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  1. Every time I try to do a windows update (in the past few months), I always get the error code. I assume it happened because, while updating the 1,000 damn languages, my cat managed to unplug the computer several times (we have terrible plugs).


    Anyways, I did what Windows suggested I do.

    -Stop windows update

    -delete everything under Windows>SoftwareDistribution>Downloads and DataStore

    -start windows update

    -do an update


    That didn't work.


    Then I downloaded and ran Microsoft Fix It. That didn't do anything.

    Novice Computer User Solution (completely automated):

    1) Download (80070002) repair utility.

    2) Install program and click Scan button.

    3) Click the Fix Errors button when scan is completed.

    4) Restart your computer.



  2. So i lost my windows disk and i am going to build a new computer so i decided to get an ISO file and boot off of a U.S.B  however i have had nothing but troubles, i have tried 2 different bootable USB programs (rufus, and flash2boot or something like that) and each one gives me an error (on rufus this read: ERROR reading UDF file) I then tried to do it manually but what was once a 3GB download has suddenly become a 832KB file?!?!?!?


    If someone could find my error or atleast post another method to booting off of a usb that would be great ( I also read that some ISOs are corrupt if thats true can someone post an ISO link)


    Thank you :D

    i personally use rufus 





    EDIT:  didn't see you already used rufs sorry :< 

  3. Get your dlc for a low low cost of 20USD! Yes 20USD for a few pieces of furniture we could've included in the first place!


    Really now EA... I liked them back during the Command and Conquer days, but now they're just begging to be hated...



    i really miss a game like c&c generals :( the last command and conquer games weren't my taste, to fancy actually :P

    C&C RED ALERT 2 YURIS REVENGE!! was one of my favorite games when i was a kid, that and stronghold crusader, FF tacitcs and a few others that i cant remember right now because i just woke up and i dont know whats goin on around me

  4. Even then we get fps drops... hahahahaha... /joke


    I haven't tried the game and I'm being steered away from it with all the bad publicity that it gets... Maybe in 3 years, I'll try it...

    i haven't tried it either so i cant say much :P

  5. ...in the 3 games that use PhysX. But things like the new Dynamic Super Resolution AA is kinda neat, and also will probably get used more across many games

    borderlands 2 physx poop was best 10/10 would have physx poop again