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  1. I have this case since 2 years ago. bought it on sale for 50$. I want to upgrade my pc. should i get new case or is this good enough? im your average joe. dont look to show off or anything. pretty casual https://www.fractal-design.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Product-Sheet-Core-3500-Windows-Edition.pdf
  2. Yea i get that faster ram is better. But wasnt it actually making a difference only for high end cards? Im usually using upper mid range cards Also the Psu is ok?
  3. Hello i have a wishlist and im wondering if its alright. Im going to get a ryzen 5 3rd gen x non x variant depending on the price. I have as a case Fractal design core 3500. Do you think is ok to keep? im a casual gamer and not a pc maniac. your normal joe. not looking to show off or anything. Ill be using from old rig the 480gb ssd and case if it is fine and the GPU which ill keep next year as well a radeon rx 580 MSI gaming x(ill be upgrading this maybe late next year with upper midrage card as well) Is the PSU enough or should i get the 550 one? (unless you have other psu on same price range which is better-68 euros or 80 $). https://www.pcgarage.ro/vizualizare-wishlist/3995822/.
  4. https://www.cel.ro/monitoare-lcd-led/monitor-led-27-philips-276e9qdsb00-full-hd-ips-5ms-pNCYwNjYr-l/ or https://www.cel.ro/monitoare-lcd-led/monitor-led-27-philips-278e8qjab00-full-hd-4ms-gtg-pNSc7PTcp-l/ first is IPS and second is VA curved and has speakers
  5. anyone has any clue about the response time on this tv? https://www.emag.ro/televizor-led-smart-samsung-80-cm-32m5502-full-hd-ue32m5502akxxh/pd/DCYV67BBM/?utm_campaign=share+product&utm_source=mobile+app&utm_medium=android
  6. thats twice the price for me and is smaller yea if you use a card thats bigger than 30 cm will not fit in the slot at the bottom. in first slot you can put a 50cm card
  7. Idk about the airflow but you can use any gpu there since there is no gpu long enough to not fit there. is a big case
  8. its a good deal? already bought it. what do you think of the case