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  1. Hello everyone, I've been working on this build, investigating parts reviews and asking in this forum. And I've finally ended the list of parts of my build. But I'd really like to be sure if everything I've put is ok for the use I'm going to give it. So I'd be really grateful if you guys can help me. I want to be able to play the latest pc high specs demanding games at 1080p with solid 60fps all the time and with max configurations, not really interested in 4k or going beyond 60fps. Also to do some video editing and rendering and probably some streaming in the future. Finally as secondary stuff I'll use it for my college work, but that won't demand that much though, I think... (I study informatics engineering) And of course I also want it to last for some years. My build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/mGpWTW Thanks in advance.
  2. Wow thanks a lot guys, I really apreciate all your help I'm a beginner and this stuff is still confusing to me and there are some things I still don't know, so thanks for your time Just one little last question. About the operating system. So I... buy that too, right? Or... I mean, it's quite expensive and also I really want the windows 7 professional, maybe I get a pirated copy instead? Or is there any other way? :unsure:
  3. Hi, I've started to make this build because I want to play the latest pc games at 1080p with solid 60fps all the time. I also plan to do some streaming in the future and video editing too. I'm planning to do overcloacking as well. As secondary stuff I'll also use it for my college work, that doesn't demand a lot though, for now at least (I'm studying Informatics Engineering). Anyways, I still don't know which mobo I can include, theres just too many, with a lot of different features, form factors, chipsets, brands and stuff. I'd like it to be the cheapest, yet most compatible possible. Also I wouldn't mind paying extra for it to have some special features that can improve my build's performance. And also I don't know which case I can get. There are just so many, I want one that can contain everything in my build (would be good if it can alow good cable management too) and allow good ventilation (by good I mean the necessary for my build, considering that i'll overclock the cpu, the gpu and maybe the ram too; not all of them at the same time though, I think). I don't really care about fancy led lights and that stuff, just the things I mentioned. My build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Qdf2Mp I'd be very grateful if someone could help me. Thanks in advance. PD. It'd also be very nice if you guys also comment whats your opinion of my build based on what I've said I want it for. This is the first time i'm building a pc and I'm planning to do that many times in the future. So, I'd be very grateful if you could help me improve