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  1. I'd rather this topic didn't become a battle between internal and external. Please suggest something in relation to the question topic
  2. What device would you recommend for an external setup? I think for the moment, I was looking at the Fiio E10K, because of its portability so I could take it with me and connect it to my phone. Ideally there are two scenarios here, invest in a dac/amp which can power my headphones and a mic setup in the future. Or invest in a portable dac/amp which can be used with my pc and my phone.
  3. Cheers for that, I hadn't taken internal sound cards into consideration. Would my Samsung smartphone from 2017 power them well enough to listen without getting a portable amp? Ideally, I'd like to invest in an external amp which can power my headphones but also a microphone setup in the future too. Any recommendations there?
  4. Hi all, I've just purchased a pair of DT 770s 250 ohm headphones. After some research I've noticed people mentioning a DAC/AMP is needed to power the 250 ohm model. I've no experience in the audio area and I'm sure a lot of people are scared off by it just like I am. I've had the same €50 pair of Sony headphones for over 6 years. Since I need to invest in a DAC/AMP, is there anything budget friendly which I can use to power these headphones? I was also thinking of buying an XLR mic down the line to record some singing and guitar audio. Maybe the DAC/AMP could also support these so I don't need to upgrade once I do invest in some audio gear? Thanks in advance.
  5. Have zero access to another PC and won't have for another while thanks to this virus pandemic. I messaged a friend to ask him to do it but he didn't want to open up his PC.
  6. Yes I am aware of the conductivity of the thermal paste. I cleaned the paste shown in the pictures and while doing so I noticed a piece of metal lodged between two transistors (I think that is the little metal things around the chip), I removed that and reapplied thermal paste thinking I'd found the problem but no luck. Today I'm just going to reflow the GPU, nothing to lose at this stage and would be cool if it works.
  7. The seller sold it as working. It's looking like I may have been scammed. I'm going to clean up the thermal paste and give it another go. The lights do show when the PSU is connected to it and the fans spin when starting up, what is a vbios problem?
  8. Yes it was used for sure. Screws were opened on back. Somone definitely reapplied the thermal paste at some point. I also noticed inside the card something slippered sprayed over the vrm heatsink. Some photos:
  9. eBay. Also just noticed leaving the PC powered on with the GPU in it for a while, the pipes get pretty hot to touch.
  10. I'll make this as simple as poossible to understand. I built a new Ryzen PC (important, No iGPU) early last month. I paired it with a GTX 970 intending to upgrade. The PC worked perfect. I found a GTX 980 for the same price I bought the 970 for, so I ordered it and sold my 970, free performance Sad story, GTX 980 arrived today, plugged it in and there is no output on the display. Nothing at all at any point. Now for some things I've done and noticed. Yes, I have made sure everything is connected properly. I have cleared the CMOS both by taking out the battery and by using a screwdriver to the pins. I noticed that when powering down the PC with the GPU in it, it will shut off instantly, as soon as I press the power button. When the GPU is not in the PC when powering down, it will shut off similar to what it would when it's in Windows, slightly delayed. Does this mean that absolutely nothing is happening when the GPU is in the PC? I'm not sure. The card is a Asus Strix GTX 980. It has 3 x DP, 1 x DVI & 1 X HDMI port. I have tried both the DVI and HDMI port with different monitors and different cables. No luck. Unfortunately, I do not have a monitor which supports Displayport or a DP to HDMI adapter so I cannot test them. I'm guessing the previous card owner used the Displayport. Would this be why it's not working for me? Would buying a Displayport (source) to HDMI (output) adapter work for me? I have noticed cards in the past only work with a specific output type which they are used to. The last thing I want to do is take apart the PC or taking out the CPU or other parts etc. Please share any knowledge you may have which could help. Thanks! Pictures of Card:
  11. I can update and say that 19.2.2 no longer has the version bug. Although the Wattman crash error has happened 2 times in the past 3 hours. Is there any way of preventing the wattman crash happening? I do not have any overclock applied, everything in Wattman is set to default.
  12. So I am currently running version 19.1.1 of AMD Radeon Settings. My graphics card is an MSI R9 290. If you take a look at the screenshot image below, my "New Recommended" driver version is the same driver version I have installed, that surely is a bug? No matter how many times I reinstall the driver it is recommending I install the same version I have. I have no yet tried to update to 19.2.2, would that be the best option to do? The reason why I would be scared to update is because 19.2.1 would not work at all, my computer would constantly crash, giving off a buzzing sound, and then once restarted it says "Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure". I have tried so many fixes for this and nothing has helped. Any help or suggested plans of action in relation to Radeon Settings suggesting I install the same version I already have, or taking a chance on upgrading to 19.2.2, is greatly appreciated.
  13. So just a quick updated. I tried Windows 7 and Linux and both did not work either. I updated the ROM on the Graphics Card to the latest available version, made very little difference. After installing the drivers, windows would boot but still would stutter like crazy, the driver would keep crashing and sometimes the computer would shut down by itself. Time for this GPU to head to the GPU graveyard