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  1. Never ever use FrozenCPU. The owner went insane years back. There a video on him smashed a 10K PC that was sent to frozenCPU as a Gift. He then fired everyone. Most of the former employee's formed a website/store called Modmymods.com. It has great support & stock, Very trust worthy site. Modmymods is also on Amazon.com marketplace. ----- Some of these sites wiring is on the cheap end of things, it's why it's do cheap. Performance-pcs wiring comes from Moddiy. I have some of the wiring from Performance, it's on the cheap side. I personally would use Mouser.com or an actual Sleeving supply shop. All my 16AWG wiring comes from Mod-One. I use the thicker version. It's by far my favorite sleeving supply shop for wiring, Sleeving & heatshrink. I use Molex Branded connectors & gold plated terminals for my cables. Which no store carries, so that all comes from mouser. If you want the links for Molex connectors & terminals I can put the links up. Wiring 16AWG 2.5 OD Link: https://mod-one.com/m1-custom-2-4mm-od-black-16awg-25ft/ My 22 AWG comes from AlphaWire bought via Mouser. It may be a bit more expensive, but it high grade wiring & made in the US. ---- It also doesn't have to be 1007, 1007 just code reference for the style of wiring it is. Most use 1007 since it's the cheapest hookup wire available due to fact it's PVC at 300v. The wiring just has to be Hookup Wire with 300v or 600v. For my 22 AWG I use AWM 11028.
  2. Phanteks RGB Pin out

    There just JST SM Connectors with the pins/Sockets. DarkSide uses the same connectors for there RGB lighting. You can build your own RGB cables which can lock down to the pins. You don't have to use those end connectors. There also some RGB Female cables that RGB connection are placed farther back allow the pin to snap to the cable.
  3. About case lighting

    There plenty who still use Molex. It doesn't matter if it's Molex or Sata. They both use the same voltage from the same source.
  4. Cables mod question

    That why molex created a pin removal tool, You can swap out the housing if needed. I never liked that connector along with the 6+2 connector.
  5. Cables mod question

    There both listed for 21.90. The wiring is exactly the same so there no reason to charge extra.
  6. Maybe Darkside doesn't make the 3-pin version. AquaComputer does sell additional aquabus cables both in 3-pin & 4-pin. you could just remove one of the wire from the cable & replace the connectors with 3-pin.
  7. You get one with Splitty 9 (Un-Sleeved). You can also use a split fan cable extension (I think Darkside makes one up to 8). Just be aware of the watts your using. I doubt you will come close to maximum watts allowed. You have a max of 30 watts, 40 if you have the heatsink addon. Do a Search on Dazmode for "Aquabus" & you should get a few choices. They only come in black. Well it would be allot more with my setup. I just left the obvious stuff out.
  8. UV LED -> DarkSide Connect Cable to 3-pin Fan connector -> Spliity9 -> 3-Pin Fan dual Female -> PowerAdjust 3(Standard for those who have AQ, Anyone else will need Ultra version) -> AquaSuite
  9. 20pin motherboard connector or 24pin?

    If your motherboard is 24 pin, you should be using 24-pin Connector. Power might be unstable, Not sure what effects it will have in the long run. read/download your motherboard manual & check out the pin layout for the motherboard. Check to see if all the pins are being used. If four are not being used then your PSU is fine. But if all 23 (One pin will not be used) pins are being used then I suggest getting a 24-pin connector.
  10. No you don't need a "fancy LED strip" it just makes things easier. You may need RGBl cable to be able to plug them into the header. You need a basic RGB extension cable with Female connector at the one end. I know Motherboard makers do supply some RGB cables. Some companies make Aura ready LED strips. I personally would grab darkside RGB strip since they make best lighting for PC's. Link: https://www.dazmode.com/store/product/asus-aura-12-30cm-dimmable-rigid-rgb-led-strip I would need to check the datasheet on the rgb lighting you have. Some RGB I have you can power an entire meter with only 7.2 watts. I wouldn't power 4 meters of LED's with a single header, It just doesn't have enough power.
  11. Cables mod question

    you can buy 8 EPS or the 4+4 EPS(Which can be used as 4 or 8 EPS). When making my cables I stick with non-break connectors (aka 8 EPS).
  12. Aquaero 6 issue

    No offense Seriously how are you not getting this? Each device has writing on it & it tells you exactly how to plug it in. You then match the same order on the motherboard side. All this is covered in the manual along with the quick guide sheet.
  13. I have some item arriving from Dazmode on Monday as well, Mainly more glass from Mayhem. It's hard to get a hold of mayhem glass for some reason(I'm guessing since they check all the glass made by hand which takes time). Also have some G2 lighting arriving. I haven't decided yet what color my Reservoir will be yet. Side Note. G2 Light is same lighting used in BMW's and other high cars. ------ Here is UV on my Res, I did have to trim the PCB board so it would fit inside the LED slots on my Res. I do not suggest trimming the PCB board unless you know exactly what your doing. Also the more UV Lighting added the better it UV effect will be. ----- I can't really test the UV yet since I'm waiting on some Molex Fan terminals to finish building my DarkSide Cables. Going be working on RGB cables first since there going to take more time to make & configure.
  14. Aquaero 6 issue

    Read the back of the the device it will tell you exactly what order to plug it in. Some devices are different from others. It really doesn't matter what order you plug it in as long as it's the same at each end. Wire is wire, first wire doesn't hold any unique properties that wire 5 doesn't hold.
  15. Aquaero 6 issue

    I mean the cable is backwards.