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  1. its been confirmed that it's actually being released on the 18th instead of today.
  2. Corekel https://www.vessel.com/videos/DkWN4qqW1 https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl best of luck to everybody!
  3. I think that the omega looks cooler, but i'd like it even more if it were slimmer.
  4. So between the 540 and 240, which one would you choose?
  5. (Just so everyone knows, i DID search to forum for this topic but it returned nothing relevant. ) So i'm planning on building a pc and i want it to: 1.sit on top of my desk (and have the case I/O easily accessible on the left side, couldn't find anything with the I/O on the left though if you know of such a case, please tell me!) 2.fit a large air cooler/ AIO cpu water cooler 3.Easy to build in 4.less than $200 CAN before tax 5.Fairly quiet and dust-proof I've stumbled across cube cases, and they took my breath away. I've narrowed the ones i like down to these 2, and i would you guys to tell me which one you prefer! (only owners/ previous owners of these cases please, speculation without actual experience with the cases is pointless) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go!
  6. I love the fact that the Z2 positions the power button at the side in the middle, and that its round. Dbrand is so awesome that they skin even those console things for little 10 year olds, which is pretty smart.
  7. I really like the idea of having all your tech in you, for the sake of accessibility, and convenience. I beleive many big companies will move forward in this field, and great things will come.
  8. #99 Tell viewers they can thumbs down your video
  9. so they have a very large number of write cycles? (much much larger than ssd i assume) and can you give me an example?
  10. I was just wondering since i plan on buying one, and i couldnt find the answer on google. I have yet to search the forum.
  11. I use a 120 gb ssd boot drive because its very fast and small, so it can act as my boot drive, but also as a important file storage drive, since i can swap it out and pop it in my laptop. I use 2 320 gb hhd's beacuse its easier to organize my media and games from my school work and projects.
  12. :o can i have one? Extra Entries: Twitter: @Cowslaughter :https://twitter.com/Cowslaughter/status/340549186099486720 Facebook: Richard Ye : https://www.facebook.com/richardye4/posts/197527073732545