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  1. CableMod cables do not fit

    You need staples, needles don't really work. Do not use 3rd party tools, they tend to not work, Damage the terminal & Connector or you will struggle to get it to work. I suggest only using the official tool for terminal extraction made by Molex. You can buy the tool from the following place. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Molex/11-03-0044?qs=%2fha2pyFaduilNHMC564LRU3%2fla3tDwRTxVkDOo4ce74%3d Mouser has a warehouse in just about ever region in the world. Molex Product Page: https://www.molex.com/molex/products/datasheet.jsp?part=active/0011030044_APPLICATION_TOOLIN.xml&channel=Products There a Distro Checker on the site to see if any place around you carries it. If not just put in 11-03-0044 into google and see what stores shows up. If all that fails MDPC-X ships world wide and they carry the tool. https://www.cable-sleeving.com/cable-sleeving-tools
  2. CableMod cables do not fit

    you guys should looking into improving your Q&A a bit. Seem few more issues then normal as of recently with some of products coming out of your store. Maybe someone on the production lining is not paying close enough attention when review the product before shipping it out. Of course there going be a issue from time to time due to human error. ---- One is EPS I believe photo bit blurry to get a close enough look. The connectors can be replaced easily, just need to grab PCie/VGA/GPU connector from any sleeving shop like Mod-One.com or Ensourced.net (I favor Ensourced.net connectors since there higher grade). I dislike HWT connectors due to cheap quality, I would avoid that brand if you can. CableMod is good at correcting the problem if they sent you the wrong item even months or years later.
  3. As I said previous allot of things have held me back like shipping times and small health issues. Plus over the course I re-did a few things when took time to alter.
  4. Any tips on raising feet of case?

    Then I suggest getting the feet from Mod-One.
  5. Aqua-Computer has officially listed my pump as EOL. Which is strange since Aqua-Computer doesn't have a replacement version that supports AquaBus. I'm guess there new products are about to announced. Since last firmware to AQ6 also installed updates needed to run the new products.
  6. Any tips on raising feet of case?

    It would take some force to actually move the case. It would even be harder to move if the case has custom loop.
  7. Any tips on raising feet of case?

    The wheels have locks. It would takes a bit of force to actually move the case, Specially if the case sits on carpet or other such surfaces.
  8. Any tips on raising feet of case?

    I use Wheels so I can also move the case if needed. Link: http://www.caselabs-store.com/caster-kit-hd/ There designed for Case-Labs. They work with many other cases too, if needed they can be modded in very easily. If you don't want wheels these work great too. I have a pair and they look and built amazingly. Link: https://mod-one.com/pc-modding-accessories/pc-case-feet/full-size-pc-case-feet/ Here are some more all are made in-House: https://mnpctech.com/pc-computer-stereo-desktop-case-feet/ ------ Photos were hard to take, I also have a drains for my custom loop. Here are the other ones I have, they were to short for me since I had to add a drain in my case.
  9. V1200 custom cables

    If the cables are not compatible, all that needs to be done is switching a few of the wires around. The terminals can be removed by a staple or official tool made by Molex. PSU makers update there pinouts from time to time, Cable/sleeve makers can't always promise they will work since they may not have access to the new pinout or new PSU.
  10. I got my old Barrow fitting from Aliexpress(Different Build), There 3 dollars per fitting. Link: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/431286?spm=2114.10010108.0.0.3c8b3141C7Ezxr
  11. Barrow is cheaper, It's allot harder to get a hold of the fittings within the US and other countries that's not China.There only a few suppliers, ModMyMods being the biggest followed by TitanRig on Amazon(I don't think they carry the new version yet). Barrow is basically Bitspower, Minus color is a bit different(They don't match bitspower fittings). Barrow Black is a bit duller and doesn't have the shinny texture bitspower has. I do really like Barrow new V4 16mm fittings(There no longer carbon copy of Bitspower). Wish there were out when I was ordering fittings. ------- Who Wants the 1 Million Dollar PC (Still not sure why it's a million dollars even if you add everything up it doesn't reach 1 million dollars. Not sure if this is an early April fools joke or not. Link: http://www.performance-pcs.com/valentines-modded-case.html ------ First RGB Cable 100% Complete, the Y cable is going to be a pain to do (Mainly due to the length, it's very short). I have two idea on how to do it, It's a little more difficult to do since connector and sleeving has to be on the wire while soldering the one side. ---- Cable Cleaning: Cables that still need to be added (Mainly on the right side, This is the left side). - Sata Power - Sata Data - EPS Cables - ATX - GPU Cables - RGB Cables --- I was able to find to find a Molex quality connector for GPU/PCie. Completely un-water marked. There also a traditional GPU/PCie style connector it's slightly water marked.
  12. Best 360mm rad that's 45mm wide or less?

    HardWare Labs, Since it's has to be less then 45mm that would be the GTS.
  13. Glass tubing?

    - WaterCool Tube Res is also glass and uses POM for the top and bottom. Which is better built then XSPC. - MoonSoon tends to use Imperial size fittings(They have some metric fittings too, Not sure what series). Mayhem and AlphaCool use metric system(AlphaCool does have a warning on there site not to use MonSoon fittings with there tubing), Metric & Imperial sizes will not work together. Example of two ways of doing bends:
  14. Glass tubing?

    Glass is allot harder to deal and you also need proper safety gear. Inhaling glass dust can be deadly, You also need different tools then what is used for PETG or Acrylic. Glass bending is not something that should be tried at home unless you know exactly what your doing. Only Mayhem and AlphaCool sells glass tubing. If your interested in Glass you can take a look at my build Log. My current build is using all glass tubing.
  15. You don't want to use PrimoChill fittings. They are imperial fittings, Mayhems & AlphaCool tubing is metric and require metric fittings. I guess without data I can't really say for sure. I would read up or watch the videos on youtube for doing the tubing ends.