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  1. It will depend on what standard of PoE your cameras are using, can you link them?
  2. I'd say it's performance in AVX workloads is probably on-par if not better with the AVX2 update in Zen 2 as well...
  3. A mATX sized Mac Pro with consumer chipsets starting with an i5 and RX 5600 wouldn't be terrible... Configurable up to an i9-10900K and RX 5700XT (or maybe big Navi?)
  4. I was talking about the naming scheme
  5. Not to be confused with the Xbox one X. The last couple of generations haven't been kind to Xbox.
  6. 450W PSU seems low, I'd be pairing a 650W with it but that's just me. Usually you get maximum efficiency around the 80-85% utilisation. 240mm Cooler instead of 360 650W PSU Maybe a 512GB NVMe SSD and a 4TB HDD? Go 3700 instead of 3700X AMD system MB doesn't effect performance (other than ram compatibility), so a good Asus B450 board which supports 3200mhz would be fine which will save $. X570 is always a better choice, but at the moment the price of X570 boards is high. With those changes you should be able to either squeeze a 2070 Super in or 32GB of RAM.
  7. Soooooo i9-10900K 10c/20t v Ryzen 9 3950X 16c/32t Looks DOA to me, would likely need a 10-15% lead in single core performance to be compelling because it's going to be thrashed in multi.
  8. Holy necro this was posted more than a year ago... I'm almost certain the V1 just had a super average DAC/AMP that meant there was less bass and more distortion which meant it sounded more spacious and airy at the time.
  9. It's already a server command, so /smite VegetableStu would kill you with lightning.
  10. Yeah, uh... I don't know what to say other than it was sarcastic.
  11. Uh, guys... I think the Apple FX converter is broken. 1 NZD is a fraction less than 1 CAD. Someone should blind order this for Linus and just get him to read out the receipt in rage mode like the RED camera video. Make sure you pay extra for the wheels and Pro stand. Thank god the shipping is free. Edit: I really like that we've already got next gen RDNA cards coming soon for the machine.
  12. Also doesn't fit in with ideology. What is this fantasy world with Dinosaurs that were made up and never existed. Fossils are planted by deep government to disprove the almighty!
  13. I feel like this is a reddit question...
  14. I think I'll switch to Firefox Private Network when it comes out of beta. Support a good cause and the company seems like it'll have my back.
  15. You’re correct, you can’t measure subjective opinions but you can measure objective performance against the source to determine if the dac and amp audio chain is producing an accurate reproduction of the source material. subjective listening is inherently bias and people will prefer different properties in their audio gear, this may include distortion which accentuates the high frequencies giving a dac an ‘airy’ or ‘spacious’ listening experience. the colour of audio gear and bias in A/B testing that isn’t blind has been proven to effect responses when reviewing equipment.
  16. What I would do for a Focal Stellia ... My comment was also tongue-in-cheek
  17. That's because every bloody DAC decodes it differently (I think, I'm no expert on MQA)... I don't think I've ever had 2 DACs sound the same on MQA, yet PCM and DSD is perfectly bloody fine. Sure but I'm yet to see an R2R DAC measurably outperform a competently engineered DAC using AKM or ESS chips.
  18. What the fuck... I'll bet... "The crystal resonance properties of the diamonds help diffuse surrounding sound improving noise isolation for a more pure and true to music listening experience.. Gold reduces EMI lowering the noise floor for the purist listening experience..." I'll bet when you add this to your cart Amazon starts recommending healing crystals and essential oils.
  19. HD800s have their own problems... Massive sound stage, great treble and mids, no bass. Great for orchestral performances, etc but they won't be for everyone.
  20. Get yourself the RME ADI-2 (~$1000 USD) or Matrix Audio Element X (~$3000 USD) as your starting point DAC/AMP and then find the headphone that has the tone you like the best. Both these all-in-one units are measurably transparent to your ear. Even the Drop x Sennheisser 6XX will sound magnificent. If you fancy treble and mids over bass, then maybe the HD800S. Every headphone will sound different, but your AMP/DAC shouldn't. The only way AMPS/DACS add colour, space, tone, (insert adjective here) to your music is through distortion, noise, channel imbalance, etc. - All bad things. If your AMP is under powered, it can sound closed in, muddy, have no punch, etc. To fix this, check the output of the amp at your headphone ohms rating to see if it has enough power to drive your headphone. Typically an amplifier will be able to deliver more power through a balanced output, so sometimes replacing your headphone cable with a balanced connector to use this plug will improve the listening experience (note that the cable construction is important, not the material. Don't listen to people telling you that silver cable etc will improve your highs, just make sure you get a robust cable that has been built well... The important figure here is resistance and capacitance, not material)
  21. Well you don't necessarily need balanced inputs... A well designed AMP/DAC should be able to use RCA and achieve the same results. That said, if you're have grounding issues then a balanced input/output will usually solve solve them so it's always a preferred connection.
  22. So many snake oil products were sent ?all he needed was the DAC and amp. If he had shit power in the building, he could have run it through a UPS but otherwise the amp and DAC should have been able to isolate mains noise themselves if they were engineered correctly, no need for all the snake oil cables and power supplies. The DAC is a R2R Ladder DAC which means that they believe they can beat DAC chip OEMs like AKM, TI, and ESS or save a cent, but usually ends up resulting in garbage with lots of noise, distortion, and other weird oddities. The spec for the DAC is 0.008% THD+N which equates to ~81dB, so the DAC doesn’t even meet CD spec of 96dB... Not sure where they got their stated 130.5dB of dynamic range as it doesn’t correlate to any of their other specs. If it is true though, then yes... it’s a chart topping DAC so long as they haven’t stuffed up the fundamentals. I’m sceptical as hell though. Going by specs, the amplifier looks okay delivering tons of power which is usually the single most important metric for an amp given that Planar Magnetic headphones are notoriously difficult to drive. The Drop THX 789 and a Topping D50 would probably outperform for less than $1000 or even an RME ADI-2 all in one for example. On the positive side, the headphones are very, very good. Just a shame they paired them with a crap chain.