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    MSI Z270 Gaming M7
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    G-Skill Trident Z 32GB
  • GPU
    MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2070 Super
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    Corsair 570x
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    Samsung M.2 960 PRO

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  1. cedge206

    Custom loop

    My first custom loop. Blood sweat and cuts. Leak test for a few hours. Case didnt make it easy to build in. Drain valve in worst place. Apart from that im happy. When full system on should look good. RGB from fans and gpu block.
  2. cedge206

    Tips First Custom Loop

    You cant compare FPI between radiators. FPI is not a linear curve so 16fpi vs 32 fpi dont mean it cools twice as better. It is also affected by design and how air flows through.
  3. cedge206

    Tips First Custom Loop

    Isnt taking something simple and making a complicated the bread and butter, heart and soul, of PC Gaming Enthusiast.
  4. cedge206

    Tips First Custom Loop

    was reading this on EK`s website. The cooling process is basic physics. The bigger the surface area, the better the cooling. That is why thicker radiators and denser fins can bring more cooling performance. But! There is always a „but“. Thicker radiators and/or radiators with greater FPI value need adequate air flow so that their performance is properly exploited. High static pressure fans, and fans that are properly designed to be used on radiators, always have an advantage, as we already discussed in the “Fans for Liquid Cooling” blog post.
  5. cedge206

    Tips First Custom Loop

    Hey. For the probe im looking at ek temp probe (https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-cable-temperature-probe-10k-ntc-100cm) where and how to install in loop. Most other ive seen are plug temp probes. But cant get hands on those. Theres this inline one but bit on pricey side. Can get if a must tho.
  6. Looking for a 3d design software for pc build planning. Able to draw exact specs of parts in 3d model. Any good ones?
  7. Planning a new build and was wandering if anyone had previous experience with this case. The corsair Obsidian 500D. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/42681/corsair-obsidian-500d-rgb-se-premium-mid-tower-case I'm looking to fit two rads in it. Front 360 EK PE width 40mm and top 240 either slim 25mm-30mm or EK PE 40mm. Mobo is MSI z270 gaming m7 and Gskill trident z ram. Pump/res combo https://www.ple.com.au/Products/630111/EK-X-RES-140-Revo-D5-RGB-PWM-incl-Sleeved-Pump. Let me know your experience with the case, especially custom water loop(soft). Gpu will be water cooled also.
  8. cedge206

    Lian Li PC-O11DX 011 and fans

    With 3 fans initially you might want to do 2 intake and one exhaust. Prob 2 on the side or bottom then one top could work. What are your specs? Are you water cooling? Overclocking? check this review out by gamers nexus
  9. cedge206

    Tips First Custom Loop

    Been looking around and the Corsair 500D SE comes with commander pro and 3 Ll120 fans. Might save some money there if i get that. Then change the slim rad to a EK 240mm PE rad. Still checking to see if will fit tho. For coolant going to get distilled water and ad EK cryofuel clear to it.
  10. cedge206

    Tips First Custom Loop

    Why not use the slim rad? Any particular reason. Cause i have seen many people having issues fitting two pe rads in there. Especially top and side. Also where would the temp sensor go in the system? Like what temp to look at?
  11. So yeah, this is my first custom water loop build and looking for tips and if you have used those parts. Just your idea on the build. Show me da way. Taking current build and upgrading keep psu, cpu, mobo, ram. i5 7600k-32gb Gskill Trident Z-Msi Gaming 7. Current case corsair 570x wont fit top rad. New build parts. *EK **PCCG ***PLE CPU Waterblock: EK Velocity D-RGB Nickel+Acetal $135*** Case : Lian Li PC011 Dynamic $190*** Radiators : EK CoolStream SE 360 Slim $ 80** :EK Coolstream PE 360 $108* Tubing : EK TubeZMT matteblack3/8 5/8 3m $ 22*** Fittings : EK Torque STC 10/16mm black $100* : EK AF Ball vavle $ 20*** : EK AF X Splitter $ 12*** : EK CSQ plug G1/4 x4 $ 20* GPU Waterblock: EKVectorRTXRE RGB nickelAcetal $190* : EK Vector RTX Backplate $ 50* Pump/Reservoir : EK XRES 140 revoD5 RGB PWM $219*** Fans : Corsair Ll120mm 3 pack x2 $280 : Corsair commander pro $ 95 GPU : EVGA RTX 2070 Super Black $870 (all prices AUD) Havent looked at coolant yet. I know thats a lot of money for fans. Budget no issue. Looking for reliable parts. Plan is. Slim rad on side as intake. then other rad on top exhaust. then loop res>pump>gpu>rad(top)>cpu>rad(side)>res.
  12. cedge206

    Which gpu block?

    Need to make sure that this waterblock will fit the graphics card. EK configure wont let me check, error with photos. Gpu water will be EK Vector RTX RE RGB - Nickel + Acetal. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-vector-rtx-re-rgb-nickel-acetal and graphics card. EVGA RTX2070 Super Black 8GB GDDR6. https://www.ple.com.au/Products/636653/EVGA-RTX2070-Super-Black-8GB-GDDR6. And what about the backplate, is that universal for 2070 and 2080?
  13. cedge206

    Confused, Bamboozled

    1080p and 144hz
  14. cedge206

    Confused, Bamboozled

    Hey. Looking to upgrade my GPU. I currently have a MSI 1060 6GB but have been wanting more fps in my current games (also looking at future releases) mainly playing apex and BFV. Been looking at current RTX lineup of graphics cards and just not sure which to get. Looking at best price to performance and just dont know what to get. Its either RTX 2060 for $550-$600, RTX 2060 super for $700 or RTX 2070 super for $880.(all prices AUD). Could always save up and get a 2080ti but dont really think that its performance is valid for its price, they selling for around $1700-$1900. I dont mind waiting and saving up for 2080ti if its the best value. I dont need to be able to max out all settings when i play but dont want playing all low settings. But yeah. Which one to get?
  15. cedge206

    Car Audio System

    Running two wires is just genius lol. Just need to fin a way to get the wires easily to the front speakers but then will need to tap into the rear ones also. For channel 3 and 4 for the sub and so im able to use the AMP's "Remote Sensing automatic turn-on" while using speaker level input. saves me running REM cable or going to fuse.