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  1. You too? 2 summers ago I was working at a local golf course for 3 weeks, 7 hour shifts (6 AM to 1 PM), despite the hot weather, I wore a hoodie about half the time (mornings were chilly), and still managed to get my arms significantly darker than the rest of my skin. I now prefer thin long sleeved shirts for summers, not only because of sunlight, but mosquitoes.
  2. So the economic situation has fallen this low to justify letting volunteers to develop the area for a low price over actually doing it professionally... I guess it could give a vague idea about what should they do, but if they take it too much word-to-word, I can't see it being a good solution. The Google translation seems fine. Better than usual. Read the original through and it appears correct (the original article's length though is a joke; not much in-depth information). The prices seem silly because that's all they can afford to give as prizes... Really though, the economy of this country is sliding down slowly but surely. I'm not surprised if it eventually falls on the level of the rest of Eastern European countries.
  3. humorous and factual. me gusta. I'm pretty sure one doesn't loose just their finger when leaving... Just like with many organized crime syndicates, the only way to leave by their standards, is by death. Which is why ex-members try to hide from them if possible. That being said, a lot of ex-Yakuza have had yubitsume done to them (act of cutting their finger off), since a lot of ex-Yakuza were low-ranking members; apparently higher ranked members don't need to do that, they simply go down in rank. Guessing it might be to keep newcomers and less experienced members in-line... Though, whether or not this is true can be questionable, the more likely people to quit are said lower-ranked members. The rest are more likely to just continue their career. Only a matter of time until it spreads throughout Europe...
  4. You can't let yourself be held back by common sense. For that price, that bag better be durable as hell, be modular and have a ton of space... Most I have ever spent on a bag is 20€. Now starting to favor older stuff without decals, instead of the newer bags, which often make you a walking billboard due to their decals. I just prefer their lower price and their looks.
  5. Can either of you two show / describe how's that messenger bag, how well does it fair in real world use, how rugged it is and was it pricey? Just curious... I may have a bit too many bags at the moment, so not looking to get another... Sounds interesting... to say at least...
  6. Still needs to be a bit creepier than some portrayals of Koishi... EDIT: Apparently spoilers don't stay in quotes...
  7. The tagging seems to be adjusted for the dark theme, but it doesn't matter, it works. Pardon the potato quality. Guess compressing image an uneven number unsharpens the image colossaly.
  8. My brain just stopped when trying to read that, and I failed to comprehend it... I should probably try to not apply real life logic to anime, that equation simply doesn't work. Anime has its own logic (or lack thereof)...
  9. Hmm... Either that video is from some other country, or that's an airsoft rifle... While hunting rifles - magazine capacity capped at 5 (+1 in camber) for bolt-action rifles and 2 (+1) for semi-autos - are relatively easy to get a licence for, good luck getting large caliber cartridges. For hunting the largest common one I have noticed is .308 Winchester, and largest I have seen sold legally is "only" .338 Lapua Magnum, which is already seen as "overkill" for hunting. Fun fact: there's a town named "Lapua", where these is a large ammunition factory. I'm kind of curious who here are interested of these info dumps. No offense intended, but I am interested to know if people here read all of those and tr to remember it all. I read through all posts, nothing skipped, those posts are a bit confusing though... As for constructive criticism @valdyrgramr, you should probably divide the text into sections to make it easier to read. Unless it's my short attention span at play, then... Don't mind me, just voicing my opinion. Oh well... At least those posts are a lot more on-topic than what I ever post here...
  10. The laws regarding firearms, other weapons and self-defense varies within Europe from country to country, much like it varies in US state to state.Though the European Union has been trying to make it the same everywhere... by banning them all, and hoping that it'll decrease criminality. They were trying to hurry it up in the confusion right after the terrorist attack in Paris, thankfully a few countries disagreed with the new guideline, I don't know for certain what countries did, but at least Northern Europe pretty much turned that guideline down. What that guideline was about: only authority (police and government officials) could legally carry firearms, and this excluded everyone else, from civilians (for example hunters) to military. The opinions were mixed, to say at least... I might be wrong in some (if not all) regards to this particular topic, so don't trust my words. Also lets hope this doesn't spark another argument that closes the thread... Topics like these have a tendency to do that.
  11. Just read though all of the 25 - 30 pages of this thread, and all I can say is: this new forum is a clusterf*ck to read. Nothing is as clearly labeled as before, while notification floods are now gone you can't know exactly how many you have (relevant if following notification floods like this thread), the amount of space wasted is horrible... It'll take quite a while to get used to this. Not all changes are bad, but it's still rough on the edges. Doesn't even load without having JavaScript enabled... Yep, perfect representation of every website ever. I know your pain... And is that term "reverse weaboo" or "westaboo"... or something else? I keep forgetting her full name... It's not even that hard, but my memory is just horrible.
  12. If it was here: Life sentence. It's "only" 20 years sentence here, and in a prison that's essentially a mediocre hotel you aren't allowed to leave (and you can start to beg pardon around 15 years). If in US: Death sentence.
  13. Not this calculator in particular? Well, not exactly this, but the CAS version... Pardon the very low resolution image. Didn't have RX100 with me today. Yeah, our non-math students were forced to buy the CAS versions of these for some odd reason (and students had to pay it all by themselves), even though TI-84's or other cheaper calculators could have done the job.
  14. Steam roller might be a more merciful death than hundreds of mopeds... That being said, both should work. While mopeds might be light, that doesn't mean it won't kill you. People have died when hordes of people have ran over them hysterically, so mopeds shouldn't be all too different.
  15. We had to get those calculators as well for our non-math classes in high school. Used it for that first year I was in non-math, until I got kicked to brief math for being rather horrible at math. Ironically, my mathematical skills have started to deteriorate more quickly ever since I went to brief math. And after that first year, I never had to touch that calculator again, and had it basically forgotten in my backpack for 1,5 years until I finally dug it back up yesterday... 150€ well spent...
  16. I do swallow the nails... Am I weird?
  17. Not sure if it's an addiction or just a habit that stuck... eating my own fingernails. Which is the reason why I never need to cut my fingernails; they are perpetually short due to me chewing them every few days.
  18. Yesterday bought a 16GB USB-drive, today the Sennheiser OMX 185 headphones I ordered 3 weeks ago finally arrived.
  19. As if anyone with even half a brain would want to even befriend me? Good joke... I don't really care that much for hair color tbh. I find white, blonde, brunette and black hair all the be good looking. Red is the least liked hair color in my opinion. But again, better have some brains. I'd rather avoid idiots.
  20. Where is the opinion for "I don't give a damn"? I value brains over looks.
  21. Do you know if it was just some random person possibly hoping to get money from you, or if it was someone you know / a person who knows someone you know? (No need to answer this if you don't want to, just saying it now) Your life is quite interesting, if nothing else... Still rooting for a book "Life of Brownninja97" to be written... (How many hundred pages ago was this discussion? I still remember it somehow...) Would be the same here... Although instead of being known for making good beer, there would only be annoying drunkards... It might be easier to ask foreign people about stereotypes associated with your nationality. Though I can't think of anything stereotypical about today's Germany besides beer and precision engineering. Nothing easy (or cheap) to bring to school...
  22. Yeah, I tried to end my contract several times, as I didn't realise they didn't end the contract after the 24months, they just keep taking the payments until you tell them to stop. I still like my phone (HTC One M7), just it's a pain to update my music as the USB port is really particular about how the cable needs to be positioned. I could never understand the point of contract phones, and am still clueless. Never had a phone that was bought on-contract nor have any of them been over 200€ up front. Plus, as usual, every phone I have had (apart from one Nokia 3110C (no, not the legendary 3310) a while back) is second-hand acquired... I'm a cheapass when it comes to phones...
  23. It's enough for my needs, just some people here would think that I really need to upgrade this "fossil".
  24. As "outdated" and "slow" as you guys might see my rig, I'd rather save that money to pay rent, electricity, internet etc. bills in near future. I wouldn't bother spending Even 5% of that sum on the rig. Would only get a newer GPU (running 550Ti now), a better case and quieter cooling. That's it, really.