Lightnings seem to be stuck at 100 percent, this happens in the BIOS and is still there at idle What I have tried: Upgrading NVIDIA Drivers (using 361.91) Using MSI Afterburner (at 0 percent fan speed, the GPUs are still at 100 percent) Thanks
  13. I am from the South East, I will be making a formal complaint about him, as he said "I tried to deliver it three times" however I was in all day
  14. Just the amount of lies coming from the company, it is just so annoying, I hope they do not send me "STEVE" tomorrow
  15. Hello Do not use DPD So they said we tried to delivery my parcel three times today (been in all day) and they put a card through the door (which they did not) so they sent it back to the deport, so "STEVE" the delivery driver has lied to the company and me about trying to deliver it So now I have to wait until tomorrow to get my EK Predator 360mm Is there anything I can do, they deliver until 10.00pm, however they keep saying they tried delivering it today and they will not deliver it until tomorrow Is there any way I can get them to deliver it today (legal means)
  16. Metro

    Gsync frame capping

    Thanks for the video Does anyone else use frame capping
  17. Metro

    Gsync frame capping

    It is both really, I am interested if people actually cap their FPS with G-Sync then enable V-Sync
  18. Hello Do you cap your frame rate within NVIDIA Inspector or Afterburner like 143 FPS to stop going over the Gsync range (144hz) and to remove any screen tear, also do you enable V-Sync once you do this setting Thanks
  19. It is mid end Pascal Q2 2016, however high end Pascal is Q1 2017
  20. Battlefront you will get about 90-110 depending on the map, with two GTX 980ti I get 120 FPS Battlefield 4 you will get about 120 FPS, depending on how high you want MSAA I am not sure with the Divisions as it has only been in Beta, so performance should improve once the final game is released, expect higher than 100 FPS though, as the Graphics are not that good even on Ultra setting Witcher 3 Ultra Hairworks, expect 40 FPS, as two GTX 980ti gets 60 FPS
  21. It depends what games you want to play at Ultra settings
  22. They are the best retailer in the UK
  23. The ASUS PG348Q is much better than the ACER Predator X34, it has less issues
  24. Does the new profile go back to the sRGB profile in game or only when you exit the game