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    500Gb 850Evo, 250gb 750evo, 5TB X300 Toshiba
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  1. Clean energy airplanes questions

    * not in normal use while flying, it can be used during engine failure or accidental shutdown in fight but it normally only used on the ground but not all planes even have APUs No its my favorite source of power. it works great
  2. Good affordable internal 3'5 HDD for NAS

    yes, enterprise/nas have longer designed life span are can handle vibrations better
  3. Good affordable internal 3'5 HDD for NAS

    all the brands nas/enterprise will do fine.
  4. [Question] Searching for an Old Photo

    you can search by file ending so .png or .jpg or what ever raw format you may use
  5. can a 5870 play modern games?

    you would likely have to be sub 720P and minmum and then get 15-30fps based on how the hd5850 did. it will on a hd 5850 so it shoud.
  6. can a 5870 play modern games?

    overwatch and source games should do fine but pubg will not as the card is close to a gt 1030 and that card struggles.
  7. true but it does hep the world.
  8. dam. well get 6-7 780s and crank away. or you could fold.
  9. true but some types like simulators run better on more core cpus.
  10. no, some games do like more than 6 cores 12 threads they are rare but they do exist.
  11. I am upgrading to 100/100 internet so happy, while its not the 1gb up and down that may be coming next year, still so much better than the ~18down .5-1.5 up.

    Not quite yet as AT&T hasn't finished yey



    Also map update:

    the main farm+BGA+cow area are now done. 

    still need to change terrain and add the rest of fields. also need to finish town+sellpoints. at about 20 hours now and it does load but there are close texture issues.

  12. Your Crypto is powered by Lava Lamps

    its sealed in a box and you would likely get more from X-rays than standing there for a year.
  13. Interoffice Broadcast

    obs can run almost all of the CPU.