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  1. bejamartins

    Longest Distance Travelling

    Lisbon, Portugal.
  2. bejamartins

    best way to get to lmg office for tour

    I tried to say nothing but to give an objective answer to the question. It's pointless to translate a Google Maps path by words when Google Maps gives you a map.
  3. bejamartins

    Best roaming options in Canada

    Isn't there a carrier booth at the airport prepared to provide contracts to foreigners?
  4. bejamartins

    best way to get to lmg office for tour

    My experience is that usually Google shows all public transportation in public dense areas.
  5. Usually when you have RAM issues, it symptoms in errors, like blue screen and alike. But you can always fire Windows memory test and see the result. Not sure if it would affect Cinebench, but what kind of disk do you have? Also check your task manager.
  6. bejamartins

    best way to get to lmg office for tour

    https://www.google.com/search?q=downtown+vancouver+to+linus+media+group&oq=downtown+vancouver+to+linus+media+group&aqs=chrome..69i57.8835j0j4&client=ms-android-google&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#tduds=!1m6!1m2!1s0x5486717f41ba2fb1:0xc6952794560a44aa!2sdowntown vancouver!2m2!1d-123.11707439999999!2d49.281954!1m6!1m2!1s0x5485cffd6c654647:0x3110c6840f43070a!2slinus media group!2m2!1d-122.70619450000001!2d49.0985492!2m0!3e3
  7. bejamartins

    Best roaming options in Canada

    Nope, only roaming taxes: €2,45 / min for calls sent, €1,05 for calls received and €0,7 for each data session.
  8. bejamartins

    gpu test

    Should but not necessarily is. I built my sister a PC with an A10 a few years back and even tried different graphics cards, but only when I upgraded to 650W, I managed to stabilize my system.
  9. bejamartins

    gpu test

    Jak sie masz, Borat, What kind of power issues? If outputs in overvoltage, yes, although I never seen a CPU with such problems. If it was burned by power issues, it may ruin the motherboard and / or memory as well. If you are simply not getting enough power (i.e. randomly shuts down), you should be fine, but the only thing you may need to test is changing the PSU to a better / more powerful one.
  10. bejamartins

    Best roaming options in Canada

    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out what is the best roaming options for staying in Vancouver so I'm looking for recommendations. What are the best carriers? My main concern would be network data, as I'll be using Google Maps at least a lot, and messenger apps to talk to people back at home.
  11. bejamartins

    I can't buy tickets from Air Canada

    This has been a nightmare. Although TAP is from Star Alliance it only sells its own tickets. In Portugal, the official reseller for Canada Airlines is a company called Portway, that has its physical booth closed every time I go there. It says it's open only near its flights, and it has so many other companies in it's billboard that it makes me wonder... else to call its helpdesk line, but it's always unreachable and unresponsive to e-mails. Canada Air own phone contact either makes me spend over €0,50 a minute, and leaves me waiting indefinitely or asks me to input my region code and phone number, but when I do, it says it is invalid. I gave up and tried a travel agency. The one most recomended was a Spanish once called 'Viagens El Corte Inglés'. I went there and they told me that if it was just for flights, I should do it online, as they would charge extra €50 per person per flight physically. I went home and went online, but although they have a Portuguese website, to buy a ticket you need a Spanish identification... I settled for one called GeoStar, that is virtually in every shopping center around. I did it online, but they did neither charged me nor booked my reservation right away which is stressing me more...
  12. bejamartins

    Can the names on the LTX 2019 tickets be changed?

    I sure hope not, else my girly has to legal change her name for my own, and that'll be a bummer... In seriousness, since the website doesn't allow to add names for different people, yet to buy more than one ticket for the same event at the same time, I'm sure it'll be like that. Or they'll have a huge problem in hands with most attendees.
  13. bejamartins

    I can't buy tickets from Air Canada

    Air Canada website is a tier one website... I'm asking here because everyone in this subsection goes to the same place around the same time, so chances are more people are having the same problema and maybe a few have solved it or had better workarounds.
  14. bejamartins

    I can't buy tickets from Air Canada

    I've tried multiple times. I start from Google Flights then go through all the process on the Air Canda website, and when paying I get a 15012 error, that cancels everything. I tried calling to their international number (00 800 669 92222), but I only hear the 'occupied' beeps. I tried to send an e-mail, but their contact us page does not provide a way to do it on this subject nor a direct contact e-mail address. What can I do? Will I have to pay the extra through a travel agency? Also, If I try to strart the process from their webpage, instead of Google Flights, I always get a 'flights not found', even though I can find them and start the process through Google Flights.
  15. bejamartins

    Payment not processing

    I'm having that problem but with Air Canada. I'll have to pay a travel agency commission to buy flight tickets, it seems...