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  1. LieutenantLime

    HELP!! GOOD MMORPGS!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I enjoy Runescape. OS and RS3. I'm sure you have your reasons to hate it but to OP, I recommend trying it.
  2. LieutenantLime

    if i made a game sever would you play on it.

    Honestly I've been looking for a good FTB server. I vote you give that a chance. Although I'm down for a gmod server.
  3. LieutenantLime

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    This would make such a great mobile movie night tool. I could see myself getting a 100" white canvas and rigging it to hang over a cliff on the lakeside. Ugh, that sounds amazing...
  4. LieutenantLime

    Pokemon Go! Thread

    Oh, it's developed by Niantic or whatever. That threw me off.
  5. LieutenantLime

    Pokemon Go! Thread

    Did they screw up by not having an Android version? It's not on the play store.
  6. LieutenantLime

    A game you couldn't resist playing and beat TWICE

    I consistently have a play through of Pokemon games that I can get on my phone. Great way to kill time on the go. I actually don't replay games all that often other than that, but I did start a new Skyrim playthrough because I ended up completely ruining the balance on my other save. I 100ed sneak over and over again to fill up perk point trees and generally did a lot of dumb craps with mods to make the game pretty inconsistent to play.
  7. LieutenantLime

    i wish I was taller

    I never really worried about my height, but after reading all this, it feels dang good to be 5'10" I got lucky with that sweet spot.
  8. LieutenantLime

    Independence Day Stories

    I worked. Please, save your questions for later. I know you are all in a state of physical and mental shock right now. /s
  9. LieutenantLime

    what do you guys drink to start your day?

    Milk and hater tears with my pancakes.
  10. LieutenantLime

    Minecraft Build Team Required. The JAG Team. (Closed)

    Crap, all my screenshots, worlds, etc are probably on my older computers. I'm a pretty good builder, but I understand that you're kinda looking for proof. I'll Google image search stuff just in case someone else took pictures of my stuff by chance. I used to build cities on a server called SINGaming. Idk if it's still around. I'll edit or reply again if I find anything of interest. EDIT: Cant find anything really. Maybe I'll just make a couple houses to show my skills if it's that important. I'll drop in on the server sometime.
  11. LieutenantLime

    how does minecraft hook you in?

    I really get lost in giant modpacks like Feed the Beast and Tekkit. Me and my buds are seniors in high school and we still have a FTB server LAN every once in a while.
  12. LieutenantLime

    Blue Gem Karambit Price Check?

    It's more about what some collector would offer you for it. There's not much of a standard price system for special knives. I'll trade you my irl Sapphire Doppler karambit for it.
  13. LieutenantLime

    how am i doing?

    I estimated his budget at around $750 Here is a build off the top of my head that I believe might be miles better, given you can wait 2-3 weeks for RX 480. Apologies in advance. I'm typing this on my phone and it's a bit tedious to look up specific model names and prices. Correct my estimates if they are more than %20 off true values -I5 6600 ~$200 -Decent well reviewed LGA1151 motherboard for ~$100, micro-ATX or ATX,depending on case choice. -Well reviewed case up to $60 should be fine unless you are specifically hunting for a certain look -RX480 4GB aftermarket cooler of your choice ~$220 most likely -16GB DDR4 RAM ~$60, RAM prices are dropping, so why not? 8GB if you wanna save $20-30 and probably not have any setbacks. -Good, well reviewed 500W PSU ~$50, very important to spend all $50 on a decent one. -1TB hard drive $50 OR 240GB SSD $50 and get HHD later -Hyper 212 EVO I think for $25 -$15 optical drive if you really want it Total is about $780 ish and can be easily reduced to as low as $720 with 8GB RAM and a lesser case and mobo. But I don't recommend that personally.
  14. LieutenantLime

    Steam summer sale 2016

    I wanna get Morrowind for like 3 bucks. I actually have it on disk, but it doesn't work with Windows 10 for some odd reason, without a frankly sketchy looking fix. I also lost my Tribunal disk, so I really hope now is the time to get Morrowind and maybe Oblivion for flipping cheap. Other than that, I think I'll give myself a $30 budget and see what I want. I just got paid yesterday.
  15. LieutenantLime

    Battlefield 1 Ideas

    I for one actually want a good campaign. If I'm going to have to play it to unlock a couple guns anyway, I wanna enjoy it