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  1. Alright :D but u somehow live in Canada :P But since you speak Finnish (I'm assuming) I could give you some help via skype if you need. Just pm me your skype, or ask me to pm you mine.

    i was born in Canada, but both parents were born in Finland, i can speak Finnish, i can understand it more than i can speak, but i can't read/write :(

  2. there is a lot of problems with prime95, one of the main ones is that it actually overvolts your cpu. Intel burn test is more reliable and safer way of testing overclocks. I mean cmon...it's from intel directly. It's also a pretty sweet program overall.

    okiie i'll try it out, i'm pretty new to overclocking

  3. So I have a Gigabyte Z97 Sniper mobo, with a 4790k/GTX Gigabyte 970. I was using a Dell p2414h for the last few days by itself and it worked flawlessly. DIdn't need to do anything for it to work.



    So today I plugged a Dell S2340m into my computer and the P2414h stopped being detected and went in power saver mode due to no signal, while the s2340m started up and took over and is working fine.


    I've went to device manager and can't find the p2414h. Can someone please help me understand what is going on?


    The p2414h is connected via displayport and the s2340m is connected via DVI.


    Sorry for any bad typos, still not used to red switches coming fromn a laptop...

    right click on desktop> screen resolution> press detect button 

  4. It's pretty obvious that it's celsius :D Anyway, ivy-bridge will be totally fine with 1,2 or even 1,3 volts. (more volts means basically more heat output and stability)

    4,2GHz seems very good for 1,1 volts. I'm not experienced with ivy-brige overclocking, but you might wanna try 1,2 volts and 4,3 or 4,4GHz.


    You also might want to try increasing cache multiplier. It will propably do 4,0 or 4,1GHz nicely, but when ovecklocking the cores higher

    than that, leaving the cache multiplier to 4,2 or 4,1 might improve stability. Watching some oc'ing tutorials on youtube the helped me with my oc.


    If I said something incorrect, please correct me. And good luck with you oc, it's ain't easy to brake that CPU (needs somehing like 1,5 volts), so you can experiment with it pretty safely :)

    i have no idea what the cache multiplier is O.o i'll look into it i guess

  5. That setting is for the minimum acceptable setting. It will not actually change the fan speed. Set it to a lower value or "ignore" as mentioned above.



    put it on ignore, it warns because the stock fan would be doing 1000+ on lowest, any after market cooler running on silent mode or just running slow because there is no heat will cause warnings :) but as i said, set it to ignore in bios and it wont bother you again

    ahh yes thank you so much! i set it to ignore and the message is gone

  6. The fan is spinning lower than the pre-defined minimum speed set in the BIOS. This can be changed to a lower setting so this message won't appear anymore.

    but i'm pretty sure i set it to 600rmp for minimum but its still at 450

  7. I bought and installed a Coolermaster hyper 212 and when i turned on my pc it gave an error that said "cpu fan error warning" or something like that and press f1 to enter bios to look at it, and in my bios my cpu fan was in red writing and the RMP was like 400-450??! i couldn't find anywhere to up the fan speed it says its at 600rpm in advanced bios, the fan is plugged into cpu_fan should it be in cpu_opt instead?


    i5 3570k


    ASUS p8 z77 v-pro motherboard


     coolermaster hyper 212 evo


    my ilde temps are 30-40 when i managed to get into desktop

  8. They're working on Fallout 4 right now, unfortunately. So any announcement of a new Elder Scrolls is likely half a year to a year in the future, alongside with completion of Fallout 4. I personally think FO4 will come in time for christmas season this year. They've had 3 years on it now.



    Zenimax is the publisher.

    Zenimax Online Studio is just another studio under them, just like Bethesda, InXile, Splash Damage, id and Arkane.

     i think fallout4  will come next chirstmas and they accounce it during the VGA thingy (hoping it doesnt suck as much like it did last year)


    If anyone has any better suggestions for less than £100 I'd appreciate the help.

    i have the hyperx cloud and its pretty amazing not sure what the price would be for you though

  10. Every PC with a window should sit on top of a desk, no matter if 350D or 900D :) So yeah, mine is on the desk. (unless of course you don't have the space, which would be sad :()

    my pc is on the left side so even if i had a windowed pc i still wouldn't be able to see it 8(