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    I-5 6600K
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    Asus z170-m
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    GTX 970 @ 1400
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    500Gb 850Evo, 250gb 750evo, 5TB X300 Toshiba
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    Acer G257HU at 85hz
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    Rosewell RK9000--V2
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    Corsair Saber RGB
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    ATH-30 w/ modmic
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    Windows 10
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  1. How often do you upgrade?

    new gpu likely in 2018 new cpu+mobo in 2020ish.
  2. I did, I said don't try, a board with holes for standoffs would be more future proof that is my point.
  3. nothing is future proof so don't try.
  4. Need help finding a suitable setup

    you could run something like tripple acer predator 1440p ultra wides with 2 1080p panels up top from more space.
  5. [reBuild Log] Zen Clarity

    nice work looks good.
  6. Minimum hardware requirements

    then get a LGA 771 cpu+ workstation mobo, get some ECC DDR2 or DDR3(if you mobo uses it) and while it may not be that power efficient it should run non stop for years
  7. LSI MegaRaid controller with 10TB drives?

    just enough space to super charger it.
  8. Starting storage server on x58

    a decent 2u case is this https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811192417 try and get 4+TB drives. the seagate ironwolf NAS drives are about .32-.33$ a GB
  9. I love this game it goes on sale a lot for 50% off on steam, but 95% off wow.
  10. well everyone else doesn't follow that, I recommend a lot of parts I have never used because they have good reviews. @Punk91903 look at unlocked i5s or some of the xeon e1200s with hyper threading
  11. server psu in a desktop

    my old dell t3400 has a suppermicro 2u 80+bronze 525W in it, other than the fan constantly spinning it works so i am not surprised
  12. they made the for low end chips to get you onto ryzen, ryzen should use the same mobos for 2 more generations so its a good idea, also for the APU fast ram is important and DDR4 is much faster than DDR3
  13. yeah modding MC is supper easy for the java version
  14. KBL on Z370: NO

    Well I know I will not be getting a Coffee lake chip because it will not work in my z170 mobo, and I don't want to get a new one