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    i5-4690k Devil's Canyon
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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    G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB
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    Gigabyte 980 TI G1 Gaming
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    Fractal Design R5
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    2X Samsung Evo 850 500GB
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 750W
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    Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit

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  1. So wife is in need of a laptop for work, and we're thinking around the 500 range. Size of the screen isn't an issue, and she'll have to move it around constantly, so lighter the better. She'll most likely use it for excel, and some POS type stuff. SSD is a must. Any siggestions?
  2. I tried SLI once with 2 970's... Never doing that again. I strongly suggest you wait for the 1080 ti.
  3. I've tried about 4 different drivers, dating back to the time before I bought my 4k monitor, to no avail. It's still the same on idle. The only way that I was able to bring down the idle clocks was by disconnecting one of my displays. I tried disconnecting my TV, and vice versa. I found that the idle clocks went down to normal when only 1 display was connected. The moment there was 2, the idle clocks shoots up again. So I can only think this is happening because of my 2 4k displays... A damn shame... I was super excited. There's gotta be a fix for this...
  4. So I finally bought myself a 4k monitor, but ever since then I had been having this odd issue. I am running a HDMI cable to my 4k TV and Display Port for my 4k monitor on a single 980 ti. So the problem is that I am having maxed memory clock and 925mhz on the core clock on idle. Is this normal for running 2 4k displays? They're both 60 hertz if that makes any difference. Before I got my 4k monitor, I used to have a 4k tv/ 1080p monitor set up, which had no issues with idle clock speeds. HALP?
  5. Specs: i5 4690k GTX 980 ti 16gb RAM MSI Gaming 5 Motherboard 750w 80+ Gold PSU I tried every device I had that connects via USB. The front USBs don't work either. It's like the whole motherboard's USB controller and LAN just died. Now.... Here's the thing..... I have the Fractal Design R5 case. This case had a little door that opens up the front of the case revealing drive cages and fan filters. While putting the driver CD in and out of my computer, I closed the little door a bit hard that it slammed into the case. My computer then shut down and restarted by itself. Then... Well... The LAN works again... Same with the USB 3.0. WTF?! Anyways, the motherboard works like before again. I'm not sure what happened exactly, but I'm not going to complain. I guess the old school way of beating your hardware to make them work again really does work.
  6. I've flashed the BIOS multiple times already... No luck. The drivers were directly from MSI's website. I've also tried multiple versions. No luck. The CD doesn't even show the option to install Killer Network anymore. It gave me this option when I first set up my motherboard, strange.... I'm at a loss here guys... I can't think of anything else... I'm beginning to think the ethernet port or just the whole IO is fried or something. Thing is, all my other hardware is fine. There aren't any burn marks or anything on the motherboard.
  7. So this happened about 3 hours ago... I was on Youtube and every single USB ports and Lan turned off with the rest of the computer running. So my keyboard and mouse plus the internet was all down. I restarted it, and it worked in the BIOS, so I figured it was a driver issue. Uninstalled the USB 3.0 driver, and viola! My peripherals work. However, my Lan was still down. Now I uninstalled Killer Network, and tried to install it again. Problem is, now it's saying that my motherboard is NOT compatible with the software... WTF?! I've tried reinstalling Windows, but still the same problem. This is driving me NUTS! Anyone know what's going on here? Do I have to replace my motherboard??? I'm borderline about to get an Asus motherboard, considering I only chose the MSI for the fans.
  8. I have... But I just wanted to know specifically for the 980 ti. Anyways, I returned my EVGA 980 ti Classified, and got a Gigabyte 980 ti G1 Gaming. The difference is night and day... I've only been testing for a few hours now, but I currently have a very stable overclock. I'm sure with a little more tweaking, I can go higher but I'm more than satisfied at the moment. Core = +140 @ 1530 MHz Memory = +500 @ 8006 MHz Voltage = +45 @ 1.224 Max Temp = 76 C Max Fan Speed = 60% (The fans on this card are pretty damn quiet! Well, compared to my old Classified anyway. That thing was LOUD...) The G1 ran 6 to 8 C cooler than the Classified during gaming maxing out at 69 C, all the while maintaining a much higher core clock and little higher voltage. AND it was $20 cheaper than the Classified. I'm pretty sure it was just bad luck on the Classified, but I'm a happy camper right now.
  9. When I mentioned stock voltage, I meant for other Classified cards. I should have clarified, my bad. But yeah, I think I just lost on the silicone lottery.
  10. I'm actually thinking the same thing for my classy. Sad part is though, others have overclocked their Classified cards past 1500 MHz at stock voltage. Sooo I'm thinking I was screwed to begin with. lol What is your secret sir?! 1525 on both cards? Damn...
  11. Just get a pantyhose from your girlfriend or something and cut it to fit the openings. Done.
  12. Does your card ever downclock itself during load? This seems to happen to my card all the time... I don't know if it's designed that way or not, but it gets very annoying. There always seems to be a fluctuation of voltages causing downclocks.
  13. Just curious how everyone did on their overclocks. Please post your GTX 980 ti model, actual boost clock speed, memory, voltage, max temperature, fan speed at max temperature and your thoughts and opinions. For my Classy, I have: Core = +40 @ 1470 MHz (This was literally the best I could do... Even with fan speed at 100%, with +50 on voltage, it was unstable) Memory = +500 @ 8005 MHz Voltage = +30 @ 1.212 (This might be normal for Maxwell, but my voltage NEVER went above 1.212) Max Temp = 76 C Max Fan Speed = 50% On stock, my 980 ti Classified would boost to 1430 MHz by itself, then drop down to 1418 MHz after a little while with the voltage dropping also. However, when I added voltage, the voltage would remain constant with the core clock being constant also. If someone can explain this slight drop in performance, I'd really appreciate it.
  14. Ahhh thank you! This was just what I needed. Never used these guys before, I guess I'll try them out.
  15. uhh...I'm in the US. Would the shipping be ridiculous?