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  1. yea i booted from usb selected custom install, selected my ssd and went through the process, it's on the correct sata port that my motherboard manual told me to put it edit- never defragged it
  2. i went into my bios and it said that i was booting from AHCI mode already
  3. didn't know it auto disables it, thanks
  4. i steal pens from my school all the time
  5. i love windows 8.1 :^) with classic shell. feels a lot quicker and smoother and takes less time if i need to reformat or install it to a new computer since there's not like 150 updates.
  6. Latislapaloie


    thanks! i am proud, i just think i could of done better. I was super nervous building it thinking that i would mess up and break something but that didn't happen.
  7. my two friends that got into pc gaming had their pc's built at ncix
  8. i really like firefox, but the apps for chrome are whats keeping me away from firefox :^(
  9. yea i guess, i'm going to buy a new card soon and i'll put this one in my brothers computer, it'll be his problem then
  10. i have a zotac gtx 560 and the fan and coil whine is pretty loud