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  1. Correct!

    on a completely unrelated note, can you you suggest any 1440p monitors you would buy? (i was originally going to go with 144hz 1080p but i'd rather have a far greater screen size) I want to get one but i'm horrible at deciding. I have a gtx 980ti so I should be good in that department

  2. If you upgrade first and login with a valid Microsoft account on a activated copy of Win 7/8.x, you'll be able to skip both (two) key request during the ISO install. Once you login to Win 10 with the same Microsoft account it will automatically activate Win 10.

    So, now that I have everything running and activated/logged in with microsoft account (on win 10 already), I should be able to just download that iso & make a bootable usb and sign in with my microshit account in the future if I ever wanna reformat and it'll be activated still?

  3. I used this method for 5 computers today and didn't have to insert a key.

    I am able to skip the key part, but if I do it limits to what I can do on the OS. like changing themes, profiles etc. 


    Maybe this is because I installed win 10 on a fresh new ssd? Since I bought a 1TB SSD and decided to put win 10 on that instead of my older 250GB SSD that I used for my OS before

  4. Never looked into 1440p monitors, but you won't be benefitting from the Free-sync if you have a Nvidia card though, so that can be out of the question.

    But I have heard that freesync is practicly free and shouldn't bump up any costs of a monitor, I don't think this is what happens in practice though. But if you are thinking of ever going AMD it will be nice if you buy one, if not, don't even bother picking one up.

    Oh ok! It's too bad g-sync makes everything way more expensive :(

  5. Can you guys help me choose what monitor to get? I really want a 1440p 144hz one, but i'm not sure which to choose. 


    The monitors i was thinking of are:









    What are your opinions on these monitors? Would you recommend something else? Is getting a freesync monitor with a nvidia gpu (gtx 980 soon to be gtx 980ti) be dumb? I play a lot of league of legends, csgo and random triple A titles that come out, etc. I don't really care too much about price, as long as it's under 1k, Or would you advise just getting a 1080p 144hz instead? Please enlighten me with your wisdom

  6. 1. Budget & Location
    Lives in canada ontario with budget of 850-900 Canadian doll hairs 

    2. Aim
    Play all those fancy more demanding games, browsing reddit, watching streams etc

    3. Monitors 
    1 monitor @ 1080p (not required to be added into build here)

    4. Peripherals
    not needed, no OS required either.

    5. Why are you upgrading?
    doesn't want to be a peasent anymore


    I'm horrible at picking parts so someone here please help me

  7. Does GTA-5 not save to the cloud? It should prompt for file versions and you can tell it to use the cloud one.

    mine didn't i checked everywhere :( but it appears someone posted an uploaded one above you at least :D

  8. I unfortunately lost my save file for GTA 5, i was around 45-50% done the game does anyone know where i could get a save file thats around that mark? i tried googling it up came up with nothing :(

  9. Yes its a issue with the 970.Some think its a memory leak. But there's no official conformation yet.  There's 100's of threads everywhere talking about it. I have two friends who are pissed cause they stutter and crash all the time. I really feel bad for 970's users that are having issues. If the 3.5gb thing wasn't enough.  :lol:

    I had a gtx 970 and i  bought it back in october, contacted newegg in february  and they gave me a full refund on the 970, so i got a 980 instead :^)

  10. Could one of you beautiful members build my friend a PCpartpicker list, please and thank you :]


    1. Budget & Location
    $550-700 USD 
    2. Aim
    Play demanding new triple A  games  @ 1080p, surf the web etc

    3. Monitors
    none needed
    4. Peripherals
    no peripherals needed, no OS needed