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  1. Okay, so I did that and left it out for 10 minutes, then out it back In and only plugged in esscential periferials. PC will still turn on but nothing on screen. Also I would like to note that it was working fine until I tried to reset the cmos the first time by taking it the battery. Like I said earlier, my original problem was that when I tried to boot I to my bios it was just a black screen. I'm guessing when I first reset the thing, now it's booting I to bios, but since I still black screen in bios, I can't do anything.
  2. I had the battery out for about a minute or two. And yes everything was unplugged.
  3. Hello everyone, I really could use some help as my PC is not boot and I am typing this on my phone because if this. My problem is actually multiple problems. So what happened is that I was trying to get into my bios but I kept getting a black screen until windows booted. I tried multiple different moniters, most of then HDMI. I tried to use the on board graphics, and I tried disconnecting my boot drive. Nothing. Eventually I took out the cmos battery and did that thing where you use a screw driver to Bridge the two metal points. I put the battery back in and reconnected everything. My PC turns on but none of my moniters will display anything. So now I'm here sitting beside my PC on the floor trying to get it working. Please if anyone could help I would very much appreciate it, as this is my only PC and I need to access it asap.
  4. Like the title suggests I'm looking for help trying to repair my old tv. It may sound silly and I should just buy a new tv, but this tv has a lot of sentimental value to me. The Tv will turn on and I hear white noise, but it has no picture. I could be wrong, but I believe the picture tube has gone out. The problem is I do not know what kind of tube i need, or how to replace it. Most of the Tv repair places were no help with this either. I've tried google and you tube, but most repair videos are in another language. Can anyone help me, particularly anyone who has some experience with repairing old tvs? Also here are the spec for the tv: https://www.cnet.com/products/rca-p61960/ Any help would be Greatly appreciated.
  5. I was told that it can make my cpu use all of its cores while i am play games. The app is for unparking cores on the cpu, however i was just bothered by the side affect of it showing my cpu at 5 ghs.
  6. so what is this app doing with the cpu speed then? When i close it, task manager says its back at 4.5 gh. Do i have anything to worry about?
  7. I just downloaded it, and here are the the screenshots. it seems to say its at 4.5gh.
  8. yeah it is. Also to answer you question about me manually overclocking my cpu. I am happy at 4.5 gh, but the reason i am using this app, is to un-park my cores when doing certain things.
  9. Task manager says it is at 5gh or somethines 4.98. Cpuid says 4.5. Here are screenshots.
  10. That is what I thought as well. I know for a fact my cpu is at 4.5 gh. So since i am not crashing or anything, do you think this app won't kill my cpu. By that I mean that it won't force it to ridiculously high clocks and fry it?
  11. Greetings everyone. Today I woudl like to ask if this app, called Cpu Parking Manager 3, will damage or severely shorten my cpu's life. When i run it at its default settings it has my 4790k running at 5GHs. My cpu is water cooled by a corsair AIO. its temps are fine, but 5gh on my cpu seems strange. Either I hit the lottery or its not really at 5 gh. Heres a screenshot of the app and what i'm seeing. Any advise or opinions would be appreciated.
  12. My friend just built a PC and its boot looping and not posting. He tried resetting the Cmos, but still no luck. Any ideas? His specs are: Ryzen 3 1200 CPU EVGA 1050 TI GPU ASROCK AB350m Motherboard G.skill Ripjaws 5 ddr4 16gb (2x 8gb) Ram EVGA 600W PSU Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD Corsair Carbide Spec 01 case
  13. So I was on Newegg looking at the 1080 I want, and was reading over the reviews. I came across a certian review that caught my attention. ( For Clairity the card is the Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme Gaming edition) "- Top card gets into the mid to high 80c when second card is installed. - The standard config and using the SLI bridge that came with the cards does not allow enough air flow to the top card. - Top Card will throttle to around 1700 MHz and temps continue to stay high. Other Thoughts: I knew with a 2.5 slot cool running these cards in SLI was going to be a tight fit. Seeing as the cards come with a 3 slot SLI bridge and the massive cooler installed on them I took the chance and figured heat on the top card wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately even in a well ventilated case the top card get way to hot and throttles. I've got the card running in a Fractal Design R4 case that hasn't had any problems keeping my other SLI setups cool. For comparison I was running two EVGA 1080 SC in SLI OCed to 2050 MHz and the top card never reached 80c. The Cards by them self are amazing and would recommend them but if you are planning on going SLI I'd stay away. I might tough it out but if I can't get the temps under control I'll probably end up selling them and going with another solution." This is an excerpt of course, but i was wondering if anyone else who is also running 2 Xtreme gaming 1080s was also having this problem, and if so how could i fix it?
  14. So i have recently been trying to edit some gameplay for youtube, but my editor has been freezing and acting slow when i do so. I read something last night that had said the format your video is in will affect how the editor will respond to it. I recorded the video in H.264 and the video says it's in mp4 format. So i'm asking for help as I have not a clue really when it comes to editing. I think i may need to change the format of the video, but i don't want the quality to be affected,so please if anyone who may know how to fix this problem, I would be very appreciative. If you need more information, I will be happy to help out.