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Everything posted by Latislapaloie

  1. reinstall drivers/turn off/on vsync
  2. yea i love it, easy to work with and nice cable management options. looks really clean, the fans it comes with are quiet. only thing i wish it came with was a dust cover for the top
  3. i never actually played it i just wanted to replace his excellent with egg salad
  4. i started back in season 1 by myself, had no idea what the fuck i was doin, but i loved every second of it
  5. $$$$$$ my $20 wallmart headset broke so i'm kinda looking for a new one
  6. yea you did maybe some day true audio companies will make good headsets :{
  7. why do headsets not provide the same quality as headphones? is it because they added a mic?
  8. you can get meaxxa or w/e its called, the spider legendary from the nexxaramus thingy for week 1 if you beat all 3 guys edit: it's a 2/8 6 mana card that kills anything it attacks or is attacked by
  9. deadly dragons mod has options to make dragons land a lot more
  10. 2 hours pfft i have to drive like 9 hours to toronto if i want to buy anything like that
  11. you should try this it might help http://forums.logitech.com/t5/Headphones-Headsets-Microphones/Fix-for-Logitech-G930-Audio-Bass-Distortion/td-p/668462
  12. i have a k70 with blue switches and its black, had it for about 5-6 months now
  13. http://www.directcanada.com/products/?sku=12660AC5426&vpn=981-000257&manufacture=LOGITECH cheapest i've seen it in canada usually its like $120
  14. the 300r doesn't need standoffs, it has them built in? :blink: