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  1. Installed the H100i GTX with an Asus Maximus VII Ranger. Worked fine for a while, but suddenly AI Suite and Corsair Link couldnt detect the fan speeds anymore. What Phattyhimself suggested worked like a charm. I'd like to point out that the method forces CPU_FAN to PWM (i.e. 4-pin), whereas the fans and the connection are in fact 3-pin. No idea whether that's significant...
  2. Just bought the G1 Gaming. The AMP! Extreme is $125 more, and consensus seemed to be that the MSI offered nothing more than a higher price. I've already waited 1,5 months, and at some point I just have to commit. Thanks to everyone for your input, and may this thread be of further use to posterity!
  3. It's $123 more than the G1, so the Amp! Extreme is rather much out of the question for me.
  4. Thank you for that very elaborate response. Pretty much sealed the deal for me. I suppose the 7100 MHz memory clock of the MSI compared to the G1's 7010 MHz is insignificant, then? Nail in the coffin for the noise discussion, then. Thanks! So, in conclusion, there's no point in paying the 300 NOK premium for the MSI over the G1. For all practical purposes they're factory overclocked the same, with the same noise level and cooling.
  5. The Fury X is priced on par with the 980 Ti in Norway. Also, the retailer covers the 5 year warranty, not the producer, so each individual producer's customer service quality is immaterial. The G1 Gaming is USD $870, and the MSI is $910, while the Zotac AMP! Extreme is $970. The G1 is therefore the cheapest, but the leap to the MSI isn't significant if it's worth the jump. Edit: Also, 980 Ti prices are very unlikely to fall with the introduction of the Fury X to the market. Norway is a small market, and historically prices are very rigid, unless the cards are getting old.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all the MSI card has over the Gigabyte one is it's quieter?
  7. Norway, where 7200 NOK equals USD $900.
  8. Just got the option to buy the Zotac Amp! Extreme for $960, compared to the G1 Gaming's $900. Worth it?
  9. Appreciate it. Choosing a 980 Ti is an arduous task...
  10. Got the link to that "review of sorts"?
  11. The only difference I can see between the MSI and G1 is that the former has clocked memory speed of 7100 MHz (opposed to G1's 7010 MHz), and a more silent fan. Have you gotten your G1 yet, and if so, noticed the coil whine a lot of people seem to be complaining about?
  12. Even than the MSI? Based on the replies to this topic, the EVGA one seems to be a no-go. However, there's the question of the MSI vs Gigabyte G1.
  13. Worth to note is that all customer service is handled by the retailer through which I buy the card, so the quality of MSI's, Gigabyte's or EVGA's customer service is irrelevant.
  14. So, the G1 or the MSI? Ordering today. Thanks again for all the input!
  15. The MSI Gaming Twin Frozr V is also an option, albeit it $38 more expensive. However, according to earlier responses the customer support is atrocious.