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    SoCal, USA


  • CPU
    Intel Core i7 7700k
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    Asus Maximus XI Apex
  • RAM
    16GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus GTX 1080 Strix
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv TG
  • Storage
    512GB Samsung 960 Pro, 480GB Corsair MP500, 960GB Corsair Force LE, 2TB Seagate Firecuda, 2TB WD Black
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    Corsair AX1200i
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    Asus PG279q
  • Cooling
    Corsair H150i Pro
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    Kinesis Gaming Edge with MX Browns
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    Corsair Glaive
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    Sennheiser HD 650s
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I'm pretty sure the the Corsair fans use a proprietary connector so they wont be compatible with anything other than Corsair controllers and nothing else will work on those.
  2. What games will be played at the IBuyPower LAN?
  3. It just suddenly fixed itself and is working with the default name
  4. No matter what i set it to (including the default) nicehash says my worker name is invalid.
  5. Falllout 4 although that may be due to the 217 mods i have installed.
  6. i've had this psu for about a year and for the past few months it's been making this sound.
  7. I highly recommend it just stay far away from the fans.
  8. On a scale of 1-10 how hard would you say building the desk was? I've been considering this for when i upgrade my rig.