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  1. Franco093

    Portforward on external server with private VPN

    Also I am not familiar with IPSEC, if there is no IP interface regarding this IPSEC, @Alefsuggestion is a good idea to look at, GRE will encapsulated all traffic. Also look into SSH tunneling which allows you to create a tunnel over SSH and redirecting traffic without port forwarding. You can specify local machine ports to forward over SSH torwards to your Hertz Server.
  2. Franco093

    Portforward on external server with private VPN

    You don't need to port forward if the webserver is configured to listen to all interfaces on your local machine. Your local machines VPN IP will be the webservers local IP in which your VPN Server should be able to reach. From the VPN server end you may need to edit iptables to redirect port 80 and 443 comming from the public IP interface to the VPN interface on the server.
  3. Franco093

    Portforward on external server with private VPN

    I am a little confused, ok so your Hertz Ubuntu server is running the VPN server. Then you have your PC running a VPN client to connect to your server. You mentioned that this is working correct? If so why do you need to port forward anything?
  4. Franco093

    Portforward on external server with private VPN

    If the VPN is set up correctly you should be able to see if the port for IPSEC is open if you download nmap for Windows and scan the public IP address to see if it's open or not. It's a little redundant, you can also check the logs as well are you sure that the VPN.is running correctly?
  5. Franco093

    Portforward on external server with private VPN

    So you need to port forward the VPN Server side which resides in the Hertz server? Unless is public IP facing in which you don't have to do anything. I believe they have an interface which allows you to to edit traffic comming in or out. On the PC I don't believe you need to do any port forwarding if your PC is acting as a VPN client.
  6. Have you tried, winrm quickconfig on the server?
  7. You wanna give this command a shot? Open up CMD And try this netsh winsock reset
  8. Try reinstalling or updating the drivers for the nic card for your desktop. If your saying that your laptop works fine when connected then the issue is most likely on the desktop side. Before updating or reinstalling the drivers for the nic card try to reset your nic card aka adapter under network and share options.
  9. Franco093

    I have no idea anymore

    How is the routing setup? Are you using a virtual router? or do you have another VM running as a router?,
  10. Franco093

    Acces client via CMD?

    Can you event do a remote session with the client? Try test test-wsman -Computername "{computername}" If that doesn't work execute this on the remote computer wimrm quickconfig
  11. Franco093

    I didn't think it would be so hard.....

    I am mistaken, it looks like particular router does have that ability to do wireless bridge, I assumed not because its an old router lol.
  12. Franco093

    I didn't think it would be so hard.....

    The only possible way without any custom firmware is getting a 100ft Ethernet cable, and plugging that into your second AP, changing the second AP up address to a different subnet as the main router. It's just a matter of cable manging the cord lol
  13. Franco093

    Wake On LAN not working

    Wol can also work in Port 7 have you tried port forwarding that also?
  14. Franco093

    connect internet through wifi and lan cable

    While it is possible to use both, you may only have one default gateway based.on calculated metics (Done by default in Windows) so while yes it is possible to use both there can only be one gateway for all traffic ( -> gateway IP) can be set on either wifi or cable. If you asking how to force it to a certain interface do this: Open cmd Route print You will see two gateways on gateway IP on interface. You want to delete the route that goes to lan with Route delete (IP) netmask (mask) (gw IP) If this isn't the solution and you end up deleting a route and want it to auto populate flush the routes, reboot and you can start over, Dex is also correct there is no benefit of having both running at the same time
  15. Franco093

    Cheap 10 Gigabit Network Error

    That is strange, the host files seem to be ok. Are they in the same subnet?