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  1. Only problem with old server stuff is basically the costs of the power consumption, Noise levels I'd rather have a new system that runs well and can be upgraded easily. Hope LTT does a video on transcoding streamed footage they have the HW to do it easily.
  2. I was thinking a threadripper build for that reason, however i'm hoping someone does some 4k streaming tests so i know it will handle it well.
  3. Let me know how you go. I'm currently doing tests on my ryzen 1700 and 4k 1x transcoding makes it sit at 80%. to non 4k supported devices. Also if you get the chance when you do get your threadripper could you do some tests of 4k transcoding. Thanks for the info.
  4. if his streaming 1x4k movie at a time. It should work however the cpu will run at about 80% the whole time. This depends what your streaming to. If he is streaming to another pc shouldnt get that high. however if he is steaming to a tv / ps4 or something like that. Then 80% it is.
  5. Also had a crack at transcoding 4k on a ryzen 1700 with similar results. Looks like ill have to just install kodi boxes everywhere.
  6. Hi everyone, Recently when discussing HW requirements for plex on the forum i ran into a bit of an issue when streaming / transcoding 4k. So after running a few tests on my current plex server (AMD 8120 cpu) and a ryzen 7 1700. Streaming to a PS4 (yes i know doesnt actually run at 4k however don't want to have 2 movies the same in different formats) and also a Samsung UHD TV UA50F6700. Load on both CPU's were around 99% which drop down between 50 - 80% after 3 minutes. i was wondering what advice can i get from the community and if anyone currently streams 4k with plex what HW do they have. I know GPU transcoding is coming however its a few years off being stable. The current test i am using is transcoding video HEVC to H264 and Audio DCA to AAC i figure this is one of the higher transcoding requirements. If anyone has a baller system and would run some tests for me that would be awesome. I'm also aware i could run a HTPC on the tv for plex however i am more interested in one device to do it all especially now that UHD tv's are becoming more common. Thanks Jarred
  7. looked into it. unfortunately support is non existent for alot of hardware (GPU's) atm. ill show you what streaming 4k is like on the cpu. Just incase you decide to transcode 4k at some point.
  8. You need a device call hd home run connect. It's around $200 from scorptec. Atm it's still in beta. Can play live tv on a few devices Android and iPhone and can record off there. All recordings automatically go into your Plex folder. Watch some videos on YouTube and see what you think. Good in capital cities in terms of the guide. Not so good in country areas.
  9. A duel core will work however if you do anything else, such as record movies or convert them you may have some trouble. I think a quad core would definately future proof your server for any further features that Plex develops. Do you have Plex pass?
  10. Depends on your settings and how many people are using it. I generally have about 4 people remotely connected and transcoding is always high due to their devices. And I convert as it's records which uses a percentage of CPU power. I could be doing something incorrectly in terms of setting. What do u recommend? I find my CPU is up to 80% alot of the time.
  11. awesome, didnt think they had them yet. know where im spending my money next few weeks
  12. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/LLqJ3F have a look at this one? about $40 more and a quad core cpu
  13. dont think you will need 2 for your build, your could reduce it to one and save some money or even get just one 500gb ssd. if your really want the black drives keep them, however your could get cheaper 4gb hdds, then spend a bit more on the cpu. just an idea to save some $$
  14. already have the SAS controllers. any idea where i can get a 10gbp/s network card? sort of waiting for asus to release theirs. bit cheaper then the $200 ++ ones currently available
  15. Looks pretty good. Yeah that is where the rack is, have an old Hp g5 server which i power up from time to time. extremely loud. ill have a little look into 10 drives might be enough. thanks for all your help