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Posts posted by Latislapaloie

  1. Looks like (brought to my attention by /r/pcmasterrace and confirmed by experience) newegg at least is honoring past 900 series purchases as part of the deal. Just open a live chat, and you should be able to get in on the deal. 


    i ordered a msi 970 the night before the promo started and the newegg support gave me a copy :DD

  2. Far Cry 4 or Assassins Creed Unity? Hell yeah I'm in! Don't care how much Ubisoft is "digging", but those are two games I'm seriously excited for.

    too bad its only on uplay :( i prefer to have all my games on steam (even if you have to use uplay along with it, but just uplay without steam is lame)

  3. and yes it's the windforce version


    my lan gaming friend uses the windforce version she overclocked it the 1550mhz almot as high as my G1 which I oced to 1600mhz so I would say pretty good it can give MSI,Asus and EVGA run for their money

    man but that windforce one is like $472 for me here incanada :(

  4. I cant buy anything till christmas because I have to do some stuff for school and my parents dont want me playing games. I still play older games i have though :P (boring... Except skyrim) 


    my sad life

    have an awesome PC, but cant get games to use the PC for :(

    shitty :< what older games do you play?

  5. The thing is theres no guarantee for any kind of overclock. Some processors can't handle any kind of overclock even if they are unlocked, they just become unstable.

    So really you will never know what it will be.

    my i5 3570k wouldn't stay stable at 4.2 not matter what but then i updated my bios to like 6 versions ahead and now it's doin great with ocing