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  1. Really good game. Has some issues. Probably needed a bit more time. I would absolutely pick it up on sale. I don't regret pre-ordering the deluxe edition. 



    i enjoyed it alot, alot of complaints come from there being a lot of shit to do thats a little boring, but if you just avoid being a completionist you can ignore alot of it. 


    100 hours on playtime for me, still need to finish a second play through 

    oo thanks for the replies :D i guess i'll try it out, if i dont like it ican return it with that origin 72 hour thing i suppose


    edit: i mean 24 hours

  2. I was thinking about getting Dragon age inquisition, i've watched a couple of reviews on youtube, but i wanted to ask you guys, so if any of you played the game what are your thoughts on it? is it worth $39? have updates fixed any bugs/ added new things?

  3. I think I'll stick to newegg..

    i ordered a logitech g710+ for my brother and i got it in 1 day which i think is crazy considering how close it is to christmas AND they sent me some gain laundry detergent so i can finally smell good 8) 

  4. Where are you located? Also do they take forever to ship the package (Get the box outside their office), or the shipping service itself takes forever (UPS already has the box).


    Newegg gets the item shipped (Gives the box to UPS) within a day with the 3$ rush order system. The worst is when a company takes forever to get the box out of their office. 

    i live in canada ontario and it took nearly 2 weeks to receive my products 

  5. MSI Gaming G4 is the best in terms of overclockability, noise and temps. - Also among the least coilwhine

    my Friend's and my gtx 970 g4 has a buzzing sound :( rip, doesn't bug me though, can't hear through headset

  6. I managed to get the game work in my previous windows installation which was 8.1 and win7 before that but I cant seem to get it working this time

    I tried the following with no success 

    I tried setting assigning single core to maxpayne2.exe 

    I tried running the game with a batch file that launches the game on single core.

    I disabled rtss hook for mp2 

    I closed MSI Afterburner and rtss 

    I closed almost everything

    I tried running the game on various compatibility modes

    I looked up some solutions on internet

    Windows7 all up to date. Catalyst 14.4 drivers (which is the same version driver I used on past installations)

    maxpayne2.exe runs on background with only 32mb ram and never launches.



    maybe try Icon_fix.png Roll back CCC drivers to 12.6 from  http://support.amd.com/en-us/download

  7. I now asked the MSI Support. The Msi Gaming 4g performs better in any way. It even OCs better than the OC variant. Damn bad naming

    My friend and I have the MSI 4g gaming one and it has coil whine while underload, but its hard to notice unless your right next to it but my other fans in case drown it out most of the time , just throwin this out there. but i still think its worth to get that card, great overclocker solid performance and a cool box 8)

  8. So this is what I'm pretty set on getting at the moment: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009590

    Its got

    - 27" IPS

    - Glass Screen

    - GREAT port connectivity (minus DP but w/e)

    - The aesthetics are SUPER nice imo, fits my style

    - 5ms response time

    - stand looks good and while may not be movable, thats fine with me ALSO wouldn't plan on dual monitor setups anytime soon


    SO that being said, Is there any reason I should not get this?

    i have the 23" version,i love it so far,  never had any problems, other than the screen doesn't actually touch the edge of the monitor, there's a black bar around it instead (but i knew about that when i bought it)