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Morgan MLGman

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About Morgan MLGman

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    I'm Morgan Freeman and I am a true Illuminati NoScope Master
  • Birthday 1995-02-09

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    Systems Engineer


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    Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.7GHz
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    Corsair Vengeance LED White 16GB 3200MHz DDR4
  • GPU
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    Phanteks Eclipse P400 TG White
  • Storage
    ADATA SP550 240GB M.2, Kingston UV400 240GB, Samsung 850 EVO 120GB (OS), WD Red 2TB, WD Blue 1TB
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    Corsair TX650M (2017)
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    AORUS AD27QD Tactical Monitor, DELL U2711
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    Corsair H100i V2
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G710+ with CherryMX Brown switches
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    Steelseries Rival 600 on a HP OMEN 300 XL mousepad
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    Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum
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    Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
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  1. Morgan MLGman

    LF a wqhd Monitor for coding and gaming

    For gaming (assuming you're not playing games like CS:GO competitively) the best panel type would be IPS, then it'd be VA. TN doesn't offer as good colors and viewing angles as those two. IMO 27" 1440p 144Hz is a sweet-spot for gaming and when it's also a good IPS panel it's just an amazing experience. I recommend you check out the AORUS AD27QD Tactical Monitor, it recently got certified by Nvidia as "G-Sync Compatible" so you can use variable refresh rate with both AMD and Nvidia cards on it. It has a high-quality IPS panel, 144Hz refresh rate etc. Linus did a review of that monitor:
  2. I can help you if you're having airflow issues with your P400 but you need to either need to create a new thread or use direct message, "reviving" old threads is not allowed so I'll close this thread - I'll contact you via PM.
  3. As I expected, my new AORUS AD27QD monitor just got added to Nvidia's official "G-Sync Compatible" monitor list! (Along with a few other models)

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    2. i_build_nanosuits


      Gsync compatible probably mean Nvidia ran all the testing on it and everything is working 100%...it still is using freesync and not gsync....but freesync on it is flawless...so Nvidia can recommend it and they certified the monitor works without any issues with their GPUs.

    3. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman

      @i_build_nanosuits I found out this:


      Speaking to PC World, an Nvidia spokesperson broke down the process of certifying a G-sync monitor into three stages.

      According to them, once approached by a vendor, they have to examine the specs (refresh-rate, flicker properties, response time, contrast, color) of the monitor to make sure that it can meet the requirements for G-Sync support.

      Then, they go through a process referred to as Display Development. Here, Nvidia work in tandem with the vendor to tune the panel and OSD experience to incorporate G-Sync.

      Finally, Nvidia run the monitor through a gamut of tests and assessments reviewing the quality and performance of not just the monitor itself but also the on-screen display and how well it reproduces the G-Sync experience.

      Following this, the monitor is given an Nvidia-approved G-Sync badge and the company’s stamp of approval.



    4. i_build_nanosuits


      Yeah...kinda like i said :)

      Nvidia run all tests on it and if they aknowledge Freesync give the same results as what a Gsync module would, it's approved!

  4. Hopefully those morons on CNN and MSNBC will shut up about Russia :P

  5. Morgan MLGman

    how to move os from hdd to ssd can someone help?

    If you cloned the drive properly (meaning that it's a bootable drive), you need to set the boot order in the BIOS. You need to essentially "tell" the BIOS to start the PC from another hard drive than it usually did and this setting should be called something like "Boot Priority", "Boot Order" etc. There should be a "boot" tab somewhere in the BIOS. If that doesn't help and your PC still boots from the old drive despite setting otherwise in the BIOS, it means that the OS wasn't cloned properly and the BIOS cannot detect the boot information on the drive, let us know if that's the case.
  6. What do you guys think, should I upgrade my 6700K to Zen 2 when it launches?


    It still gives great gaming performance once OC'd to 4,7GHz, however even at 1440p it gets nearly maxed out in recent Battlefield games on CPU-intensive maps and I'd honestly prefer to have a few spare cores.

    Ideally, I'm looking somewhere around 9900K's performance but I am not willing to pay the price of one and neither do I want to invest in Z390 as it's probably a "dead" platform already, meaning no upgrade path. And I was hurt by that fact with my 6700K - it was the first LGA1151 CPU and yet there's literally no upgrade available.


    It was a platform with no upgrade possible from the launch day if you bought a 6700K :(

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    2. Nocte



      I was hurt by that fact with my 6700K - it was the first LGA1151 CPU and yet there's literally no upgrade available.

      There is the 7700K. /s

      It is difficult to say for certain given the lack of benchmarks, but I think that you are better off waiting and upgrading to a Ryzen 7 (or maybe Ryzen 9 with 12 cores?) in June/July. According to rumours, leaks, etc. (still not a certain source though) it looks like that IPC and clockspeed improvements are going to put Zen 2 at least on par with Intel for gaming.

    3. Bananasplit_00


      I'm not switching from my I7 4790K any time soon, performance is still great, new CPUs are barely an upgrade even when spending €700 on the upgrade 

    4. XenosTech


      I was thinking to do the same with my 7700k. Temps are bonkers so OCing is out of the question. It's a wait and see for me right now.

  7. Morgan MLGman

    Best 1080p 100 -140fps gpu?

    Vega 56 or the 2060 are more than enough for 1080p, even with 144Hz refresh rate. The choice between those comes down to price - the 2060 is a few % faster, but it has less VRAM and it should be a bit more expensive. If the price difference is larger than $10 then I'd probably opt for the Vega 56 (only the aftermarket models though, blower-style ones are too loud in my taste).
  8. It probably won't be interesting to most people but my favorite group just released a new single and it's lit AF!

    @wkdpaul I'm tagging you because you liked the previous one ^_^

    1. Windows7ge



      It probably won't be interesting to most people

      What I think every time I post something about servers.

    2. Morgan MLGman

      Morgan MLGman

      @Windows7ge Well, I work with servers every day and while they're very interesting technologically (especially blade servers such as the new DELL/EMC MX7000 blade enclosure), after some time they're not that "exciting" because they don't change that fast :P

    3. Windows7ge


      That's quite the piece of tech. I've never liked the proprietary nature of a lot of branded server systems (Dell/HPE/SM). I like seeing standard platforms where you could put any other standard hardware you want in it and it'll work. That's how I built my latest server.

  9. Morgan MLGman

    Are all AIO water coolers loud?

    Be Quiet! makes Silent Loop series AIOs that will be quieter than the H100i V2. With that said, I actually have a H100i V2 with four fans on it and it's very quiet, and that's because I don't use the stock fans which are optimized not for silence, but for performance (aka as much static pressure as possible). Switch the fans to something like Corsair ML120 Pros and you'll notice the difference instantly. If you want to go hardcore on silence, I suggest you grab Noctua NF-F12 fans, they're designed to be used on radiators.
  10. Morgan MLGman

    Revisiting The iPhone 6S in 2019

    With that I agree, I didn't have any newer iPhones since the iPhone SE that I used for almost two years, but I like change so fairly frequent updates are a good thing. Even though they sometimes were a little buggy in the past IMO these are legitimate reasons to get or recommend an iPhone, although pricing and other issues like Apple reducing CPU performance to compensate for putting in a too small battery (what happened to the iPhone 6S/SE and the 8/X later on) are things to consider as well, since technologically I feel like Apple have lost the edge that they once had honestly... The OS argument is obviously the strongest IMO, I have a friend that flat-out refuses to buy (or even try) any other phones because he's so attached and used to the iOS. #KillThisLove hype train Now that I think of it, I'm into K-Pop for too long, I remember when Apink released the LUV song back in late 2014... Aaaand now I feel like I should stop talking about it lol
  11. Morgan MLGman

    Revisiting The iPhone 6S in 2019

    Yeah, I also think that the hole is a little weird, though I wouldn't say it's worse than a regular notch, I have a second phone (for work) with an iPhone-like notch and it's not a good solution IMO. Back to your point though - that's pretty much it, isn't it? The OS is the only thing that can be seen as an advantage to get an iPhone and that's purely personal preference. I've used both iPhones and Android phones, I actually had four iPhones in my life and honestly I can't see any major advantages of the iOS and there are some trade-offs here and there. An example of that would be uploading downloaded songs to an iPhone from a PC - an unnecessary hassle with iTunes etc. Apink is not my favorite girl group, but I find Chorong the most "adorable" among the members because of her way of being I've seen them on Weekly Idol a few times (back in the old days of WI). My personal favorites would be Blackpink and they're releasing a new mini-album in three days so I'm extremely hyped! //sorry for off-topic
  12. Morgan MLGman

    Revisiting The iPhone 6S in 2019

    [I'm relating to your status update about the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 6S] What would you actually lose out on if you went for the Galaxy S10 over the iPhone XS for example? Or even with your current S8, aside from a hardware upgrade obviously... It's good that you upgraded to the Android Pie OneUI update, it's a lot better. Try using the Night Theme, it saves battery and looks cool, especially when you drop down the quick menu that has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. I have the Galaxy S9 and I loved the update, it fixed some things that annoyed me on the Oreo one. P.S. Props for that Chorong gif avatar, haha! I had to think for a few moments to recognize her lol
  13. That's the beauty of those little 6-cores
  14. Oh, it's Apriil Fools' Day, note to self: ignore all the Tech News posts today :P

    1. VegetableStu


      every day is april fool's day






      slash ass?



  15. Morgan MLGman

    AMD Ryzen 3000 Paired with Nvidia Turing in Upcoming Asus Laptops

    Yeah - exactly, this would make no sense in a laptop It would also potentially make the laptop completely useless if the dGPU died, let alone issues like the increased heat and power consumption