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  1. It's going to be a tough weekend not going this year
  2. May the new Roaring 20s be a decade full of frames e with as few degrees Celsius as possible!
  3. Well technically this trilogy are episodes VII to IX so it should be assumed the viewer watched all the others 6 movies first. And the thing with comics is that all the ones made before Disney bought Star Wars were cut out of canon.
  4. I went to see the movie today and went without any expectations. I didn't watch the trailers, and tried to be spoiler free to get the full experience, although Linus lowered my expectations even further after the latest TeckLinked. I did however get progressively disappointed with the movie, not because I was expecting much but because of the lost potential. Firstly, from the saga that brought us the 'I am your father' moment instead of giving us a Palpatine plot twist moment, it started with an 'FYI: Palpatine came back from the dead'. The plot twist they tried to make was Rey being Palpatine's grandaughter, which made no sense, considering no canonical Palpatine's offspring was ever presented through the movies. Secondly, scenes that could be great like the final lightsaber battle felt ruined by nonesensical dialog like 'I am all the sith/jedi'. The whole "legacy" cast throughout this trilogy felt wasted and just a nod to fans instead of using them for more than plot details. Carrie's scenes felt too forced, since they coudn't make her lines work around the scenes, seemed like they made the scenes working around their lines, one of them (the one with the 'be optimistic' joke) seemed to be a mock of itself. I feel they would have been better off and even more respectful to Carrie as an actress by either using CGI or casting someone else even. Then all the plotholes: Rey can make herself float at the beggining but then somehow forgets when she wants to climb something? Then teleporting objects, seriously? Again, I wasn't expecting much, but left upset because it had potential that was wasted in execution. I hope someday they make a decent reboot at this point. I mean, they scrapped so much material from canon, what are 3 more movies?
  5. If you wanna go that way: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines
  6. For a while now it really bugs me when I go to the cinema and watch a movie with low frame rate. I got used not only to higher frame rates in games but all the eye candy TVs offer at home with image interpolation. I got excited back when The Hobbit came out in higher frame rates, and sad when nobody followed. And I really can't see a problem with the "soap opera effect". I think higher frame rate requires some cinematography extra polish as higher resolutions did, but the rest of it is just a matter of people getting used to it...
  7. (I'll add pictures later) I decided to make this review because I can only fine one or two online, and in Spanish so thought this could helpful. Over the last few years a few Spanish Brands have been entering the market trying to present themselves as a budget alternative. The most notorious to me has been Mars Gaming for their international strategy, but now it seems to attract competitions. One of said brands is Nfortec that came to my attention only recently. The company seems to only being attacking the Spanish market but is possible to export, at least from re-sellers, and that's how I ended up purchasing my chassis. It had a strong user rate on several websites, was cheap enough in the last Cyber Monday for me to be able to re-allocate my budget elsewhere in my build, and last but not least, seem to have a distasteful amount of RGB as it should be and, at the same time have a clean design. First impression Now, my first impression of the chassis was of surprise, for two reasons: the first being that it's a very small box. For a moment I thought I had bought a microATX chassis for my full ATX board, but no, it just fits barely on height. For me this was great since I had a relatively small space destined to put my build, but might not have been - I think Nfortec should make more emphasis on the size on their marketing, and really use its smallness as a selling point for people who aren't paying too much attention to specs details, specially considering some selling sites don't list dimensions. My second surprise has to do with build quality. Stock photos are photoshopped in the way that makes it seem too glossy, giving it a cheap look, but when in hand, it looks with considerably better quality. Doesn't feel exactly premium, but neither cheap as well. Ventilation Being a small chassis, ventilation has it's limits, but comes equipped with a 120mm fan on the back (RGB fan on the Pro version), and compatible with two 120 or 240 mm fans or a radiator on the front and top. The front however doesn't seem to provide necessary air paths, so I'd count only with the top. Design The Caronte tower an overall modern design with 1 side panel, front-top I/O, a PSU shield that also covers the HDD bay (can support two 3,5'' or one 3.5'' and two 2,5''), a back partition for cable management and a another 2,5'' drive and an open CPU back window for easy cooler replacement. There isn't nothing much to point out except the small space makes hard to manage the HDD bay with the PSU cables, even with a modular PSU. Illumination The chassis a a thick external RGB strip and the Pro version comes with an RGB Nfortec logo over the PSU shield facing sideways. I like RGB but am not a particular fan of the lack of subtlety or smoothness on the lights an patterns. Lights and colors are stronger and more vivid (and displayed in thicker areas) than what you'd see on most traditional brands, but that's my taste. Nfortec has its own ecosystem and comes with its own controller (located behind the motherboard) that is both compatible with the main proprietary syncing systems like Aura or Fusion and has its own remote controller that has to be used to choose to sync with the motherboard or override with a different color scheme and transition (the default isn't syncing which is unfortunate as selection doesn't seem to persist after shutdown). I could not test syncing with my motherboard properly as it is Gigabyte and it seems they just gave up supporting the RGBFusion tool... The controller looks a bit cheap, and very similar with the ones you may find with RGB strips you can order off Ali Express. This made me wandered if Nfortec stuff is just a rebrand or if it has original designs, although I found no evidence thus far of my suspicion. Score Presentation: 8/10 Price: 9/10 Build quality: 7/10 Ventilation: 6/10 Design: 6.5/10 Final score: 7,3/10
  8. High-end Intel CPUs don't come with a stock cooler, so with budget coolers. Also, up 'till recently most Intel CPU's were only quad-core.
  9. I intend to but for what I see budget coolers seem to be as good as the stock one, so I planned to wait a bit to buy something better. I just got worried with these temps through.
  10. Hey guys, I'm used to get 60ºC tops with my Intel chips and just recently jumped to Ryzen. I always heard that AMD has worse temps, is 70ºC on stress expected with the stock cooler? Should I invest in a better cooler for now (I don't plan to overclock it in the near near future).
  11. I wasn't going to buy, simply relocate and re-purpose.
  12. I'll be playing the Arkham series, so yes. And faster in what way? Raw performance? Yes it is, but the idea is to offload that part. For what I understand it would immediately hurt the performance if the card would output slower by clock speeds than the main card, as it doesn't, then it will only hurt if it can't compute in time the PhysX calculation due to the rest (like core numbers), but considering the PhysX part is a relatively small part of the process, hence my speculation.
  13. Hello guys. Do you think this configuration will be helpful or will it hurt performance? GTX 1050 Ti has a higher base and boost clock and about the same memory clock, for what I saw. Would the raw power be enough to help it though? Or am I missing some other detail?
  14. Hello, I doubt I can make it next year but I'dlike to suggest Brands to rethink the way they interact with the audience to avoid terrible lines. I'm thinking of MSI as an example. They had one activity and for one person at a time, you'd had to spend some hours in line to get there. As for content creators, may I suggest inviting Simone Giertz? Her robots on the show would be awesome.