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  1. I can update and say that 19.2.2 no longer has the version bug. Although the Wattman crash error has happened 2 times in the past 3 hours. Is there any way of preventing the wattman crash happening? I do not have any overclock applied, everything in Wattman is set to default.
  2. So I am currently running version 19.1.1 of AMD Radeon Settings. My graphics card is an MSI R9 290. If you take a look at the screenshot image below, my "New Recommended" driver version is the same driver version I have installed, that surely is a bug? No matter how many times I reinstall the driver it is recommending I install the same version I have. I have no yet tried to update to 19.2.2, would that be the best option to do? The reason why I would be scared to update is because 19.2.1 would not work at all, my computer would constantly crash, giving off a buzzing sound, and then once restarted it says "Default Radeon Wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure". I have tried so many fixes for this and nothing has helped. Any help or suggested plans of action in relation to Radeon Settings suggesting I install the same version I already have, or taking a chance on upgrading to 19.2.2, is greatly appreciated.
  3. So just a quick updated. I tried Windows 7 and Linux and both did not work either. I updated the ROM on the Graphics Card to the latest available version, made very little difference. After installing the drivers, windows would boot but still would stutter like crazy, the driver would keep crashing and sometimes the computer would shut down by itself. Time for this GPU to head to the GPU graveyard
  4. The thing that confuses me the most is the GPU works completely fine when booting and using Windows once the graphics drivers are not installed. I booted into safe mode and I uninstalled them and now it works fine, but obviously this is not ideal.
  5. How can I test that the rest of the machine is fine and the card is at fault? I don't have another computer to put the 770 into.
  6. I partly guessed it was the GPU. I don't have another PC I can test it in but I am on the lookout for another used card, might go with a 1050Ti this time as I'd be guaranteed longevity as its much newer. Luckily the guy who sold it to me refunded me and allowed me to keep the card so I assume he knew it was toast yeah. I might just try and take it apart at this stage and put it all back together, can't do more harm really.
  7. Thanks for coming to my post. This will be quiet a lot to take in but I'm sure there's someone out there who can solve this and point the problem out to me. So I bought a Dell Optiplex 7010 with an i5-3470 and 8GB Ram. I swapped the PSU out for a Silverstone Strider 700W PSU and added in an MSI GTX 770, that was all plain sailing. The problems started happening right off the bat, at first there was no display signal on the monitor at all. I would turn on the switch on the PSU and the computer would power on without me even pressing the power button. Then if I'd switch the power supply off the computer fans would still spin up for a second without any power source. I did a little research and did a NVRAM, BIOS and CMOS reset to ensure everything was at its default state. I managed to get a signal on the monitor after this but it is still not displaying sometimes. The boot time was really sluggish, definitely over a minute long, I have a 500GB Seagate HDD. Of course the first thing I did once booted was download Nvidia's graphics driver for the GTX 770, that's when stuff got really bad. After installing the latest drivers the desktop was freezing every few seconds, the mouse was not movable and then the PC would just shut itself off without warning. Then on that first reboot after driver installation, if I am lucky enough to get a signal, windows would boot and I get a constant message saying that the display driver has crashed and successfully restarted, I would be completely spammed with this notification. The computer would be unusable and turn itself off again. Next reboot would display a BSOD saying "Video TDR Failure nvlddmkm.sys". There is nothing I can do now, Windows just won't boot or allow any graphics drivers to be installed. Still, without the drivers installed it's still hit or miss it'll even display a signal. I have attached some images showing some display on the monitor. Any help or input at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks ☺
  8. Cheers so I think it's a good deal after looking up the parts individually. Would you reckon it's worth the upgrade from an i5-3470? Or should I just opt for a Ryzen 3 1200?
  9. So I plan on throwing together a used gaming PC on the best budget I can, inspiration of Scrapyard Wars I guess you could say. I found for sale in my area, an i5-3570k with an Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe for €200 including postage to me. Is this a good deal or should I source elsewhere? Thanks in advance!
  10. Need a professional microphone for my streaming and YouTube. Also want to do some singing. And need a good pair of Studio Headphones. A pair of earbuds won't do anything for me.
  11. At the moment I am looking to purchase a pair of DT 990 250 Ohm headphones, an Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone and a metal box (Audio Interface) to power both the XLR phantom power and headphones I plan on purchasing. What I Need Help With 1. What audio interface would you recommend under €50? 2. What cables do I need which don't come with the Mic or Audio Interface? Any additional XLR cables? 3. What boom arm would you recommend for the AT2020 for my desk? N.B. Audio Interface needs to support both 48V Phantom Power for the AT2020 and power the DT990's. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. I'm still tweaking around with overclocking both the CPU and GPU but both so far are very reasonable with a slight OC. As for strip lighting, I already have like 10 meters of it stuck to the top of the skirting boards around my office which shines up the walls illuminating the whole room. Wanted just fans for the case. But I'm based in Ireland, if you could find me a nice strip which delivers to me I could work something out on both fan and strip sides. Cheers.
  13. Where would you suggest installing the 2 fans? Maybe at the top instead of installing 4 I could install 2? Closer to the front side?
  14. Well said. Although mine has a huge fan for intake at the front then one at the back which I am looking to get. The the other 4 fans are bunched together on one side meaning they all need to be pulling the same way....