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Everything posted by GDRRiley

  1. I'd start with a 24-105 over a 24/28-70
  2. there are patterns but intel can't get more than 1/4 products out the door so the names are kinda a mess now
  3. he said intel is targeting that, but he and many of his sources don't expect it to be anywhere near that thats some internal goal
  4. canon SL3 EF glass is nearly universal
  5. not a bad shot for a night scene 24-105 F4 L on SL2: 105mm F4 iso200 1/500
  6. college HW, maybe a bit of work, go get pumpkins with my GF
  7. who the hell deiced DMCA was the right thing to try and use here. it isn't nor should its miss use have been honored
  8. don't quote that long of a comment we don't need to read it twice
  9. spend hours trying to get 2 cats with @mickkyy13tonight, we only got 1 and had to let it go when we couldn't get a good home for it tonight

  10. I'd help the background by making it a upwards curving white plastic sheet. that will give you that forever white background as for lights SL150II should do well with some larger softboxes
  11. for wanting display port and HDMI are you talking about a monitor? cus you can not plug the PS4 output into the output of a graphics card what codecs for 4k? I already see BMraw and Pro res
  12. so is the updated video ever going to replace the old one? where are we at with this
  13. I'd get whoever makes the cheapest new 4-5tb 7200 RPM drive.
  14. I'd be the A7IV is going to be a bit more exciting than these refreshes. A7SIII menus, 10 bit video ect nothing earth shattering but a lot better than the a7iii for video or hybrid shooters if they make an A7RV refresh that has those same features that could sell well
  15. you could just get a tighter lens for your A7, older manual only should fit under 250£
  16. there aren't huge margins in it. maybe if your dell getting large kickbacks from intel and 2$ windows from Microsoft you'll hit a decent double digit. yes ram and storage is way to much but most other items aren't crazy markups
  17. so there maybe 2-4 versions of 5000 APUs it isn't anything new to the rumor mill. RDNA2+zen2 RDNA2+zen3 vega+zen3 vega+zen2 meh until we know more nothing exciting
  18. ah this never ending thing. why should anyone listen to you guys. we already know what you do, thanks snowden
  19. I'm not in a salty state. I'm just going to get the pads I want then I'll let my shop do the rest, they've been use for 20 years my rears are drums
  20. I'll grab their element 3 pads. then I need to talk to my shop and see when I can get it in
  21. I’m needing some new break pads and shoes for my 2000 civic. Anyone got options on what I should get.