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  1. kxrider85

    File transfer between Ubuntu Server and Windows

    I ended up going with SFTP on WinScp. I port forwarded ssh and created a public/private key pair for authentication. Everything has been working fine. My friends can access the server terminal, and as long as my friends don't give out the private key, everything should be fine... The only thing I have noticed is that I cannot edit text files in winscp and for some reason starting a putty terminal from a winscp session always times out.
  2. kxrider85

    Worth getting the HD600?

    Thanks lol. Its just a random gif I saw on a discord server a while back. Yeah Massdrop has had a lot of QC issues for some reason. I don't think it is quite as bad with the HD 6xx and HD 58x Jubilee since they are made along with the 660s at Sennheiser's manufacturer in Ireland. I have a CTRL keyboard arriving tomorrow though and I'm a little nervous... At least their customer service seems alright.
  3. kxrider85

    Worth getting the HD600?

    @Dackzy You are right. The 58x jubilees are 150 dollars. My bad. I don't want to turn this into a big Zeos argument, but the fact is, he has listened to more headphones, speakers, amps, and DACs than either of us will probably touch in a lifetime. There are not very many credible reviews of the HD 58x Jubilee (yet), and he is the only person I know of who has reviewed modded 58x Jubilees. Whether the 58x jubilees are like the 660s or not, the bigger picture is that the 58x jubilees do not sound like a 150 dollar pair of headphones. Given reviews that implicitly compare the 58x jubilees and the HD 600, 110 dollars doesn't sound like that good of a deal. That's the only point I was trying to make. With that said, it doesn't matter anymore. The 58x sold out.
  4. kxrider85

    Anger problem!

    What's an example of something that triggers your anger?
  5. kxrider85

    Worth getting the HD600?

    No. They are different The 58x Jubilees on massdrop are the only headphones I can recommend at this point. They are 125 dollars, and sound basically like the HD 660s (a 500 dollar pair of headphones), an improvement upon the HD 600 and HD 650 of the past. Like the 660s, the 58x jubilees are 150 ohm headphones so they are pretty easy to drive on smartphones. The 58x jubilee drivers are extremely similar to the 660s drivers. The main difference in sound is produced by a foam pad between the grill and driver. It gives the 58x slightly more subdued highs and slightly more bass. If you take the foam out of the headphones though, you should basically have an HD 660s for a fourth of the cost... Here is a good video to watch about this: So is it worth 110 dollars to get an HD 600? 110 dollars may be a good price for the HD 600, but why have an HD 600 when you can have (what is practically) a 660s for 15 dollars more?
  6. kxrider85

    people can hear my music through the mic

    uninstall and reinstall drivers maybe? EDIT: list everything you have tried.
  7. kxrider85

    Trying to understand audio interface

    whats the point of plugging your headphones into your microphone interface?
  8. kxrider85

    My mic in won't pick up anything but a buzz

    I've always had the same problem. You need a usb audio interface like one of these.
  9. kxrider85

    What is this keyboard???

  10. kxrider85

    What is this keyboard???

    I keep on seeing this keyboard in LTT videos. I feel like Linus made a video on it already, but I have forgotten what to search for. Does anyone know what keyboard this is?
  11. kxrider85

    USB DAC under $200

    The RCA to 3.5mm was just because the Grace Design DAC is meant to be used balanced and its only unbalanced output is through a 3.5mm TRS jack. But yeah, I noticed the headphone amplifiers you chose don't use RCA either, so you will still need the RCA to 3.5mm. Typically though, super portable headphone amplifiers like the FiiO A3 and the little bear are for on-the-go type applications where you would just use a 3.5 to 3.5 male connector to connect the amplifier's inputs to a cell phone's headphone jack, and you would just use your phone's DAC. In fact, if you bought the grace design, you would just use a 3.5 to 3.5mm adapter to connect the dac to your amplifiers, since they don't use RCA.
  12. kxrider85

    USB DAC under $200

    One problem with the grace design dac I just noticed: it's not going to ship until the end of May 2019. That's a long freaking time. If you don't want to wait, you could just buy a modi 2 like everyone else is recommending. I own it and have no complaints.
  13. kxrider85

    USB DAC under $200

    Massdrop is dropping the Grace Design Standard balanced DAC right now for 150 dollars. 384 kHz sample rates and DSD256. I THINK you can convert the balanced outputs to RCA, but you may want to ask in the discussion page. Its a hell of a deal though. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-grace-design-standard-dac-balanced EDIT: Just noticed: the grace design DAC has a TRS unblanced output. If you buy a TRS male to RCA male splitter you should be good to go.
  14. kxrider85

    DIY headphone cable flat braid (like Ursine and VE)?

    Exactly. This is only for aesthetics. I really don't care about doing anything more than the bare minimum to ensure decent sound quality. As I said before, I am just curious how Ursine and Venture electronics achieve their aesthetics. They are quite unique and nobody has asked before. (No reply on HeadFi yet)
  15. kxrider85

    DIY headphone cable flat braid (like Ursine and VE)?

    Never! I insist on doing it the right way and I am legitimately curious how Venture electronics and ursine does it.