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  1. Can you imagine putting together the research application for this and then having to defend it?
  2. Honestly I wouldn't be too concerned about Fiber... Last mile fixed wireless is pretty damn good these days. I've got a antenna on my place, a relay on top of a hill (using solar, a battery, inverter, and Ubiquiti gear), and an antenna on my parents place and I'm reliably getting 300-400mbps over 10 miles. They used to be able to only get ADSL2 and speeds were poor because it was a rural village exchange which got congested at 5pm. Since then they get VDSL2+ with 60+ mbps speeds so it's really no longer needed, but the wireless solution is still faster with my gigabit fiber. It's also kind of fun having an off-site backup.
  3. Population density makes it cheaper to roll out. You also have 5-6x the taxpayers to fund it. Melbourne basically has the same pop as all of New Zealand so surely you can't be saying that a city the size of Melbourne would be more expensive to roll out NBN than all of New Zealand.
  4. I still have no idea how AU fucked up the NBN so bad. I mean we (NZ) copied you, finished it first, and delivered faster broadband for less. Go figure.
  5. That would depend... If I bought a new Tesla would I have autopilot enabled as I'd already paid for it with my previous Tesla? You can't have it both ways!
  6. No, not illegal but it does potentially inflate the price as without the buyback you'd expect the value of the stock to decrease. From a finance perspective, a companies sole purpose is to maximise the value of its shareholders and chances are the CEO is remunerated in a similar manner, so buy backs are one way to achieve this.... But yes, the gravy train can run out and then the price might crash. That said, most savy investors will see past this.
  7. I really, really enjoy watching this more in-depth kind of content. As much as I like GN and Level1, their delivery style and content quality just isn't the same as LTT and I much prefer your style. Please keep the gravy train coming with this type of stuff. One of the videos I'm really looking forward to is the studio videos with the Mac Pro (and the Mac Pro rack?)
  8. And here I was thinking you guys were going away from click-bait titles...
  9. Have you tried buying a new mac from Apple.com? /s It's probably toast. Time for some BT headphones or an external DAC.
  10. CES 2021: Check out these awesome cases with their RGB, tempered glass, and companion phase change coolers.
  11. I'm with you on the NAS, I saw that and thought it would be great for my girlfriend who takes 1000 photos a day of everything, but then is too cheap to pay for iCloud storage so this would be perfect. If it could then upload to Google Photos or something so you can get places/facial recognition that would be even better to help sort all your photos.
  12. It will depend on what standard of PoE your cameras are using, can you link them?
  13. I'd say it's performance in AVX workloads is probably on-par if not better with the AVX2 update in Zen 2 as well...
  14. A mATX sized Mac Pro with consumer chipsets starting with an i5 and RX 5600 wouldn't be terrible... Configurable up to an i9-10900K and RX 5700XT (or maybe big Navi?)
  15. I was talking about the naming scheme
  16. Not to be confused with the Xbox one X. The last couple of generations haven't been kind to Xbox.
  17. 450W PSU seems low, I'd be pairing a 650W with it but that's just me. Usually you get maximum efficiency around the 80-85% utilisation. 240mm Cooler instead of 360 650W PSU Maybe a 512GB NVMe SSD and a 4TB HDD? Go 3700 instead of 3700X AMD system MB doesn't effect performance (other than ram compatibility), so a good Asus B450 board which supports 3200mhz would be fine which will save $. X570 is always a better choice, but at the moment the price of X570 boards is high. With those changes you should be able to either squeeze a 2070 Super in or 32GB of RAM.
  18. Soooooo i9-10900K 10c/20t v Ryzen 9 3950X 16c/32t Looks DOA to me, would likely need a 10-15% lead in single core performance to be compelling because it's going to be thrashed in multi.
  19. Holy necro this was posted more than a year ago... I'm almost certain the V1 just had a super average DAC/AMP that meant there was less bass and more distortion which meant it sounded more spacious and airy at the time.
  20. It's already a server command, so /smite VegetableStu would kill you with lightning.
  21. Yeah, uh... I don't know what to say other than it was sarcastic.
  22. Uh, guys... I think the Apple FX converter is broken. 1 NZD is a fraction less than 1 CAD. Someone should blind order this for Linus and just get him to read out the receipt in rage mode like the RED camera video. Make sure you pay extra for the wheels and Pro stand. Thank god the shipping is free. Edit: I really like that we've already got next gen RDNA cards coming soon for the machine.