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  1. they often have a week or 2 in que, it would make sense to shuffle the order if 1 is screwed up and needs to be re written and then reshot. @jmart604
  2. we will just added it to the list of messed up techquickie vidoes. Its slowly growing over time.
  3. It's a little more involved than I'm willing to get, and because my dad was actually the one who broke it off I don't have to pay for it. It my mechanical deal when he gets it on Monday, I don't need a car till Saturday and even then I could borrow one of my Parents
  4. Hackintosh Tutorial?

    it won't. It is based on UNIX at its core.
  5. Please 45 drives and seagate we need another petabyte project all tho this one should hold a petabyte not be a petabyte worth of drives.
  6. Hackintosh Tutorial?

    nope its now cool. na Snazy labs does a lot of them and he has been fine so far.
  7. well then a 1300 or 2200G would be the minimum with 4 true cores, if you want 4 cores 8 threads the 1400 or 1500X are about 40-50$ more than the 2200G
  8. yep you should be able to. Its like an 2-7th gen i3 for cores and thread count.
  9. just overall. I know where to get full i5 systems from 2nd and 3rd gen maybe as new as 4th gen for about 100$ but most people can't. almost everywhere used your looking at 50-60 for board that supports 2nd or 3rd that isn't a Dell OEM board that only fits 1 model.
  10. the issue with many of the i5s is that the board costs more than a cheap ryzen board.
  11. no there likely will be some laptop and embedded ones still dual cores in a few years
  12. Iced Tea in my Newly Constructed Desktop

    basically wash Motherboard, GPU, and ram with 99% alcohol it should force any water out.
  13. NCIX Data breach 2018

    I know that based off my mom, she was one of the people who was part of the breach.