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  1. I have installed MUI via Window update as I have installed Window 7 Ultimate. Hence, I was able to change my display language to Korean. Now, I can see all Korean characters without any problem. Thank you for you help.
  2. I tried your method but I had to restart the PC.Before that, I used a generated window key to upgrade from window home premium to ultimate, which seems fine right now. As Speedbird states, I might run into problem after 30-days trial. I hope it does not and when it does, at least I know what caused it.
  3. that sounds awful. I just hope my OS runs fine even after 30 days.If I get a problem after 30 days, at least I will know what has caused. Thank you for your insight.
  4. Under system information it states under Windows-edition : Window 7 Ultimate with Copyright ...All rechte vorbehalten(which means all right is reserved) with Service Pack 1. Ran a window update and it is updating some files right now. I kind of got scared from you mentioning that I should better have a key for the update. If something does not work, I just have to fall back on reinstalling the window 7 Ultimate premium I guess?
  5. Just before you do that let me put you on a update on what I did so far. I followed on a tip given by techguru. I followed the step using Vistalizator and added a Korean Language pack and it asked me to restart the PC.Before restarting my PC, I went through on some youtube clips on this problem and some suggestion video was upgrading Widnow 7 from home premium to ultimate using anytime upgrade. I gave in some randomly generated key,which it worked and started installing it. Mid-was I got scared and closed the upgrade window using window task-manager. So, I restarted my pc and it is now on ultimate. As far as I can tell, it is on ultimate. I am on my to adding Korean language pack but is the Window 7 ultimate properly installed? or did I just do something no-one should have done?
  6. Hmm...That will definitely put me in a dilemma. All the programmes I have downloaded on HDD will not be affected, as long as I just reinstall the Window 7 OS in the SSD right? or is there certain things,including such trivial steps, I need to be aware of?
  7. So I just recently build a pc with Window 7 Home Premium OS in German. The thing is, I am Korean and being able to read and write Korean is essential. I installed the OS and went through all window updates with success. So I went to 'region and language' to enable Korean keyboard. So, here is where I get this weird problems.In some places, I am able to type and read Korean and when I type on some other sites, Korean is typed in boxes and any other written Korean is visible in boxes only. I tried to see if I could download MUI or universal language pack in window 7 Home Premium. However, I had no success fixing this problem. Apparently, MUi is only availabe in either Window 7 ultimate or enterprise. Is there any solutions to fix this annoying problem? or do I just have to live with it(which is unacceptable to me though)? Thank you for your help in advance.
  8. You are right. I forgot to change the DVD-player as a first priority. I was obviously narrow-minded and was not in rightful state to think about it. After passing out from exhaustion yesterday, I am luckly installing the Window again from the CD. I just have a quesiton regarding the SSD though. When I see any other clips on youtube on SSD for Window installation, they can see the SSD model number and can download it on it. For me, it is an unidentified hard-drive with 250gb. It does not have an issue while downlading the Window but just wondering.
  9. Sorry about That my ennglish and formating were not good. It is almost 3am here and am really stressed out. I did try to insert WindowInstall CD but nothing happens now. No menu whatsoever. Just bluescreen - troubleshoot - pc shuts down. Repeat over and over again.
  10. How do I re-build or re-install the OS when I only thing under my control is BIOS and everything else crashes??
  11. Hi guys, as the title says I messed up big time. Originally, I have installed window 7 on crucial ssd and restarted the pc after connecting the sata cable to hdd. I could find the WD hdd on sata slot but could not find on boot priority. Did not think much of it at that time. So, I proceeded with installing drivers for motherboard fromt the cd it came with. Still all good. I saw all programme files installed on ssd as I have forgotten to add the hdd to the system through datamangement. Still thought it was fixable so I went on with driver installation. I do not know why I wanted to put a cd that came with gpu. Could have downloaded from the site but I stupidly tried with the cd. The messed up part is that I put the window cd instead. After realising what I have done,it was already too late. Window cd was working and thr screen froze. About 15 minutes of waiting for a response met with a failure. Restarted with reset button. Now, window will not start nor would it pass the windowreapir. When I start the pc it loads for a few seconds and goes blue screen and immediatly pops a blackscreen where I can either continue with the boot, which will re-cycle back to this page, or go to windowhelp. There it trys to discover the problem but it doesnt find the problem and when I click okay, the pc shuts down. Start the pc again same problem... I am in despair now. Did I just screw up my ssd or my whole system? What am I suppose to do now?
  12. I cannot thank you guys enough for all the help you guys provided me!
  13. wow that is awesome. Pretty handy in fact for pc dummies like me. Thanks!
  14. Do they just suggest all drivers according to the model given?
  15. What does ninite provide? Can I just search for motherboard's model and they search for all necessary parts for me?