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    That stuff is garbage, I would never use that stuff. Use high Thermal Paint, Like paint that is used on grills. You can find it easily at Lowes or Home Depot. This Paint also will work: https://shop.cardinalpaint.com/collections/cardinal-stock/products/cardinal-black?variant=28494647235 It also gives it a nice powder coating look to it. BK59 is the one I use.
  2. Magewell It's on there website somewhere that CPU usage is very low. Also HDR is heading to the card shortly, the firmware is in testing now.
  3. Raw 4K60 Footage, before Encoding phase. Actually the CPU is not required that much since I have built in video engine in my capture card that does most of the work. ------ It seems Extreme VI is constantly out of Stock.
  4. FrozenCPU owner had a melt down and fired everyone. All former employee's formed a shop called Modsmymods which is very trust worthy, I have order from them dozens of times. Performance-pcs.com is the only place I buy from that sell EK products.
  5. Gauging public interest, what case?

    Bitspower blocks are not that Great, If you want a MonoBlock I suggest looking at EK.
  6. I'm was talking about Blu-Ray UHD disc which requires everything I listed, link you posted is only for Netflix. ------ By time Intel brings out bigger drives Samsungs Z-NAND SSD will be out. ---- 900p wouldn't be useful at all, I would run out of storage half way through recording. I already have 3x(2TB Each) 850 in Raid-0. I thought of Switching out the X99 board and getting Skylake-X board. Not sure it's worth doing, Since I been hearing the Asus boards are a bit unstable.
  7. Gauging public interest, what case?

    Case-Labs do have Bullet cases if you want something Small, There only 200 dollars and you can fit a 280 radiator inside one. InWin 509 looks nice.
  8. HDMI 120Hz right ?

    HDMI can do 144hz at 1440p on HDMI 2.0. Anything below HDMI 2.0 144hz can only be obtained at 1080p.
  9. Gauging public interest, what case?

    Other: Case-Labs There a new SMA8 going to be released soon. I personally love my case, THW10. Which I consider to be god tier, There is allot of space to fit anything you want inside of it. Most Cases have pedestals if you need even more space.
  10. Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv this case and the ATX version has problems with heat and airflow, It's a giant heat trap and doesn't vent the hot air out properly. There's not enough vents for the hot air to escape. I would get the modded top from Modmymods.com CPU Block, WaterCool currently has the best CPU block on the market. Basically just go with WaterCool when you can. Link: http://shop.watercool.de/epages/WatercooleK.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WatercooleK/Categories/Wasserkühler/"CPU Kühler" GPU: Same best on the market Link: http://shop.watercool.de/epages/WatercooleK.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WatercooleK/Categories/Wasserkühler/GPU_Kuehler Ram Doesn't need cooled, You can buy Ram waterblocks if you want. Harddrives M.2 - They do sell waterblocks for these drives since the drives do get very hot. Pump - Aqua-Computer Aquabus version (Which has USB port, Temp & alarm support ) AC pump would be the best for control, It does work without the AQ6 device, you will just use the USB input instead of the Aqua-bus. PWM pump will work too. Pump/ Comb - I suggest getting WaterCool or Aqua-Computer combo. Both use Glass instead of that cheap Plexi that allot of companies like to use. Link: http://shop.watercool.de/epages/WatercooleK.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/WatercooleK/Categories/Ausgleichsbehälter/"HEATKILLER® Tube für D5" Radiator thickness, If you can get something like 54mm range it would be good, 280 would be my suggestion. 140 rads will always be better since you will have more cooling surface. Hardware Labs in my opinion are some best rads on the market. Make sure you look at the FPI on the rads before buying any rad. If your looking for silence you want low FPI. Link: http://hardwarelabs.com/ GTS: Slim Series SR-2 Multiport + Low FPI and high Flow (Lowest FPI HWL makes) GTX: Low FPI for low rpm fans GTR: Higher FPI for High RPM Fans
  11. Zero Radiator Fans - Possible?

    You could use sound proof materials and other methods to make the pump un-audible to the human ear. To the OP, no matter what you do a PC creates noise, Motherboard, Harddrives, Coolant moving through the tubes & radiators.
  12. 2 Separate loops

    EK does sell Aluminum fittings. Link: https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-acf-alu-fitting-10-13mm-black --- As long as it's in the same class there is no risk of mixing metals. Brass is made from copper. As for nickel ( Cu-Ni ) are alloy's from copper. Pure copper can be very expensive. ThermalTake choices make no sense what so ever, they claim you can mix the parts without any issues. That's been proven wrong already with photos of someone used there rads and blocks together. You shouldn't even be looking at TT if you want to watercool.
  13. RGB Pin Size & Longer Tail Size?

    Get a bigger Monitor Dupont Terminal is 0.64". ------ The one header is 0.25/.010 hopefully it's small enough to fit inside the RGB PCB.
  14. RGB Pin Size & Longer Tail Size?

    Dupont is to large, there same as CL Grid III and SL.
  15. RGB Pin Size & Longer Tail Size?

    I was trying different series from SL to C-Grid III to see if any would fit inside RGB holes. They all were to big, I know Molex will create custom Headers if I need them. Maybe I should try that. None of the LED companies have datasheets for RGB pins. I don't have anything to properly measure something of that size.